Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 160

Show 160 – Sept 26, 2016

Run Sheet ~ Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Its just Michael here on his own tonight



Connect to your Mac which is connected to a network with your best speed possible.

Select the iPhone icon up the top

Select Summary in left column

TICK Encrypt Backup – enter a password you WILL remember

Setup your new iPhone as a New iPhone and make sure it is working to your liking

Now connect your new iPhone and Restore from Backup  ~  choosing the last Backup you just did

Now this can take a while because now with app thinning it replaces apps on the device depending on the Model.  So if your upgrading from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 7 it will need to down load most apps from the app store

You should now have a fantastic iOS10 iDevice.

ALSO with the new Photos app doing lots of recognition we suggest leaving plugged in as long as possible!

Speaking of the Photos app

You need to help Photos along with Peoples names to get the Peoples Albums working because no information (meta data) is shared between the Mac Photos app and the iDevice Photos app.

But you can have fun looking in Memories and doing searches, e.g. I typed

Cat and got pictures of our cat AND a picture of Cat 5 networking cable

Vic and got pictures from out Victorian holiday, pictures taken in the Queen Victoria Building, pictures taken on Victoria Rd, and Victoria Street

Sign and got pictures I have taken of various signs over the last year

Now have a look at the Memories Tab at the bottom –   reminisce and enjoy


Big improvements – more info and redesign

Much cleaner

Now has arrival time, time to go and distance to go.

Weather forecast of destination when searching (down the bottom right)

AND you can drag the map around to see the traffic ahead for instance and it will reset after a few seconds


This is the app with the biggest changes

Tap the little > next to where you type o access the Messages App Store or the Camera Choices or the

You are no longer limited to just emojis to get a point across

You can use Stickers – so many stickers available on launch day.

From Star Wars to old Classic Mac icons – go for it

Tap Back

This is were you long press someones message and you then get a choice to

Heart or Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down or Laugh or Question that message

Add a Picture

Take a picture directly from the Message app – remember to tap the white Button

Or add a picture from the Camera Roll quickly

You can swipe from the left to get the full Camera or the Camera Roll

Tap the Heart icon

and explore the magnitude of choices of what you can do from here

Lastly – Send with effect

type a message in the box then 3D touch (long press on older iDevices)

This will open a selection of special effects from balloons to lasers to stars and more OR Bubble effects

Slide to Unlock is gone

If you have a SE or 6S or 6S Plus or 7 or 7 Plus

Just lifting the iPhone will show you the “Lock Screen”

5 or 5C or 5S or 6 or 6 Plus

Tap the Home Button for the “Lock Screen”

Double Tap to get to the Unlock Screen OR linger longer on the home buttons with Finger Print Readers.   ALSO make sure you touch the Finger Print Reader on iPhone 7 models.

Lock Screen

Swipe Left to Right to get to the Widgets Screen

Swipe Right to Left to get to the Camera

Swipe Up to get to the new Control Centre

Swipe Left to Right to get to the HomeKit installed accessories

Swipe Right to Left to get to Now Playing controls

Swipe Down to get Notifications

With so much more to explore

iOS 10.0.2 update was released this week and iOS 10.1 for those on the Public Beta still

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