Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 169

Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Got a Calendar Invite this week for Black Friday Specials, problem is

Had a calendar invite show up in my calendar for Ray-ban & Oakley Black Friday Specials.

It was invited to lots of michael …..@…..

It had a link to a site.

It was someone called efuxu

As we stress here don’t just clink links.


Story 2

Apple disbands AirPort division

Apple has closed its AirPort / Time Capsule division and relocated staff elsewhere.

Is this Good or Bad??


Stories 3

Demand for Apple’s new MacBook Pro shows no sign of slowing down

“Though Apple’s new laptops have been criticised from all angles for being overpriced and under-powered, Phil Schiller a few weeks back said that initial MacBook Pro orders were quick to set new sales records,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR. “‘Our online store has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before,’ Schiller said during an interview with The Independent earlier this month. ‘So there certainly are a lot of people as excited as we are about it.’”

“Not only that, but ongoing demand for Apple’s new laptops appears to be holding up as we transition head-first into the busiest shopping period of the year,” Heisler reports. “According to MacBook Pro manufacturer Quanta (via Digitimes), demand for Apple’s refreshed notebook line is not only strong, but will remain strong all the way through the first few months of 2017.”


Story 4


New MacBook Pros have soldered in SSD storage

This is just another reason for me to harp on doing backups.  If something happens to this computer we can’t just take out the drive and get the data.  Apparently their is a special (expensive) tool which hasn’t been made available yet to help get the data out, maybe.


Story 5

Latest iOS Update Causing More Problems

Following a quick update to iOS to fix Apple Health losing data, the latest version of iOS (v10.2) has highlighted two awkward errors in daily use. Some handsets are locking up at thirty percent battery power and the microphone in Apple’s own earpods may stop working during a call.


Story 6

Im disappointed in Apple today

I had a customer this week who had her Hard Drive fail after 2 years and a couple of months.

Apple charged her $300 to exchange the drive.

No she did not have AppleCare, but still!



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How To 1

One of our overseas based listeners contacted me to say his iMac was running VERY slooooow

So after doing the normal disk first aid and getting no fix.

We opened Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder and changed to “All Processes”

To find a process called “ secd “ using 78% CPU and rising.  This is related to the Keychain.

Sometimes Keychain first Aid can fix the situation or you have to “Reset Default Keychain” this loses all your current passwords in your Keychain, like iCloud, calendar, websites, etc

But this made  the secd process effectively disappear off the list of processes using CPU


How To 2

Send more photos by email

Customer today was trying to send a heap of photos by email.

They where tiffs direct from the camera and about 20Mb each.

I got then to drag the folder of tiffs to the Photos app icon in the doc.

It imported them and converted them to jpg.

We then selected them and clicked the email icon in Photos, selected large and sent only 5.6Mb

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