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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Apple has been ordered to pay VirnetX $302.4 million in patent lawsuit

A jury has ordered Apple to pay $302.4 million to VirnetX Holding Corp. after it found that the tech giant’s FaceTime feature infringed on the VirnetX’s patents related to secure communications. The case will now go to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington DC.

Virnetx is a communications technology company founded by a group of employees at the Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) which developed security technology for various federal agencies. However, the company is regularly described as a patent troll, making most of its revenue through licensing the patents that it holds. The company has instigated lawsuits against Microsoft and Cisco.

This is the third time that Apple and VirnetX have gone to court over this issue. In 2010, VirnetX sued Apple, alleging that it had infringed on four patents. While the court ordered that Apple pay $368.2 million to VirnetX’s, the suit was thrown out by the U.S. Court of Appeals. A second trial earlier this year resulted in another win for VirnetX, but a trial judge overturned the $625.6 million fine for Apple in July.

VirnetX won’t see this payout right away. The case will now go to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington DC, according to Bloomberg. The court has a long history of ruling on patent cases, and will examine the case according to two standards to determine whether or not Apple infringed on the patents: the one used by the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as the one used by the District Court in Texas. The court will need to find that Apple has violated both standards in order to award the fine to VirnetX.

AND this is probably the reason we don’t have FaceTime on other devices like Android phones


Story 2

Apple Music Beats Spotify, Pandora, and Others in J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Study

Apple Music has been ranked the highest in overall customer satisfaction among seven streaming music brands that were compared in a new study by J.D. Power. Based on 4,482 individuals who have paid for a subscription music service in the last six months, J.D. Power’s inaugural music study measured six key areas in each service: performance and reliability, ease of use, cost of service, content, communication, and customer service.


Stories 3 a & b

iOS 10 Overtakes iOS 9

Just over two weeks after iOS 10 was released to the public, its adoption rate has reached 48.16 percent, successfully overtaking iOS 9, according to data obtained from Mixpanel’s iOS 10 adoption tracker.

Angela Ahrendts job title change

Apple updated its leadership page this weekend to reflect a minor change to Angela Ahrendts’ title, which has been simplified to “Senior Vice President, Retail” as “Online Stores” has been dropped.

The title change is likely in line with Apple’s simplified retail branding.


Stories 4 a & b

Black hat security company increases bounty to $1.5M as iOS 10 ‘much harder to exploit’

Black hat security company Zerodium – which seeks to find vulnerabilities in iOS and Android to sell to corporate and government clients – has increased its maximum bounty for zero-day iOS 10 exploits to $1.5M. It previously offered $1M for iOS 9 vulnerabilities.

A zero-day vulnerability is one not yet known to the developer, so companies have zero days to prepare for exploits. The company’s founder told Arstechnica that the increased reward reflected the improved security in the latest version of iOS.

Black hat security company increases bounty to $1.5M as iOS 10 ‘much harder to exploit’

Unhappy customer smashes tens of thousands of Apple gear in French Apple Store

French media has posted multiple videos of a man in an Apple Store in Dijon, France, smashing tens of thousands of dollars worth of iPhones and Macs. He removed display products from their stands, placed them flat on the tables and then smashed them with a heavy steel ball used for the popular French game of Boules

Most of the products he smashed were iPhones, but he also smashed at least one MacBook and multiple iMacs, according to iPhonote.

The man can be heard shouting about his consumer rights. Some reports say that he claims Apple refused to honour the EU requirement to provide warranty cover for two years after purchase.

Unhappy customer smashes tens of thousands of dollars of kit in French Apple Store [Videos]


Story 5

Apple® and Deloitte join forces

Apple® and Deloitte today announced a partnership to help companies quickly and easily transform the way they work by maximising the power, ease-of-use and security the iOS platform brings to the workplace through iPhone® and iPad®. As part of the joint effort, Deloitte is creating a first-of-its-kind Apple practice with over 5,000 strategic advisors who are solely focused on helping businesses change the way they work across their entire enterprise, from customer-facing functions such as retail, field services and recruiting, to R&D, inventory management and back-office systems.

Apple and Deloitte will also collaborate on the development of a new service offering from Deloitte Consulting called EnterpriseNext, designed to help clients fully take advantage of the iOS ecosystem of hardware, software and services in the workplace. The new offering will help customers discover the highest impact possibilities within their industries and quickly develop custom solutions through rapid prototyping.


Story 6

macOS Sierra Apple Mail change

Had a challenge with a customers Apple email client this week.

Failing to send emails.

When setting up a new server we could not change ports or sign in method.

The ”Automatically manage connection settings”

It was unticked, we then ticked the box, and then un-ticked the box to get to the settings.




mail0mail1mail2 ⬇︎


Aussie Tech Radio @

Aussie Tech Security Podcast


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


How To 1

Flight Tracking

Send a message with a flight number

i.e. I have just boarded qf910 (made up)

When recipient clicks on, qf910, in the message it asks “Preview Flight”

Tap “Preview Flight”

Get a map showing where the plane is the Departure time and the Arrival time, and whether it is on time or not


How To 2

iOS 10 Mail

Want to see only your Unread emails quickly.  Tap the Circle,  with the 3 Lines Bottom Left of the screen.

Tap again to restore

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