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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

iPhone 7 Rumours

Our thoughts

no 3.5mm socket

lightening only

wireless headphones

Pro model


Story 2

iOS 10’s Differential Privacy

To start with the new feature will be Opt In.

The first two parts have to do with Apple’s new messaging app, which is significantly more predictive than previous versions. The new emoji replacement feature will be driven in part by aggregate data from iPhones around the world. If lots of people start replacing the word “butt” with the peach emoji, you’ll begin to see that recommendation pop up in your messages.

The same thing is true with the new version of predictive text. Apple has traditionally drawn from local messaging data, looking only at the texts you write and the words you choose. But the new and improved predictive text will make smarter predictions based on more context, and draw on lots of aggregated data to do it.

The other two uses have to do with search. One is built in to Notes, called Lookup Hints, but Spotlight’s search feature is the most important of the two. Since iOS 9, Spotlight has been able to return search suggestions from activities performed within apps. If you’re constantly playing Life of Pablo in Spotify, the iOS 9 version of the system might drop a link to the album’s Spotify page when you search “pablo” in Spotlight, based on data shared by the developers of the app. And crucially, iOS 9 keeps all that data stored locally, so the NSA can’t snoop on the system to find out if you’ve been listening to too much Kanye. Developers choose what data to share in the coding of each app, but they have a strong incentive to share more and have their programs featured more often in Spotlight.

iOS 10 makes that system global, but uses differential privacy to keep similar privacy protections in place.

Also Apple are not scanning your photos to recognise mountains, attractions, etc they are scanning other sources? Whatever that means?


Story 3

Today (Monday) in Apple history: The end of Apple’s worst ever financial quarter

Cult of Mac reports, 27 June 1997 marked the last day in the worst financial quarter in Apple history, in which Apple lost $56 million — effectively bringing an end to then-CEO Gil Amelio’s 500 days running the company.

The $56 million loss contributed to an overall Apple loss of $1.6 billion during Amelio’s reign: effectively wiping out every cent of profit Cupertino had earned since fiscal 1991.


Story 4 a & b

iPhones keep talk show alive during power outage

Apple has always been proud of its iPhone cameras, hence its marketing campaigns like “Shot on iPhone,” which showcase their ability to take great photos and videos. But stories like this one prove they really do live up to the hype.

After all of France 2’s equipment shut off during taping for On n’est pas couché (We Is Not Layer – according to Google), the crew waited three hours for the power to be restored, according to They then gave up and shot the rest of the show on Plus-model iPhones.

Despite limited lighting, the footage was edited and used in the final broadcast, which can be seen on YouTube. Thanks to the optical image stabilisation in Apple’s larger iPhones, there are times when you can’t even tell a smartphone is being used.

Apple Stores in Australia showing Environmental Window

This store runs on 100% renewable energy.

(Bondi & Castle Hill)


Story 5

Further to my iCloud Drive Full issues

Apple acknowledge this week I’m not the only person experiencing this issue and asked for permission to have un-restricted access to my iCloud Drive.

They asked for permission by the support person reading out a page of text, specifying it does not include my pictures or my mail.  You then go in and create a pin number that Apple quote back to you so you know it is Apple asking you to do things if they call back.

An aside is that my iPhone iCloud Drive app said I had -20.6 GB when all my iCloud settings showed I had 2 GB used



Aussie Tech Radio @

Aussie Tech Security Podcast


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


How To 1

Toddler-Proof Your iPhone

But there is a way to put your Apple device on lockdown while still letting an open app operate as usual. A setting called Guided Access keeps an iPhone or iPad locked in an app, even if someone hits the home button.

To turn on the feature, tap on Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Guided Access, and slide the switch so it turns green. (Don’t worry, your phone won’t function any differently unless prompted.)

Next, set a passcode — but not the same as your regular iPhone code. This is important, because if your future honour roll student already knows your device’s passcode, they still won’t be able to get out of the Guided Access mode.

Thanks to Time Magazine for this trick


How to 2

So my wife and I gave Blood on the weekend

and while being interviewed I explained about your Medical ID access from the lock screen of the iPhone.

As a reminder when you are at the lock screen of an iPhone you can see Emergency down the bottom, tap Emergency then tap Medical ID.

You can now see Important Medical and Contact information.

And please enter this in the Health app on the iPhone using the Medical ID tab at the bottom of the app screen!


How To 3

Microsoft’s Sharepoint for iOS is here

Microsoft announced earlier this year that its popular SharePoint collaboration software was getting a full-featured mobile app, it is available now.

The SharePoint for iOS mobile app brings the key features from the popular enterprise collaboration software to users’ smartphones, so they have an easier time of accessing things like company bulletins, SharePoint applications and shared workspaces while on the go.


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