Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 186

Show 186 – April 18, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Karen

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Sorry everybody for not being available last night. I got stuck migrating data from a 10.6 OS X server to 10.12 Mac OS server.

Cant use migration assistant and transferring the users mail took forever


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Lots of iPhone rumours this week

We don’t normally do rumours but there are so many this week, maybe because there is no news, so lets catch up.

    • iPhone 8 might be late as Apple having trouble getting TouchID working
    • Samsung making OLED displays, BUT having low yield rate
    • Maybe NO TouchID
    • Vertical cameras, to help
    • invisible fron camera
    • wireless charging


Story 2

Siri Voice Actress Susan Bennett Reveals More Details About the Origins of Apple’s Virtual Assistant

MacRumors reports ~ It’s been over three years since voice actress Susan Bennett came forward and revealed that she was the original female voice of Siri on iOS, which first debuted on the iPhone 4s in 2011. In a recent interview with Typeform, Bennett delved even deeper into her history with Apple and the early days of its virtual assistant.

Some of her lines included ~ “Malitia oi hallucinate, buckry ockra ooze, Cathexis fefatelly sexual ease stump, Say the shrodding again, say the shroding again, say the shreeding again, say the shriding again, say the shrading again, say the shrudding again.”

“We were recording for a text-to-speech company. And this was brand new to us. We had no real idea of what we were doing. We thought we were doing new scripts for phone systems.”

The origin of Siri’s name is also explained, with Bennett stating that Dag Kittlaus — a co-creator of Siri who has now left Apple to found Viv — had originally planned to name his daughter Siri. His wife eventually ended up having a boy, so Kittlaus used the girl’s name for Apple’s smartphone assistant instead.

Although she was replaced in iOS 7, Bennett said that everything has worked out for the best, because her work as the original Siri has opened up aspects of her career that she never imagined, including introducing Steve Wozniak at the 2013 Dallas Digital Summit and even giving a TED Talk in 2016. Because of this, she harbours no ill will towards Apple and the secretive methods the company used when creating Siri.

“I kind of got the best of both worlds because I was the original, and I do get to promote myself, and when Siri starts leading us all into the sea it won’t be my voice.”

Full interview


Story 3

Google Maps for iOS adds iMessage app for location sharing, new ‘Directions’ widget

9TO5Mac reports ~ Google is rolling out an update to its Google Maps app on iOS that further integrates the app throughout the operating system. The update brings the app to version 4.30.0 and includes a pair of notable changes to the user interface as Google works to better compete with the integration offered throughout iOS by Apple Maps.


Story 4

Original Macintosh emulator now available on the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has put online a web-based emulator of the original Macintosh from 1984.

The emulator allows you to run a wide range of early Macintosh software, from the MacWrite and MacPaint apps supplied with the machine through games like Lemmings and Frogger to early Microsoft apps like Multiplan and Chart. It even runs Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.02!

You can run the emulator by clicking on any of the software by clicking on the link below. Be patient, though, as it has to download the necessary files before loading, then everything runs at real-life speeds. Switching between normal size and full-screen is also a little flakey, so best to do that before you start using an app.


This Weeks Discussion



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Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

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How To 1

Share Podcast to friends

  • send to friend using link in iMessage
  • a new podcast sharing method
  • receiver is able listen to whole podcast in iMessenger app


How To 2

I’ve been listening to 

Andy Ihnatko on a podcast a couple of weeks ago choose Seeburg 1000 as his pick.

It is a stream of music from a Seeburg 1000 which was a background music player from the 60’s for shops like David Jones, Grace Bros, Macies in the US, etc and bigger companies.

Seeburg provided three different libraries of music with the Seeburg 1000 system: Basic, Mood and Industrial.

The Basic library consisted of medium tempo music, culled from top 40 hits, show tunes and standards. The arrangements, created just for Seeburg, were nearly all instrumental and featured horns, strings and keyboards.

The Mood library consisted of medium-slow tempo songs, in lush arrangements with mostly stringed instruments. The music derived from standards, show tunes and some pop music. The first song on each side of each record was often a current pop hit.

The Industrial library consisted of medium-fast tempo music of a lively nature, to induce workers to be more productive. This was perhaps the most varied and adventurous of the libraries; it contained polkas, mariachi music, twangy guitar, Hawaiian songs, and even the occasional synthesiser.


How To 3 – this weeks email

Where is Disk Burning in Disk Utility in Mac OS

I’m trying to burn an ISO image to DVD

  • As of 10.11 El Capitan it is no longer in Disk Utility BUT
  • In finder Right Click on the image and Select Burn Disk Image “name of your file”
  • Simple as

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