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Story 1

Apple Launches Repair Program for iPhone 6s Devices Experiencing Unexpected Shutdowns

Apple has determined that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down. This is not a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015.

If you have experienced this issue, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorised Service Provider and have your device’s serial number checked to confirm eligibility for a battery replacement, free of charge.


Story 2

Apple Launches ‘Touch Disease’ Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus

Apple today launched a new repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus, addressing complaints about a manufacturing issue that can cause the iPhone 6 Plus to become unresponsive to touch.

According to Apple, some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit Multi-Touch issues after “being dropped multiple times on a hard surface,” causing damage to the device. Under its repair program, Apple will fix affected iPhone 6 Plus devices for a service price of US$149.

Users who have paid more than this will be contacted by Apple for a refund!


Stories 3

the iPhone 7 ads

New ads on TV, I’m enjoying them.

The Dive ad and the Midnight ad

Claridge’s Hotel Reveals Festive Installation by Apple’s Jony Ive & Marc Newson

Apple design chief Jony Ive and longtime collaborator Marc Newson’s take on the London hotel Claridge’s Christmas tree has been revealed – and perhaps not surprisingly, there’s not a bauble in sight.

Mayfair’s landmark festive tree has been drawing crowds since 2009, when notable designers began creating the seasonal decoration each year. But Ive and Newson’s interpretation takes the tradition to another level – albeit a minimalist one – by transforming the hotel’s lobby into a natural grove of unadorned birch trees as part of a living light and sound installation. The designers had this to say:

Our aim was to create an all-enveloping magical experience that celebrates our enormous respect for tradition while recognising our excitement about the future and things to come. There are few things more pure and beautiful than nature, so that was our starting point, layering various iterations of organic forms with technology.

Design and style magazine Wallpaper described a scene in which a series of vast four meter-high light boxes line the walls, illuminating black-and-white images of snow-capped silver birch trees, against which “towering cast models of Scots pine rise to a canopy of natural green pine”.

The accompanying forest soundscape begins with a dawn chorus and features owls, nightingales, sparrows, and foxes. Synced to the audio is specially choreographed lighting that cycles from sunrise to nighttime, creating a dappled effect in the installation space. At the center of the grove, a smaller sapling tree appears to grow in the transitions of light, which the designers describe as a symbol of the future.

The installation is open to the public and free to enter, and will remain in London’s Claridge’s hotel throughout the festive season.


Story 4


McLaren CEO admits to talks with Apple, but no bid was made

Officials from Apple met with premium automaker McLaren, but the discussions never went as far as a bid, the CEO of the sports car company has revealed in a new interview.


Story 5

KB Home unveils first-ever Apple HomeKit-enabled community in San Jose

By integrating HomeKit during manufacturing, homebuilder KB Home aims to have the most seamless HomeKit support possible. Apple-certified accessories will allow homeowners control of lighting, temperature, door locks and more from an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

KB Home now has a model home to view at Promenade at Communications Hill. Pricing starts in the low $900,000s, though HomeKit packages run extra.

The three-story homes range in square footage from 2,148 to 2,178, and they can be built with up to five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

Though Apple authorises HomeKit accessories through a certification process, the company does not make any of its own smart home appliances, instead relying on third-party vendors. KB Home did not indicate which HomeKit partners it is utilising for its HomeKit-enabled community.


Story 6


This weekend I had a customer contact me about their MacBook Pro getting HOT.

The culprit was a NON-Apple power adapter!

It was labelled as a replacement for the Apple part number.

It was rated at the correct voltage and wattage.

But it was putting out less voltage AND making the MacBook Pro get HOT!!!

So much so that this MBP had a clear protecting sticker top and bottom and the sticker on the bottom had bubbled!!



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How To 1

How do I see / select a photo from a Burst (Burst Mode iPhone)

Open Photos

Go to Albums

Select Bursts

Select the Burst

Click the Select Button, at the bottom of the screen

scrub left & right to select “THE” photo


How To 2

Raise to Wake Feature – getting it to work EVERY time

Before we go into detail, lets look at what’s required first. Raise to Wake uses the M9 coprocessor. This is found in the following models: the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. So if you have iOS 10, but your iPhone doesn’t appear on this list, Raise to Wake just will not work on your device because it doesn’t have the M9 chip.

Thanks to How To Geek, it has been discovered that there are two ways to trigger Raise to Wake. In fact, these two methods will activate the feature each and every time you try.

The first solution is flip your iPhone from face down to face up; it also works when the device is lifted up in portrait orientation. To do this, the handset has to be completely perpendicular to the ground. Unfortunately, and annoyingly so, Raise to Wake will not work in landscape mode even when relative to the ground.


How To 3

Don’t download all these Mac helper apps.

Like Cleaner for Mac or MacKeeper or Mac Memory Cleaner and the list goes on.

BUT do stay up to date, when using KNOWN upgrades


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