Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 108

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Run Sheet ~ Jayson, Michael

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Story 1


Radio was reporting today that if you have your mobile number in your profile hackers can follow you, BUT not in a good way.  I’m talking find you in a crowded city way!  Even if you have it turned off in settings.


Story 2

Yahoo reports  ~  Get ready: 8 new products Apple will release before 2015 is over

So fellows  ~  Yes or No?

iPhone 6s

Force Touch

Camera Improvements


2Gb of RAM

Stronger Aluminium ~ no more bendgate

Battery Life

iPhone 6s Plus

iPad Air 3

iPad mini 4

Apple TV

iOS 9

OS X El Capitan

4K iMac

Bonus : iPad Pro


Story 3

Android on Apple

Dutch Pranksters Install Android On An iPhone, Convince People It’s iOS9



Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


Story 4

Enable “Click to Play” in your browser to stop malicious code running in Flash, etc

Safari on Mac OS X also has a way to enable click-to-play for plug-ins. This setting can be adjusted individually for each plug-in you have installed. To change these settings, open Safari, click the Safari menu, and select Preferences. Click the Security icon and click Manage Website Settings to the right of Internet plug-ins.

Select a plug-in, click the When visiting other websites box, and select Ask.

If a Website Doesn’t Work…

Be careful when using click-to-play plugins. Some websites load Flash content in the background. Such websites may need Flash content to work properly, but you may not see the placeholder image. For example, if you visit a website that plays music and click a play button, the music may not play because the website can’t load Flash in the background.

In these cases, you’ll generally need to click the icon that appears in your browser’s address bar, informing you plug-in content has been blocked. You can enable plugin content on the current page from here.

Browsers also have options to enable plug-in content automatically for certain websites. For example, you may want to allow a video-streaming website like YouTube or Netflix to always load plug-ins without asking you.

We will put up the instructions for other browsers, like Chrome, on the show notes for this week.

All browsers here


Story 5

Michael  ~  When I was at Kings Cross Station in Sydney this week I noticed the whole wall was a “Taken on an iPhone” Ad.  About 10 bill board size photos



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