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To celebrate our 150th Episode we have a message from our “Imperial Leader”

Thanks Glenn for those kind words.

We have an packed show this week.

and YES we will tell you how you can win prizes shortly


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

London’s contactless Tube payment system is going global

The contactless payment system used on London’s transport network will soon be modified for use in other cities.

Outside London, CTS provides similar ticketing technology to Brisbane, Chicago, Sydney and Vancouver. The non-exclusive deal with TfL will allow the company to integrate technology developed for London’s network into other transport systems.



Story 2

Apple is launching a reality TV show called Planet of the Apps

We don’t yet know the exact format of the show, but given it’s a competition about apps, it can’t hold too many surprises. Think Shark Tank with fewer sharks and more viable product pitches.



Story 3

Locked out of iCloud – Do you use Spark for email?

Over the last twenty four hours, a substantial number of users are reporting that they are finding their Apple IDs locked for security reasons inexplicably. The root cause appears to be users of the popular Spark email app by Readdle, where customers can log in with their iCloud credentials. The iCloud warnings of a security hack are seemingly incorrect: there has not been a server attack or data leak as explained by the app’s makers.

In a statement on Reddit, Readdle says that server upgrades to its app appear to be inadvertently causing Apple ID password resets.



$50 iTunes gift card WINNER will be chosen at random from all members of our Facebook Group

(by Sunday August 7, 2016)


Story 4

Smartwatch users rank Apple Watch best in class in new JD Power survey

The J.D. Power 2016 Fitness Band Device Satisfaction Report polled 2,696 customers who purchased a smartwatch between June 2015 and June 2016. Questions covered ease of use, comfort, battery life, phone connectivity features, price, durability, display size, appearance, reliability, apps available, and customer service.

Based on the results of the survey, products were graded on a 1000-point scale. The Apple Watch was the clear winner, earning a top-ranked score of 852, which placed it ahead of Samsung’s 842.

Sony (840), Fitbit (839), and LG (827) rounded out the rest of the top five.


Story 5

Eddy Cue: Apple not trying to compete with Netflix or Comcast, seeking to be a delivery platform instead

Apple’s senior VP of Internet Software and Services — dismissed any interest in the company creating its own TV shows, and addressed other topics like “skinny” channel bundles and a rumoured interest in buying Time Warner.

Just a Mention

Australian Red Cross  have an podcast called “How Aid Works”. It has 19 episodes so far some examples


Story 6

Apple plans to build better iPhone cameras with new research centre in France

Apple is said to have already established a team in the area, but will be expanding its presence at a new 800-square-meter facility that will employ about 30 people, according to, a French-language publication, as first discovered by local blog


Story 7

Apple’s idea for music royalties could stick it to Spotify

The Copyright Royalty Board, a three judge panel that sets licensing rates, is trying to figure out what the statutory rate music download and streaming services will pay publishers between 2018 and 2022. Now, the New York Times and Billboard report that Apple has a suggestion on how to figure out those rates that oh-so-coincidentally would negatively impact services with free streaming options like Spotify (heating up their back-and-forth battle) and YouTube. The statutory rate is what services pay unless they make a direct deal with a publisher, and can shape negotiations between them.

the proposal (which has not been made public) would have streaming services pay 9.1 cents in songwriting royalties for each 100 plays, equal to the royalties of one download. This is much simpler than the current setup, which pays out a percentage of revenue and is obviously much lower for a free service.


Thanks for the good thoughts from Aussie Tech Security Podcast and Aussie Tech Heads Podcast

More Prizes

$50 iTunes / Apple gift card WINNER will be chosen randomly from our Facebook Group that have re-tweeted the @AussieMacZone #AMZ150 celebration tweet

(by Sunday August 7, 2016)


How To 1

Backing up your iDevice

As more people appear to be using the Public Beta on their iDevice, it is a timely reminder to make a back up before you install the little gem.

You can use iCloud or you can use iTunes (my preferred method)

Both methods are in the link below.

Please remember to CHOOSE Encrypt Backup in the iTunes method – will save you hours!


How to 2

6 Smart Keyboard shortcuts

Command + H = return to the Home screen with the Smart Keyboard

press the globe key = emoji access from the Smart Keyboard

Command + Tab = switch between app screens

Command + Space = Spotlight Search

Command + arrow key = lets you jump to the top or bottom of any page or document, or to the beginning or end of any row of text.

hold Command for a second = this will bring up specific app shortcuts for the app you are in


How To 3

Mail (El Capitan): Delete old email addresses

Delete old email addresses in Mails

Mail keeps a list of the email addresses you send messages to, and uses the list to suggest or complete addresses for you when you send email. You can delete obsolete or incorrect addresses from the list, and use it to quickly see or add people in the Contacts app.

▪ Choose Window > Previous Recipients.

▪ Do any of the following:

▪ Sort the list: Click a column header.

▪ Search for a name: Enter the name in the search field.

▪ Remove a name from the list: Select one or more names, then click Remove From List.

▪ Show names in Contacts: Double-click a name. A card icon precedes names that are already in Contacts.

▪ Add names to Contacts: Select a name, then click Add to Contacts.

Tip:   If you use Smart Addresses, you can remove a recipient from the list when you address a message by clicking the arrow in the address.

If you use iCloud Contacts, your Previous Recipients list is available on your other Mac computers (with OS X v10.8 or later) and iOS devices (with iOS 6 or later) that have iCloud Contacts turned on.


Even More Prizes

2 x $20 iTunes / Apple gift card WINNERS will be chosen randomly from new iTunes reviews showing

by Sunday August 7, 2016

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