Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 158

Show 158 – Sept 12, 2016

We basically walked through the Keynote, dropping thoughts and comments

AND advised that Citrix Receiver needed to be upgraded to work under Mac OS Sierra


TC Car Pool Karaoke

TC sing One Republic song

TC, JC & Pharel  Williams sing sweet home Alabama

Apple Music update

17 Million subscribers

70 releases – first on Apple

10th Apple Music Festival

App Store

140 Billion downloads

Last 2 months 100% growth Yr on Yr

Last qtr 2 as much revenue than largest competitor

Gaming biggest  and popular

Super Mario coming to App Store

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Demo

One Handed play – first time

Set price release – pricing to come, released in time for holidays

Super Mario stickers for Messages for iOS 10



Connect Ed commitment

TC visited ConnectEd schools

Apple support 114 schools

Everyone Can Code – Swift Playground teaching system


P, K, & N

REAL-TIME Collaboration


New Product


2015 2nd in world by sales revenue (8 months)

Whats Next

watchOS 3

Pokemon Go coming to watch

Pokemon Go demo

500M + downloads, 4.6 Billion Ks walking playing game

Shipping before end of year


appleWatch series 2


swim proof

speaker ejects water from itself

swimming simulator

fitness lab used to setup swimming algorithms

S2 System in a Package (SIP)

50% faster, new GPU 2 times graphics

2 times brighter display (1000 nits)


viewranger app demo – hiking app

Aluminium, SS, NOW White Ceramic

appleWatch Nike+ Late OCT

4 colours of special band and face

motivation invites

Running Club

starting at US$369

current  model upgraded CPU   series 1    Available September


integration hardware, software & services

iOS 10


This year 100+ products coming to market


iPhone 7

Best we have ever created

Johnny Ive video

Simply & Improve

Antenna disappears

HIGH Gloss Black

Phil Schiller

1/  Jet Black

Black – 2nd new Black

Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

2/   Home button

redesigned – force sensitive, Taptic feed back

3/   Water & Dust resistant   IP67 standard

4/   Camera – all imaged stabilised

6 element lens

F1.8 aperture

60% faster

flash 50% more light

12mega pixel

new signal processor

100 Billion operations in 25 milliseconds


7 mega pixel FaceTime camera with stabilisation

5/   2 x 12MP on 7 Plus  2nd Telephoto wide angle

10 x zoom using hardware and software


shadow depth of field


New Portrait Mode

Software update for iPhone7 Plus later this year


6/ retina HD display, 25% brighter

end to end colour gamut

3D touch

New Instagram demo

7/ Audio

Speakers  STEREO  bottom & top, twice volume iPhone 6




Why move on, COURAGE

SPACE & Vision for Audio

Wireless  –  Apple AirPods

Johhny Ive Video

5Hrs listening

Case is also charger

W1 chip Apple first wireless chip

Beats also releasing 3 headphone taking advantage of new W1 chip


9/  Apple Pay

10/ Performance  A10 Fusion 64 bit 4 core, twice as fat as iPhone 6

Oz Working kingdom game demo

Longest battery life, about 2 hours from iPhone 6


iPhone 7 US$649  32GB   128GB   256GB    (Jet Black only in 128GB,  256GB)

iPhone 7Plus US$769  32GB   128GB   256GB  (Jet Black only in 128GB,  256GB)

32GB & 128GB iPhone 6 & 6S


shipping Sept 16, order Sept 9

Sept 13 iOS 10 release date

AirPods US $139

Sia performing her songs Broken Glass, first time live and  ???

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