Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 139

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings


Story 1


Once upon a twentieth century, humanity was captivated by the foresight of science fiction writers and filmmakers. Those dignified, daunting, dreamy glimpses into an imagined future would soon become a reality with the turn of the information age, due in no small part to the contributions of Steve (“Woz”) Wozniak. In August of 2016, Australia will have the pleasure of being in the company of someone who can be said to have truly, literally changed the world.

Among the many accomplishments for which Wozniak is renowned, two stand out above the rest: the inventor of the personal computer, and – along with Steve Jobs – the co-founder of Apple.


Tue 23 Aug   Auckland


Wed 24 Aug   Perth


Fri 26 Aug   Brisbane


Sat 27 Aug   Melbourne



Sun 28 Aug   Sydney


Tickets & all the info

An evening with Steve Wozniak



Story 2

Terrifying Wi-Fi hotspot name causes chaos on Qantas plane

TheNextWeb reports A Qantas flight from Melbourne to Perth was delayed from taking off over the weekend thanks to a prankster who’d name their Wi-Fi hotspot ‘Mobile Detonation Device.’

The hotspot name was flagged by a worried passenger after it was seen in the in-flight entertainment hub and the pilot then asked for the owner to come forward, but nobody owned up.

Eventually it was assumed to be a prank, potentially from a device inside the terminal, and the flight was cleared for take off.

But about 40 people decided not to chance it and had their luggage taken off, according to sources speaking to The Western Australian.



Story 3

Has Apple Missed A Trick With iMessage?

Apple’s second biggest revenue generator after the iPhone is no longer the Mac. It is intangible services like iTunes, the App Store and Apple Pay, which grew to $6 billion or 20% of overall revenue in the quarter ending March 26.

This shift to services is important for Apple at a time when sales of the iPhone, iPad and iMac are slowing; the company reported its first-ever annual decline in iPhone sales this past quarter.

The good news is that Apple now has an active user base of 1 billion devices, an ocean of Apple faithful that it can encourage to continue spending on software and Internet services made by Apple.

Yet one crucial web business which Apple seems to have neglected is that of messaging.

Messaging is being touted as a new frontier for tech, even the next big platform after iOS and Android. Facebook has spent the last year turning its chat app Messenger into what it hopes will become a thriving marketplace for businesses, and a new source of ad sales and transaction fees for Facebook.

Apple hasn’t done the same with iMessage, even though its chat app is one of the the most popular in the world by virtue of having 1 billion users of its hand-held gadgets. Till now there’s been no need: the money from those hardware sales was enough to break records quarter after quarter.

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Story 4

Apple just did something it hasn’t done in 18 years

Apple’s stock closed 0.1 percent lower Monday US Time, hitting a benchmark it hasn’t in nearly two decades.

By ending the trading session lower, the tech giant extended its losing streak to eight days. The last time Apple fell eight consecutive trading sessions was July 1998.

Apple’s stock, once considered a darling among Wall Street investors and analysts, has been under pressure recently.



Story 5

Apple’s Mac reaches 9.2% share on the web as Windows PC use sinks to new low

New data from Net Applications shows that Apple’s installed base of Mac users now account for 9.2 percent of the conventional PCs used online, as Microsoft’s Windows platform falls to a new low among online users.




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How To 1

Speed up your Mac

Turn off Mac

Turn on, holding down Command and S, till you get text on the screen

Wait a short time and about three lines from the bottom of the text you should see   /sbin/fsck -fy

Type it as you see it with the space and hit Return

You will see, Checking catalogue file, checking extents tree, etc

When it is finished it will say “The disk Macintosh HD appears to be OK”  or “The disk Macintosh HD has bee repaired”

Now type reboot and hit Return

When it has started open Disk Utilities from the Applications / Utilities folder

Select Macintosh HD in the left column

Now tap the First Aid tab



How to 2

Moving the Spotlight window – El Capitan

Frustrating people in Yosemite was that the Spotlight window was fixed to the middle of the screen.

El Capitan you, click on the Spotlight result box and move it to where you want on the screen.



How To 3

“Pin Tabs” in Safari

In Safari you can ‘Pin’ favourite sites to the menu bar – a simple way of adding a shortcut to Facebook or YouTube OR even Aussie Mac Zone.

Go to Window  menu, choose Pin Tab.

Adds another row of icons under your favourites


lastly – our thoughts go out to friends and family of the Apple staff member who died at the campus last week



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