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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

As I advised over the weekend on our Facebook Group, please upgrade your iOS devices NOW!!

There were 3 major exploits discovered recently and Apple patched them as soon as they were advised.

This was apparently after a United Arab Emirates activist was hacked reportedly by his government.


Story 2

Welcome to a new Australian Apple Podcast

Apple Slice. Good luck to the boys for your new podcast

Also congrats to MacBreak Weekly and moving into there new studios

AND 10 years of MacBreak Weekly

NOT THIS ONE Also congrats to Aussie Tech Heads reaching Episode 500 last Thursday


Story 3 a & b

Hopefully Aussie Mac Zone is broadcasting live on our Facebook Group Page

This is so we can keep trying to offer you more!

Apple Music Festival 10 Kicks Off Next Month

Apple has announced that this years Apple Music Festival takes place next month in London. The Apple Music Festival 10 will take place at the Roundhouse London between the 18th and 30th of September.

It will be streamed live to Apple Music subscribers “Free”


Story 4 a & b

Why we don’t talk Rumours, Betas

We tend to not talk about Rumours because that is a non-stop news feed when talking about Apple.

We don’t talk too much about the betas as specifics might change before the FULL release.  We will drop in our thoughts from time to time.

The Internet is here!!

In the kingdom of apps and unicorns, Rossotti’s is a rarity. This beer garden in the heart of Silicon Valley has been standing on the same spot since 1852. It isn’t disruptive; it doesn’t scale. But for more than 150 years, it has done one thing and done it well: it has given Californians a good place to get drunk.

During the course of its long existence, Rossotti’s has been a frontier saloon, a gold rush gambling den, and a Hells Angels hangout. These days it is called the Alpine Inn Beer Garden, and the clientele remains as motley as ever. On the patio out back, there are cyclists in spandex and bikers in leather. There is a wild-haired man who might be a professor or a lunatic or a CEO, scribbling into a notebook. In the parking lot is a Harley, a Maserati, and a horse.

It doesn’t seem a likely spot for a major act of innovation. But 40 years ago this August, a small team of scientists set up a computer terminal at one of its picnic tables and conducted an extraordinary experiment. Over plastic cups of beer, they proved that a strange idea called the internet could work.


Story 5

Further to getting all banks on board with Apple Pay

Australian supermarket giant Coles and the Australian Retailers Association have announced their support for local banks’ fight against Apple’s policy to limit the use of the NFC chip incorporated into iPhones to Apple Pay.

Coles says its investment in NFC technology has been well received by customers so far, so there is a need for a cross-platform solution. Since Apple limits the use of NFC chip to Apple Pay, banks and retailers can only provide their mobile payments service to Android customers.

The Australian Retailers Association has a rather interesting example in underpinning its position for a cross-platform solution:

For example, Google Maps has been successful on both iOS and Android because it can access the GPS functionality of both platforms. This is not the case when it comes to accessing the near field communication (NFC) chip on Apple’s iOS.”



Our iTunes, Facebook Group & Twitter winners should be receiving their prizes this week, As they went out today.



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How To 1

Safari – Close all tabs except for one

Option-click the close button on the tab you want to leave open

Safari – Go to your homepage

Command-Home key


How To 2

AMZ listener advising an issue with Apple Mail

Top level domains like .services when sent from Apple Mail on Mac, the Receiver does not get a name in sender. When sent from say POSTBOX Apple Mail displays the sender correctly. It works from Apple mail on iOS   Cheers  Peter


How To 3

AMZ listener question

My MacBook Pro gave me this today.

“OS X can’t repair the disk Macintosh HD”

“You can still open or copy files on the disk, but you can’t save changes to files on the disk. Backup the disk and reformat it as soon as you can”

What do I do? What is the cause?

1/ Backup!!

2/ Find your install disks that came with MacBook Pro OR AFTER backing up restart holding down the Option key and choose the Recovery disk that shows up OR search Google on how to make a !0.11 bootable USB stick.

3/ Once it is booted go to Utilities menu at the top and choose Disk Utility.

4/ Select Erase – Hopefully this will comeback without any errors.

5/ Quit Disk Utility and Choose Install new Mac OS

~ if it is from a USB stick it takes about 20 minutes

The cause can be a Failing Drive, HDD or SSD, or corrupt data somewhere.

Lastly AFTER backing up you could try using Disk Warrior or Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery


How To 4

Assistive Touch 

Tap “Settings” icon on the Home screen.

Tap “General”

Tap “Accessibility”

Scroll to “AssistiveTouch

To change the status, tap “AssistiveTouch”

Slide the on / off to Green

Tap “Customise Top Level Menu” and have some fun

The home button is especially good when yours is starting to fail!!


How To 5

Turning off Shake to undo

To disableShake to Undo”, tap the “Settings” icon on the Home screen.

Tap “General”

Tap “Accessibility”

Scroll to “Shake to Undo

To the right of “Shake to Undo”, you’ll either see “On” or “Off”, indicating the status of the feature.

To change the status, tap “Shake to Undo”.

Slide the on / off to Not Green

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