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Show 157 – Sept 5, 2016

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Apple releases OS X patch for spyware exploit

Apple issued an urgent security update on Thursday for OS X and Safari after finding the same vulnerabilities in its desktop operating system that were discovered last week in its mobile operating system and that allow attackers to remotely take control of a device.

The patch for OS X 10.11.6 “El Capitan” and 10.10.5 “Yosemite” comes a week after internet security experts discovered that a prominent Arab activist’s iPhone was being targeted by taking advantage of three previously unknown vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile software. Apple responded by releasing an updated version of iOS: version 9.3.5.

The same vulnerabilities showed up in OS X because the desktop and mobile versions of the Safari browser share much of the same code base.

In its advisory, Apple warned that visiting a “maliciously crafted website” through its Safari browser could allow hackers to execute arbitrary code on a victim’s computer.


Story 2

Thursday Morning  – Our Time

Its nearly here!!!

Apple sent out invites to the press for an event.

Will it be new iPhones

Will it be new Macs

Will it be to say “ we can’t keep the analysis’s happy no matter what we do”, so we give up??

Of course I’ll have as much as I can on our Aussie Mac Zone website and Facebook Group ready for your reading pleasure Thursday Morning.


Stories 3 a & b

I was remiss in not mentioning last week that I had been to the “An Evening with Steve Wozniak”

So it appeared to start 1/2 hour late due to some seating confusion.  As such it  appeared a bit rushed to me.

Woz talked with enthusiasm, almost no stop for about an hour and a half.

I went to the Sydney night which was on a Sunday night.

There were lots of people, and it was about 60 / 40 men / women which was surprising to this OLD man.

I contacted the organisers, THINK INC to get an idea of numbers.

There was about 2,500 in Sydney and 7000 in total for the 4 “evenings”

Samsung stops shipping new Note 7 smartphones after a couple of them blew up 

Last Company quoting from the Korea Herald, which states that Samsung stopped shipping the new devices earlier this week. At least two Galaxy Note 7 owners posted images and video of the new device burnt to a crisp after the battery blew up.


Stories 4 a & b

More on ANZ Apple Pay

Oldest User is in the late 90’s

Now accepting MasterCard

$15,000 Biggest Purchase

20% take up

AND Australia’s anti-trust regulator said it would not grant the country’s three biggest banks interim approval to collectively negotiate with Apple Inc to install their own electronic payments applications on iPhones.

Apple plans to purge App Store of crappy apps

Cult of Mac reports Lazy iOS app developers better watch out.

The purge is coming.

Apple sent registered developers a notice today that it plans to clean the App Store of crummy apps starting on September 7th. The review team will evaluate apps in every single category to ensure they meet Apple’s quality standards of being “functional and up-to-date.”

Hopefully this means all the apps that still haven’t even updated to iOS 7’s UI style will be dropped off at the slaughter house. The purge should be beneficial to developers, too, by increasing visibility to newer apps.


Story 5

RIP Scott Sheppard from Inside Mac

This was one of the first Mac News Shows I listened to and gave Ken from Mac OS Ken his foray into Mac News

On a brighter note.  Congrats to Aussie Tech Heads reaching Episode 500 last Thursday


Story 6

Tim Cook responds to Irish tax ruling in public letter: ‘we are confident that the Commission’s ruling will be reversed’

From 9 to 5 Mac, Tim Cook has posted an open letter on for customers, in response to the European judgement that Ireland must recover 13 billion euros in tax revenue from Apple, covering the period 2003-2014. In the public posting, Cook lambasts the judgement as having serious consequences on European business. It says the ruling suggests Apple received a special deal on our taxes which has “no basis in fact or in law”. Cook says Apple is being compelled to pay back taxes to a government that states Apple does not owe any additional money.

Cook  frames the judgement as the European Commission meddling in Irish business, replacing Irish policy with its own. Apparently, Ireland and the United States agree that company profits should be taxed in the country where the value is created.



