Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 135

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Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Following the naming conventions of iOS, watchOS and tvOS, Apple’s Mac operating system could soon return to the name “macOS,” if code spotted in the latest release of El Capitan is to be believed.


Story 2

On a serious note ~ Siri now responds appropriately to sexual assaults

Siri has been updated to more appropriately and consistently respond to statements involving sexual assault and abuse, Apple confirmed to US ABC News.

Now, when someone says to Siri “I was raped,” the voice-activated virtual personal assistant will respond with the following: “If you think you have experienced sexual abuse or assault, you may want to reach out to someone at the National Sexual Assault Hotline.” Siri then adds, “Go to,” which is the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

It shows that Apple is listening and paying attention and responding. We’re excited about the precedent this sets for companies to respond to public health needs. This is such a unique example where an under-recognised public health problem can be highlighted by a research article and the companies involved can be part of the solution.”-Dr. Eleni Linos, associate professor, University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine

We have asked Apple for comment on getting an Australian based Web link.


A quick shout out to David in Adelaide.

He sent us a nice email the other day

So thanks David and anyone else got some comments OR requests email away!


Story 3

On a lighter note, Apple Flies Original Mac Team’s Pirate Flag for Company’s 40th Anniversary

Marking the 40th anniversary of the company’s founding, Apple on Friday flew a pirate flag over its Cupertino headquarters, in a tribute to the first-generation Macintosh team headed by company co-founder Steve Jobs.

The flag resembles a stereotypical pirate flag, with the notable difference of a rainbow Apple “eyepatch.” It was originally hoisted by the Mac team in 1983, sewn together by programmer Steve Capps with an emblem painted by graphic designer Susan Kare.

The gesture was a reference to a quote by Jobs, “It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy,” and also marked the Mac team’s arrival in a new office building.



Story 4

Apple shares new video ‘Dillan’s Voice’ highlighting technology’s effect on those with special needs

Apple early this morning shared a new pair of videos on its YouTube channel highlighting the effect that technology has on those with special needs. As this month is Autism Acceptance Month, the video, called “Dillan’s Voice,” features a teenager named Dillan and shows how he uses Apple products to express his thoughts.

Dillan is autistic and nonverbal but yet has very complex and powerful thoughts that he is able to express using his iPad with an augmented and alternative communication app.

see and read more ~

Apple shares new video ‘Dillan’s Voice’ highlighting technology’s effect on those with special needs


A quick shout out to MacBreak Weekly at TWIT.TV.

Congrats on getting to your 500th episode!


Story 5

Last Thursday was Data Back Up Day

So I hope we all took heed and backed up



Aussie Tech Radio @

Aussie Tech Security Podcast


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


How To 1

Protect yourself from latest iPhone / Siri exploit on 6s and 6s Plus

Apple has pushed out an update to its Siri servers to fix this exploit


How to 2

Apple Mail on the Mac

Two finger slide to the left to Trash an email from the Inbox list.

Two finger slide to the right to Mark as Unread an email from the Inbox list.


How To 3

Turn your iPad keyboard into a trackpad for even easier editing.

iOS 9 brought several new features to the iPad keyboard. One of the best is “trackpad mode”. With it, you can quickly and easily switch from text entry to cursor movement, so you can put the insertion or selection point exactly where you want it.

How to move the cursor in trackpad mode on your iPad

Instead of tapping to move the cursor, you can swipe on the iPad screen to move it, just like you would on a laptop trackpad.

1Launch the app you want to use and bring up the keyboard.

2Touch two fingers down on the keyboard to switch to the trackpad.

3Swipe your finger around to move the cursor.

How to select text in trackpad mode on your iPad

You can also use the virtual trackpad to select text.

To select specific lengths of text:

1 Launch the app you want to use and bring up the keyboard.

2 Touch two fingers down on the keyboard to switch to the trackpad.

3 Tap two fingers once to select the word.

4 Tap two fingers twice to select the sentence.

5 Tap two fingers thrice to select the paragraph.

To select custom lengths of text:

1 Touch two fingers down on the keyboard to switch to the trackpad.

2 Wait a moment for the cursor to switch to the text selector.

3 Swipe your finger around to move the text selection point.


How To 4

Garth’s Recording Studio



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