Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 180

Show 180 – March 06, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Nick

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Apple’s iPhone became the leading Smartphone in Australia in Q4 2016 Overtaking Android due to iPhone 7

Following six straight quarters of Year over Year declines, the Australian mobile phone market returned to growth as it shipped 2.93 million mobile phones in Q4 2016 as compared to 2.84 million representing a 3.2% YoY growth. Smartphones accounted for 2.79 million units with the remainder being feature phones.

The most interestingly statistic found in the report is that iOS has again become the most popular operating system (OS) in Australia overtaking Android as it took over more than half (54.9%) of the total smartphone shipments in 2016Q4.

Technically speaking, IDC’s report only covered smartphones and not tablets, so the real statistic emerging is that the iPhone became the number one smartphone. I’m sure that if IDC would have actually added statistics for tablets, the iPad would have won in that category hands down which would have extended the market share of iOS in Australia far beyond 54.9%.

According to Bilal Javed, Market Analyst at IDC Australia, “Despite new players such as Google with the Pixel device entering the market, Android could only take 44.6% market share. This goes to show the unanticipated success of iPhone 7 range as Apple smashed through shipment records for the quarter.”


Story 2

Apple ads on

Apple has released a variety of ads youtube.

The new ads are 16 seconds long and on a variety of subjects

iPad Pro

One Night in (City) – Shot on iPhone 7

Apple Watch


Story 3

The cheapest NBN plans for each speed tier have been revealed.

As the NBN starts to reach major urban centres – with an 18 month deadline to switch over once it arrives in your area – more and more people each week are faced with choosing between a range of retailers offering NBN products with different speeds, data limits and prices.

So this week consumer research body Canstar Blue helpfully compiled a list of the cheapest plans.

The NBN is offered in four speed tiers – 12Mbps download, which Canstar has labelled tier 1; 25Mbps (tier 2); 50Mbps (tier 3); and 100Mbps (tier 4).

Existing ADSL2+ connections over the telephone line can theoretically exceed 20Mbps if your home is close enough to an exchange, so the NBN only uses the label “superfast” broadband for 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps.

While Canstar has published the cheapest plans for each tier, it warns that this does not necessarily indicate the best value.

“The best NBN plans with superfast speeds usually come with a hefty amount of data – unlimited in many cases – and this will be reflected by the price you pay. Going for the cheapest deals usually means sacrificing either speed or data,” said Canstar journalist Harrison Astbury.

Cheapest NBN plans for each speed tier

Pasted Graphic.tiff

⬇︎Story 4

The ACCC has warned Australians not to use online retailer LuxStyle.

The Danish website reportedly hides prices of items until the user enters in mailing and email addresses, then sends and invoices the items to the person without even a purchase taking place. When the recipient refuses to pay for the item that they did not buy, the company calls in Australian debt collectors.


Story 5

Inside the Apple Museum in Prague — 41 years of Apple products and a tribute to Steve Jobs

It turns out that Prague is home to the biggest private exhibition of Apple’s products in the world.

In the heart of the Czech Republic capital city’s Old Town, the Apple Museum takes you through 41 years of the company’s fascinating history.

As well as displaying almost every Apple product ever made, the museum is a tribute to the California company’s late cofounder, Steve Jobs. Portraits of Jobs cover the museum’s walls and his quotes are everywhere.


This Weeks Discussion

Here’s why Steve Jobs never let his kids use an iPad

New York University professor Adam Alter, author of “Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked,” explains why Steve Jobs never let his kids use an iPad. Following is a transcript of the video.

Steve Jobs in 2010 was on the stage at the Apple event releasing the iPad and he described it as a wonderful device that brought you educational tools. It allowed you to surf the web, it allowed you to watch videos, it allowed you to interact with other people. And he basically said it’s the best way to do all those things.

Two years later when he was asked “Your kids must love the iPad?” He said “Actually we don’t allow the iPad in the home. We think it’s too dangerous for them in effect.” The reason why he said that was because he recognised just how addictive the iPad was as a vehicle for delivering things to people. That once you had the iPad in front of you, or when you took it away from the home with you, you’d always have access to these platforms that were very addictive. That were hard to resist.

So where his kids were very well adapted, well adjusted, may not have been prime targets for say substance abuse, they like everyone else, are susceptible to the charms of something like an iPad and what it delivers.



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