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Story 1

Australian Banks Challenge Apple Over Mobile Payment App Restrictions

Three of Australia’s biggest banks have lodged a joint application with anti-trust regulators to negotiate with Apple over gaining access to the NFC-based mobile payment hardware in its smartphones (via Reuters).

Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank (NAB), and Westpac have so far resisted signing deals to use the company’s Apple Pay mobile payment system, because they want their customers to be able to use digital wallets they have already financed and developed.

However, none of the banks want to be accused of violating anti-competition law by negotiating deals, which is where the application comes in.

If the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) lets the banks collectively negotiate with Apple under the terms of the application, it would enable them to undertake “a limited form of boycott” in which they would all agree not to negotiate with Apple individually while the talks take place.

Apple currently only allows its own mobile payment system to access the NFC-hardware in its iPhone devices, which banks argue is an anti-competitive restriction that hampers consumer choice.



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by Sunday August 7, 2016


Story 2

Apple didn’t just sell a billion iPhones, it created the most popular product ever

Asymco’s Horace Dediu has a great slant on news that Apple recently sold its billionth iPhone. He points out that not only does this make it the best-selling phone of all time, it actually long ago became the best-selling product ever

The iPhone is not only the best selling mobile phone but also the best selling music player, the best selling camera, the best selling video screen and the best selling computer of all time. It is, quite simply, the best selling product of all time.

•Car model: VW Beetle 21.5 million

•Car brand: Toyota Corolla 43 million

•Music Album: Thriller 70 million

•Vehicle: Honda Super Cub 87 million

•Book Title: Lord of the Rings 150 million

•Toy: Rubik’s Cube 350 million

•Game console: Playstation 382 million

•Book series: Harry Potter Series 450 million

•Mobile Phone: iPhone 1 billion


Story 3

Facebook is giving a boost to Apple’s secret smash hit

Back in 2014, Apple introduced Swift — a new programming language for iPhone and Mac apps that it billed as faster, more elegant, and easier to learn than anything else out there.

Since then, Swift has grown into a behind-the-scenes phenomenon in the world of software development. Lyft rewrote its entire iPhone app to run in Swift, and companies like LinkedIn and Facebook are exploring using it for new apps.

Now, Facebook is joining the party with the beta introduction of the Facebook SDK for Swift, a new set of tools for adding stuff like Facebook Login and the Share to Facebook button into apps written in the Swift programming language.

And, because Facebook loves giving software away for free, the source code to the Facebook SDK for Swift is available as open source, for anybody anywhere to download and tinker with to their liking.

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Story 4 a & b

iBooks launches official Instagram account, new Harry Potter ‘book’ now available in iBookstore

Apple continues to experiment in the social media space to promote its businesses and products. In this vein, iBooks has launched its own official Instagram account this weekend. Apple is using the photo-centric social network to share book artwork, quotes, min-reviews and more. Interestingly, none of the posts so far feature call-to-action links where users can directly purchase the promoted novels from iBooks itself.

It appears to be using a more subtle marketing approach, raising awareness of books which users can then lookup and buy from the iBookstore if they choose.

Jailbreakers who used new Pangu tool report unauthorized access to credit, debit, PayPal & social accounts

There’s been a lot of pent up anticipation for the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, and Pangu, the Chinese security researchers behind the latest tool, have answered the call.

Unfortunately, it appears that some jailbreakers have had various accounts compromised after jailbreaking, and several users on the popular subreddit r/jailbreak have corroborated these claims.

To be fair, it’s possible that these reported breaches are just a big coincidence, or that a compromise occurred after the tool left Pangu’s hands for distribution. Whatever the reason, however, it highlights one of the potential risks involved with jailbreaking.


Story 5

An Australian Startup Creates The World’s First AI-Powered Business Advisor

From face recognition to virtual personal assistants and robots, AI has seen huge advancements and unprecedented applications in the past few years – thanks to recent significant developments in algorithm-based deep learning.

But while it’s more common to accept that a machine could help you with a mundane task, would you take serious business advice from an AI-powered “consultant”?

If you’re willing to embrace this concept then look no further than BRiN, a Sydney-based company whose founder Dale Beaumont claims it to be the world’s first AI-powered personal business advisor application.

Referring to the mobile application as “she”, the site describes BRiN as “smart”, “interactive” and holding “the answer to almost every problem faced by small business owners around the world”.



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How To 1

iOS10 hints

When sending web address in iOS10 messenger it sends the page info in link

When I sent an apple page it sent the address and the Favicon.

Then I sent my web page address it sent the page title.


How To 2

Apple Maps

Has a lot more information I only noticed yesterday.

In iOS9 & iOS10 it was showing lots of doctors places, I live near a hospital so have a lot of doctors rooms around.



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(by Sunday August 7, 2016)

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