Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 159

Show 159 – Sept 19, 2016

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Michaels Mac OS Sierra Notes app FAIL


iPhone 7 Hissing


iPhone 7 Garth tests speakers – approves


iPhone 7 Outlast Galaxy 7 in Water tests and being dropped from a helicopter


iPhone 7 NZ Launch Day Robots



Complaints about numbers of iPhones available at launch

Never mind more countries available first day

Also people in Apple iPhone upgrade program wanting theirs first day


Queens Bohemian Rhapsody VR Video

The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience


Apple iPhone 7 Ad

The Owl Ad


iPhone 7 Using Selfie stick while surfing – Day of launch


Garth using iPhone 7 Home Button Haptic Feedback comments


Garth playing with Apple Watch Series 2 comments


Michael enjoying ALL the new OS’s


Steve Jobs Widow gives $10M to 2 teachers for teaching homeless and disadvantaged


iOS 10 Home Button


iOS 10 Mail


iOS 10 Reminders & Notes


Watch OS 3


RUMOUR re New MacBook Pros – no Headphone Jack ~ release date next week


Headphone Jack splitter cable – Garth describes iOS app App Kit


Belkin Lightening Port splitter cable  ~  Ear Pods and charging at the same time


Air Pods

plastic strap

comments re Siri control etc

Now Playing Watch app


AussieTechHeads Radio


Apple 10 Years Renting Movies Specials to celebrate


Garth getting Nike Sports Watch









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