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Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Apple hires doctor with HealthKit experience away from Stanford Children’s Hospital

According to a report published Thursday, Apple recently poached Dr. Rajiv Kumar, a paediatric specialist whose diabetes ResearchKit study made headlines in 2014, away from Stanford Children’s Health.

This news comes one week after Apple posted a job opening seeking a lawyer with expertise in the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Apple’s Privacy Counsel position advises on federal regulatory matters related to future products, suggesting the company plans to develop comprehensive medical technology beyond unregulated devices like Apple Watch.


Story 2

ANZ Apple Pay Ads

paying for a dozen eggs – 1 at a time


asking to split the restaurant bill for 2 / 10 times


everyone a shop looking like the world is about to die


customer just leans in while still talking on his iPhone and pays. The cashier thens says something like “is this what we’ve reduced ourselves too?”


Story 3

Siri helps save a life

A mother has looked in on her baby. Discovered the baby had stopped breathing – it was blue.

Dropped her iPhone as she runs to help.

Starts CPR

Realises she has dropped her iPhone yells Hey Siri

Gets Siri to call 000

And is able to talk to the emergency people on speaker confirming what she was doing was correct and Ambulance location, etc.

That was a couple of months ago and all is well with the baby!!

Well Done Mum!!


Story 4

Aussie Mac Zone Facebook Group

So please come and join our Facebook Group.

It is a closed group to stop spammers and time wasters.

BUT it is our community.

Ask questions, any questions


Quick Stories

Apple Honours Muhammad Ali on its Homepage

The tribute on Apple’s website includes a quote that reads, “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” Apple has been a long-time supporter and admirer of Ali, showcasing the boxer in one of its famous “Think Different” campaign videos back in 1997.

Apple Updates Dictation voices on the Mac

Is this getting ready for Siri on the Mac?

Please Please Please Backup

I had to do another Data Recovery.

This cost a lot more than a 2TB USB hard drive from say DComp. (One of my retail suppliers)

And you loose dates the photo was taken, location, other metadata and in the case some of the photo as well.

Apple partners with designer Alexander Wang for fashion channel on Apple Music

Apple has long talked about blurring the line between technology and fashion, especially with the launch of the Apple Watch, and today it partnered with fashion guru Alexander Wang to launch a fashion channel on Apple Music. As reported by Vogue, Wang has partnered with Apple to launch a series of three playlists: Chill, Hype, and Vibe.



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How To 1

iOS Apple Mail has taught itself Group email 

As you type a persons name it gives you a list of people.

In the list is a list of names I send a group message to.

So who needs bots when the phone is smart enough?


How to 2

Who would you be interested in going to a screening of Steve Jobs the Movie.

Thinking either Saturday Afternoon or Sunday morning

Also please email

with movie and you suburb as the Subject

We guarantee not to pass on the email addresses

We need a minimum of 50

Also I am trying to arrange a little product fair to go with it


How To 3

Reminder iOS Medical ID data

Tap the Health app

On the lower right is Medical ID, tap it

Fill in the details please!!


How To 4

iCloud syncing killing bandwidth

If your doing a podcast, or some-other important task and need all your bandwidth.

Stop iCloud syncing for a day

Quick Review

Shure mv88


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