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NEW Segment – Tech I bought this month



How To 1

AMZ listener question

Why does my GENUINE Apple Lightening cable sometimes say This may not supported

Pocket Lint / Dirt in the socket.

DO NOT USE metal to get it out


How To 2

Beer can booster

WiFi is an Australian invention, and beer-can WiFi has to be as Aussie as it comes. It has been reported that the signal of your WiFi can be boosted with aluminium foil, found in household items like an empty beer can. Create a shell with the metal to guide the direction of your WiFi signal to get a few extra metres of coverage.


How To 3

When in the Apple notes app on a Mac

So I’m in the notes app and have a checklist

BUT I want to and a second line to a note GO control + return


New iCloud 2TB Tier

Apple has launched a new 2TB iCloud storage tier a little over a week out from the iPhone 7 launch event. The new 2TB plan, which is its largest plan available, will set users back $19.99 a month.

The timing for such a plan is interesting given the rumours of a potential 256GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus. This would double the storage of the next largest iPhone storage amount — 128GB.

It’s also interesting when you work the math:

The previous largest tier, 1TB, was roughly 8x larger than the largest iPhone device storage tier — 128GB: (1024/128 = 8). With the possible addition of a new 256GB iPhone SKU, a 2TB iCloud storage plan would maintain the 8x ratio: (2048/256 = 8).

That’s not to say that there’s any surefire correlation there, Apple already has 256GB iPads for sale, but it’s worth noting. Keep in mind that the next iPhone will reportedly feature a 32GB base as well.

Another thing to consider is macOS Sierra’s new feature that allows Desktop and Documents folders to live on iCloud Drive. This feature, highlighted in the video below, can consume considerable iCloud storage space.

Garths Roundup

Equipment going Vintage

Next week is when the iPhone 4 goes to obsolete status, which will make repairs more difficult. The 13-inch MacBook (the Pro-less model released in 2008), along with a mid 2009 iMac and some mid 2010 Mac Minis will also join the iPhone 4 as obsolete.


Apple is all over Twitter, if you know where to look. There are even official accounts for the company, for support, and for major services like Apple Music, Apple News, iTunes, and the App Store. Most are in English, but there’s a few in Spanish and Japanese as well. We’re keeping a running list of them here, so you can follow any and all that you find interesting.


@Apple: The officially official Apple account.

@AppleSupport: Social support for all your Apple product ills.

Apple Executives

@tim_cook: Apple’s CEO.

@AngelaAhrendts: Head of Apple’s retail and online stores.

@cue: SVP of iTunes and internet services.

@pschiller: SVP of marketing and the App Store.

Apple Music

@AppleMusic: Everything Apple Music.

@AppleMusicES: Apple Music in Spanish.

@AppleMusicJapan: Apple Music in Japanese.

@Beats1: Apple Music’s radio station, Beats 1.

Apple News

@AppleNews: Everything Apple News.

@AppleNewsAU: Apple News in Australia.

@AppleNewsUK: Apple News in the U.K.

App Store

@AppStore: All the App Store apps you need to know about.

@AppStoreGames: Follow App Store Games if all you want is the fun stuff.

@AppStoreES: App Store in Spanish.

@AppStoreJapan: App Store in Japanese.

Beats by Dre

@BeatsByDre: Apple’s subsidiary, Beats by Dre.

@BeatsSupport: Support for your Beats headphones and speakers.


@iBooks: Apple eBook store and what it’s featuring.


@iTunes: The main iTunes account.

@iTunesFestival: The iTunes music festival.

@iTunesMovies: What’s new on iTunes movies.

@iTunesMusic: Replaced by @AppleMusic.

@iTunesPodcasts: Podcasts at iTunes.

@iTunesTrailers: The latest movie trailers on iTunes.

@iTunesTV: What’s up with iTunes TV shows.

@iTunesU: iTunes University so you can get your learn on.

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