Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 187

Show 187 – April 24, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Karen

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Apple’s new Danish data centre will supply heat to nearby homes and fertiliser to farmers

9TO5Mac reports, Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability is well established, but the company is going one step further in its new Danish data centre. In addition to powering the centre entirely from renewable energy, the company is capturing the waste heat generated and feeding it into a district heating system, to warm local homes.

Further, the data centre in the Jutland region will be partly powered by recycling waste products from farms. Apple is working with Aarhus University on a system that passes agricultural waste through a digester to generate methane, which is then used to help power the data centre. The digester reaction turns some of the waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser, which Apple returns to local farmers to use on their fields.

Also apparently 96% green power for all there world wide operations. Also Apple said they did not know how they would achieve there new lofty ambitions of using none mined minerals and 100% recycled materials.


Story 2

Apple’s Augmented Reality smart glasses could be in the works

A leaked incident report suggests that Apple could be working on some interesting new eyewear, and that accidents happen.

Gizmodo is reporting, 2 health and safety reports refer to staff having eye issues after having used a “Prototype”.

The wording is vague, so we don’t even know if the two prototypes were related or what they were meant to do.

SO I hope the staff are OK.


Story 3

Apple notifying WWDC 2017 scholarship applicants of award status

Apple has started alerting WWDC 2017 scholarship applicants of their award status ahead of the developer conference scheduled for June. WWDC scholarship winners receive free access to the conference which usually has a US$1599 ticket cost for entry.

This year Apple’s application process included a stronger emphasis on using Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app rather than supplying a finished app. Apple has also expanded the scholarship program to cover both the cost of entry for everyone and travel accommodations for some as well as lodging for the first time, reports 9to5MAC


Story 4

As I posted in the Aussie Mac Zone Apple News channel last Thursday

Apple is no longer charging for

    • Garageband
    • iWork apps
    • iMovie

Story 5

Apple acknowledges emails sent out to some incorrect

In an email, Apple explains that the emails sent out earlier last week were sent in error and that there have been no changes to iCloud storage plans. Furthermore, the company confirms that all iCloud plans will continue to renew as normal.

The earlier email showed that the 50GB and 200 GB plans no longer existed and the 50GB and 100GB had been discontinued.

So what really happened??


This Weeks Discussion



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Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

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How To 1

Please be aware

I had a new customer this week bring in a iMac 27” with issues they had bought off Gumtree

  • The iMac had a failing hard drive and logic board issues
  • When I first tested the iMac it showed it was failing with read write errors
  • So I replaced the Hard Drive but got major video issues when installing MacOS
  • The unit always passed the special video tests Apple have in their test suite
  • Lastly the Hard Drive in the unit was a re-certified Seagate that states it is for video capture use


How To 2

Installing keyboards in iOS

    • Go to Settings
    • General
    • Keyboards
    • Add New Keyboard

I bring this up because I have been using the MyScript – Stylus keyboard.

It is amazing at converting hand writing to text.

It brings up a line on the bottom of the screen where you write with your finger and it converts it to text “really really quickly” on my iPhone 6+ and “even quicker” on my iPad Pro.

This conversion may have improved because Apple apparently has increased screen refresh rates in iOS10.3.


Lastly a big thank you to those in our defence forces, past and present

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