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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Spotify v Apple

Spotify legal team has sent Apple legal team, US law makers, a letter complaining about Spotify app changes being rejected from the app Store.

Apple has replied stating the app Store rules have not changed since the store was introduced and why should Spotify have different rules.

So this is about the 30% Apple takes for selling your product in the app Store.  Same as Woolworths takes a cut for selling your product in its stores, or Chemart takes a cut for selling your product in the app store, or I take a cut for selling your product in my store (when I had one).

Spotify could of course stop selling their app in the app Store and instead advertise on Radio or TV that streaming Spotify is 30% cheaper when purchased direct.

Also Apple is about to change the app Store rules so if you choose to stay with lets say Spotify or The Sydney Morning Herald as a subscription for 12 months Apple will drop there cut to 15%.


Video Glitch


Story 2

A NEW scam targeting iPhone users is making the rounds, with victims being tricked into sharing personal details with cyber criminals. is reporting the phishing scam comes in the form of a text message pretending to be from Apple and warns customers their Apple ID is about to expire.

Unsuspecting victims are then asked to click on a link to confirm their login details so their account will not be cancelled.

Clicking the link will redirect users to a convincing-looking replica of the Apple ID login page, which will ask them to enter their username and password.

According to cyber security expert Graham Mcluley, regardless of what information is entered, users will be informed their Apple ID has been “locked for security reasons”.

The phishing site then tells them they will need to provide further details such as their date of birth, telephone number, address, and credit card details to unlock the account.


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Story 4 a & b

Apple NOT buying Tidal


With iOS 10, ‘Hey Siri’ intelligently activates on just one nearby device at a time

Apple is bringing some clever intelligence for Siri with iOS 10, in addition to the publicly-announced features like third-party app integration. Thanks to a reader tip, we’ve discovered a clever enhancement for Siri on iPhones and iPads running iOS 10. When using ‘Hey Siri’ voice activation in a room with multiple nearby devices, only one device will respond. For example, with iOS 10 installed, an iPhone 6s is smart enough to stop listening for voice input if an iPad Pro is also listening.

Although both devices initially wake up, once one starts recognizing voice input, it appears to send a message to other nearby devices to cancel out the operation.


Story 5

Apple expands Shot on iPhone series with new collection of images focused on colour

Apple is breathing new life into its award-winning Shot on iPhone ad campaign. According to TechCrunch, the company is launching a new series of images in the campaign that focus on colour. The campaign is called Colours and will put images shot with an iPhone on billboards across many countries.



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How To 1

Caution when buying second hand iPads & Phones & iPod Touches

Make sure that you get the serial number from say the eBay iDevice your buying and check it on

This will confirm at least the unit is de-activated.  I would be doing theses questions with-in eBay so if there are issues you atlas some come back.

Sorry to put a downer on it BUT I have had couple of calls in the last week or so.


How to 2

Apple giving away apps in the Apple Store app NOT the app Store app

Procreate is currently free if you go to the link in the Apple Store app in the Featured section and scroll down.

Be quick!

How To 3

Preparation is Key

On you Mac, launch Photos, select Faces and start dragging “Suggested Faces” into the relevant groups you have created.

This will help iOS10 heaps by preparing the data needed to recognise faces in those new Photos you take.


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