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Story 1

Steve Jobs enters the International Photography Hall of fame alongside Annie Leibovitz and Ken Burns – TechCrunch

It’s the 50th anniversary of the International Photography Hall of Fame, a museum and foundation in St. Louis, and among the inductees this year are some real whoppers: Annie Leibovitz, Ernst Haas, Ken Burns… and Steve Jobs.

Say what you will about the plague of Instagramming millennials descending on the fair field of photography, the fact is that Apple has led the charge on mobile imaging basically since the original iPhone and its amazing 2-megapixel camera. And for that focus we must give Jobs his due credit.

In the IPHF’s own words:

Steve helped create products that revolutionised the creative world and became essential tools for designers, filmmakers, music producers and photographers. Passionate about photography both in his work and personal life, his most profound contribution to the artistic community and the world is the iPhone which, in less than a decade, has changed both the art of photography and the industry around it.

The iPhone and its reliably solid camera and software are probably the most important contributor to Jobs being entered into the hall of fame, but it’s worth noting that Apples were used by creatives long before that happened, and for good reason. Early choices on displays, inputs and standards made them essential for work in type and design — and, of course, Photoshop was originally a Mac exclusive.

On that note, John and Thomas Knoll, the creators of that famous and enduring piece of software, are also being inducted. It’s hard to overstate the effect Photoshop has had on the world of photography — not to mention other software that came from the house that it built, like Lightroom.

Sebastião Salgado, famed photojournalist, is also being recognised, as well as Graham Nash, whom you might know from Crosby, Stills & Nash (plus or minus Young).

“This year’s inductees represent the perfect combination of innovation and artistry; bridging photography’s pioneering past with its fantastic future,” said IPHF director Patty Wente in the announcement.


Story 2

Apple removes the ‘Store’ from its retail branding as it pushes the experience


Also it is 5 years since Tim Cook took the reigns of Apple and I think he is doing a great job!!


Lastly – its 5 years since we lost Steve Jobs, we still miss you



Story 3

The Massive iPhone speed improvement that no one is talking about

One of the reasons the iPhone 6s is so fast when compared to the iPhone 6 is because of Apple’s way of handling memory. According to AnandTech’s detailed explanation of the matter, Apple adapted its MacBook SSD controller — which makes MacBook data transfers incredibly fast — and modified it to use inside a smartphone. Furthermore, the report revealed that the iPhone 6s uses NVMe protocol with custom NAND memory which ruled out UFS or traditional eMMC. The iPad Pro and iPhone SE uses the same type of storage as the 2015 iPhones.

In tests, Apple’s storage solution beat the Galaxy S6 series, which came loaded with UFS 2.0 built-in storage, itself being an incredibly fast memory.

Sequential Writes = 256KB writes in MB/sec

Apple 6S  =  163.2

Samsung Galaxy S7  =  61.4

Samsung Galaxy S6  =  40.69

Sequential Reads = 256KB reads in MB/sec

Apple 6S  =  402.35

Samsung Galaxy S7  =  233.27

Samsung Galaxy S6  =  208.69


Story 4 a & b

THANKS Meg’s Monograms for bandwidth last week

I did 2 podcasts last week while I was traveling and what to give a special shout out to Meg’s Monograms, in Townsville for bandwidth.

Microsoft, Google gang up on Apple in new ads

Apple is getting picked on by two of its biggest competitors.

Google and Microsoft used some of Apple’s well-known user pain points to promote their own services in two separate TV and YouTube ads this month.

On Tuesday, Microsoft went after Apple by pitting its new Surface Pro 4 tablet and Cortana smart assistant against the iPad Pro and Siri.

Microsoft’s new ad shows the iPad and Siri throwing a party for “getting a keyboard.”

“I’m a computer now, like you,” Siri says to Cortana.

“So you have more power, like an Intel Core processor?” Cortana responds.

“Like I said, I just got a keyboard,” says Siri.

Microsoft then makes Cortana list out several other features of the Surface Pro 4, which leads Siri to concede, “Maybe this party wasn’t such a good idea.”

