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Show 172 – Dec 19, 2016

Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Niantic confirms Pokemon Go for Apple Watch is still coming

Late last week it was reported development had ceased on the app, for the Watch, BUT this has been denied by the company.


Story 2

nbc reports, Here’s what was the most fascinating thing about tech leaders meeting with Donald Trump, according to Kara Swisher

After a meeting between technology leaders and the president-elect, what went unsaid may be even more telling than what was.

Most technology CEOs that met with Donald Trump this week have been silent — and that says a lot, Recode’s executive editor, Kara Swisher, told CNBC on Friday.

“Interestingly, none of them put out statements to their employees afterward, which is very typical when executives go to these big, important meetings,” Swisher said on “Squawk Alley.” “There wasn’t a peep out of any of them … there’s a lot of discomfort within the employee ranks. A lot of employees have put together statements about this, and signed different things about Muslim registries and things like that.”

recode reports from the meeting, after the press left and the doors were closed, the visitors from the digital world actually did try to bring up a number of substantive major issues with Trump and those gathered there. Trump’s three eldest kids were present, which most sources close to the execs (no, I am not saying which ones) thought was inappropriate on a number of levels.

“They took up three seats that should have gone to key tech people,” said one source, pointing to the odd absence of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Another source said that the conflict of interest seemed clear, while another just laughed and joked, “The U.S. is now a family business, I guess.”

One Trump family member did rise to a level of interest for the group: Son-in-law and chief whisperer Jared Kushner, who kicked off the session and seemed more engaged than any other administration member there.

“It was clear that Kushner was the one thinking about this stuff and framing it,” said one source with knowledge of the meeting.

At the top of the gathering (I may not have the order of all the topics exactly right), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella brought up perhaps the most thorny issue: Immigration and how the government can help tech with things like H-1B visas to keep and bring in more talent. Nadella pointed out that much of the company’s spending on research and development was in the U.S., even if 50 percent of the sales were elsewhere, so that immigration would benefit those here.

Surprisingly to the group, Trump apparently responded favorably, “Let’s fix that,” he said, without a specific promise, and then asked, “What can I do to make it better?”

Apple CEO Cook brought up a related issue, that of science, technology engineering and math education, which has been a big initiative of President Barack Obama, and also was pushed by Trump’s campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump said little about STEM in the campaign and, when he addressed it in a debate, turned it into a speech about school choice and state control of education.

The STEM issue was also pushed hard by Facebook COO Sandberg, who focused Trump on that kind of education for women and underrepresented minorities. She then brought up the issue of paid maternity leave. In the campaign, Trump unveiled a plan for six weeks of leave for women, while Clinton was advocating for 12 weeks for parents of either sex.

Trump also agreed to look into her suggestions, and called on Vice President-elect Mike Pence to work on the issue, although concrete next steps were not discussed.

One of the most interesting exchanges was with Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who briefly noted that he pondered what he would do if he were president, and then made the point that governmental information-technology programs were antiquated and unsafe, and needed to be upgraded.

Schmidt then suggested to Trump that he be the “software president,” a phrase Trump misheard as “soft” president. Trump was not going to be soft! Laughs all around!

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Story 3

Apple’s gifts to retail employees this year include card stock-printed credo, limited-edition t-shirt

So if a staff member is listening and would like to dispose of these give us a call / email


Story 4


$44M R&D investment buys Apple the right to sell the iPhone 7 in Indonesia

9TO5Mac is reporting Apple has been granted the right to sell the iPhone 7 in Indonesia following an agreement to invest around $44M in an R&D center in the country, reports Reuters. The investment was first rumored in November, and has now been confirmed by a senior government official in a text message.

“Apple has committed around $44 million to invest in R&D over three years,” Suryawirawan said. “Therefore, they can distribute devices priced 6 million rupiah ($448) and above. That means all iPhones can be distributed.”

Indonesia is an extremely important market for Apple as the world’s fourth most populous country after China, India and the USA …

Indonesia has adopted a similar rule to India, effectively requiring foreign companies to create jobs in the country to gain approval to sell their products there.