Microsoft and Apple have a history of going after each other through marketing campaigns: For years, Apple ran a series of anti-PC commercials starring Justin Long and John Hodgman. And this year, Microsoft has been pushing its “PCs can do more than Macs” message in commercials.

Related: Why Google, Microsoft and Walmart are gobbling up tech companies

Google took the first — and a more gentle — stab at the Apple in the beginning of August with a 60-second spot about its Google Photos app.

To show off its photos backup service, Google’s commercial includes several scenes of smartphone users about to capture a Kodak moment. As they’re about to take a picture — when a birthday girl starts to blow out her candles and a humpback whale jumps out of the water — a pop-up appears to stop them: “Storage Full. There is no more room on your phone.”


Story 5

Tekserve is auctioning off its massive Mac museum

Before there were Apple Stores in Williamsburg, Grand Central Station and the World Trade Center – heck, before there were Apple Stores at all – there was Tekserve. For nearly 30 years, the Mac specialist dutifully served Manhattan, before throwing in the towel earlier this week.

Now Tekserve is cleaning shop. After closing its doors on the 15th, the iconic computer retailer is selling off some of its most prized possessions, including a veritable computer history museum of largely Mac computers. The formerly in-store exhibit includes 35 pieces, featuring some real treasures like NeXTcube (from Steve Jobs’ post-, pre-Apple company), a 20th Anniversary Mac and a classic Macintosh 128K signed by Steve Wozniak:

According to its auctioneers, “It was assembled carefully and documented by Tekserve co-founder Dick Demenus and his colleagues over a period of years. This curated collection consciously omits variants. Each item represents a landmark in the evolution of the Mac for both technology and aesthetics.”

Current Value is US$



iTunes  =  Dinkyl, $50 iTunes Gift Card

Facebook Group =  Marc, $50 iTunes Gift Card

Twitter  =  Simon, srj1969, $50 iTunes Gift Card



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How To 1

Microsoft now lets you import Evernote content into OneNote on the Mac

Earlier this summer Evernote limited the free tier of its note-taking service to use on just two devices while raising prices for its paid plans. While the move was clearly intended to make Evernote’s business more sustainable, reaction from a lot of vocal users was to switch from Evernote to OneNote or Apple Notes. Now Microsoft has responded with a new import tool that lets OneNote users pull in content from Evernote.

Microsoft says that so far 71 million pages have been imported from Evernote to OneNote since March, and now the importer tool is available on the Mac. You can find a tutorial for how to move from Evernote to OneNote in the link below.

The pitch here is that OneNote is available on the web, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch without charging a mult-device premium.

Microsoft is also pitching that Evernote’s premium service costs the same as its Office 365 subscription which includes productivity apps:


How To 2

AMZ listener comment

Hi AMZ,  Sorry hope this isn’t annoying to be in touch but have to share…  I was finally able to get myself an Apple Watch.  The improvement in productivity is prodigious. I am gobsmacked at the accuracy of the dictation option for messages.   I will endeavour to come up with useful questions for the podcast   Cheers  David

How To 3

Safari Search Snap Back


This will take you back to your search results easily.


How To 4

AMZ listener question

Hi  I have enquiry about repairing and or just get photos and contacts onto another iphone from old iPhone 3 or 4s I think it is. Its my old iphone given to my father to use and he damage the screen and can’t see anything. We need to get the contacts and photos off it onto another phone or usb. He does not have itunes account. Is there another third party way around this? How much would this cost? I found a program called Dr fone wondershare. That does what we need but cost $100 i was wondering if you can do it for less?  Thanks

Best regards,  Steven

Michael’s answer – I would get iExperts to recover the data and fix the iPhone if it can be fixed.

They have recovered holiday photos from an iPad that was dropped of a 7th floor balcony and hit a ledge on the way down

They are not paying us to recommend them.  I have known Patrick and his team for years now and have used them many times for various recoveries from iDevices.


How To 5

Another Mail short-cut

Control-Command-1 or 2 or 3 or etc

will move mail items to various mail boxes

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