Both countries have a requirement for companies to source at least 30% of their products locally. In the case of India, this is needed to be able to open branded retail stores while in Indonesia it’s a condition of selling LTE products above a certain value.

In Indonesia, the local investment threshold can be met by any combination of manufacturing, software development or other investment in the economy.

$44M R&D investment buys Apple the right to sell the iPhone 7 in Indonesia


Story 5

Apple AirPods now shipping to preorder customers

Customers lucky enough to have snagged a pair of Apple AirPods when product sales went live last week recently received word that their orders have shipped, and are scheduled to arrive as promised on Dec 21.


Story 6

Apple TV adds 21 new Aerial screen savers featuring China, Dubai, Greenland, more

As part of continued efforts to build out its tvOS platform, Apple recently added a set of new high-definition Aerial screen savers featuring stunning drone footage of exotic locales and landmarks spanning the globe.


Story 7

‘Super Mario Run’ tops Apple’s highest grossing, free app charts hours after launch

Friday morning our time, appleinsider was reporting Super Mario Run listed as the most popular free app on the U.S. iOS App Store, while at the same time coming in at No. 1 on the highest grossing list. The app debuted to much fanfare on Thursday.

While free to download, Super Mario Run includes an in-app purchase that is all but required to actually play the game. Paying the $9.99 entry fee provides full access to all six game worlds, 20 Toad Rally tickets and 3,000 coins.

Without the unlock, gamers can only play through three levels before being rate limited to 20-second try-outs.

12 hours after launch, Super Mario Run had an average 3-star rating with well over 21,000 reviews.



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How To 1

A holiday break project  ~  Getting non-HomeKit devices working with HomeKit

Homebridge is software that you download and install on your Mac, RaspberryPI or Linux box to allow non-certified products to interact with the

It takes a little bit of work because you need to install the software then find the appropriate platforms and / or plugins for your equipment.

I got my WeMo switches and lights working through the system BUT those Konke switches can’t be made to work.

Part of the issues at the moment is getting the correct versions of platform or plug-in because of a recent update to Homebridge and iOS 10

But now I can say to my Apple Watch Siri turn on the Entrance Light to 10%. Annnd done. Or setup IFTTT to turn on the Front Door light when I or my wife are within a designated area.


How To 2

Travel lists

I have attached links to a Numbers and a XLSX checklist of things to take, prepare, etc.

It includes things like Video Camera Cable, or your Hotel confirmations, or a Power board or Medication, even making sure your contact details are with someone in case of emergencies.


How To 3

Security Tips for Travel

1/ Turn on find my Phone, iPad AND Mac on all your devices.

2/ Setup secure pass-codes and passwords on your devices.

3/ Setup emergency details in the

4/ Remember you will have to prove your device is working when going through security, possibly at BOTH ends of your trip. It has been known for travellers being delayed because they had to charge their device to prove it worked!

5/ If your device is damaged, in any way, you may be NOT allowed to take on the plane.  Also this has been known to happen at a flight transfer.

6/ Make a backup of your data, computer and iDevice/s and leave at home.

7/ A copy of any important documents should be on iCloud or Dropbox so you can get them from a Kiosk if need be. Remember bags, with your carefully packed computer and chargers, have been known to go to the wrong destination!

8/ Think before connecting to free WiFi services as you do not now how secure they are! And do not do your backing through them!

9/ Does your card work with Apple Pay, set it up on your Watch and iPhone.

10/ Think about using cases that hide the Apple logo on your iDevice and Mac, helps maintain a low profile. Also think about using a very basic back-pack or laptop bag ~ this requires you to be a bit more careful as they aren’t quiet as robust.

11/ Keep your gear in sight. I have had a customer loose their iPad when travelling overseas on a train. The baddies just opened their bags, rifled through, took what they wanted and closed the bag. You get to your next hotel room and go where’s my iPad?

How To 4

Power Tips for Travel

Remember that other countries use different plugs and sockets AND different voltages. Apple sell a Travel Adapter Kit BUT this no longer suites the current iDevice chargers.

Check what is used before you go so as not to damage your equipment when you get there!


Garth’s Roundup of the things Michael missed or forgot

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