Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 189

Show 189 – May 7, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Nick

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings
Story 1

Money Money Money

Year on Year Changes Units Revenue
iPhone -1% +1%
iPad -13% -12%
Mac 4% +14%
Services +18%
Other (Apple TV, etc) +31%

Services is nearly a Fortune 100 company.

Even Accessories is up 31% in revenue, making it a Fortune 500 company.
Is that just the AirPods or are Beats up, big time, as well?

Story 2

Tim Cook and CNBC’s Jim Cramer talk

Apple to invest $1Billion in US }ADVANCED manufacturing.

BUT, also Apple breaks records.
We were very pleased that we set a record for switchers outside of China for the first six months of this fiscal year. As you know, we start in October and we just finished the first half in March, the CEO explained. “We set a record there and we set a record for upgraders across the world. And so this felt really good.”

Story 3

Windows malware ported to Mac, masquerades as Adobe Flash

A piece of malware long targeting Windows users —known sometimes as “Snake,” “Turla,” or “Uroboros” —is now reportedly being turned against Mac owners.

The updated code comes disguised as an Adobe Flash Player installer, wrapped inside a ZIP file labeled “Install Adobe Flash,” Malwarebytes said on Friday. A giveaway to its origins is that when run, the installer is signed by an “Addy Symonds” instead of Adobe —this initially tricked macOS’s Gatekeeper feature, but Apple has already revoked the bad certificate.

If Gatekeeper is set to allow unsigned apps, victims should then be asked to enter their administrator password, as with Adobe’s real Flash installer. The look of the installer also mimics the real software, and in fact a working version of Flash is ready at the end. Similar malware typically runs a completely fake Flash installation, or has to launch the legitimate one second.

Story 4

Microsoft launches sneak attack on Apple’s MacBook

* The Surface Laptop costs US$999 and runs Windows 10 S.
* Windows 10 S is targeted at education and will be on a variety of laptops.
* The Surface Laptop can be upgraded to a full version of Windows 10 Pro for US$50.
* It’s going to be appealing to everyone, not just students.
* This is not a Chromebook competitor, Microsoft left those crumbs to there other partners like Acer & Dell, etc.


Story 5

Phil Schiller says voice-only assistants are sometimes convenient

Whilst Schiller would not gave any praise to its competitor’s products, he did say that these kind of devices are convenient in some situations

The NDTV interview appears to have taken place in early April and only published this week. This means that Schiller’s comments about the voice assistant products come before the rumours broke that a Siri Speaker product is imminent, with a potential WWDC debut. It’s important to be aware of the context.

This Weeks Discussion

I vented on our AMZ Apple News channel this week about a piece of advertising / fake invoice I got

I did a review of Dollar Shave Club

What about all those Apple ads on TV
Stickers, watch and iPhone



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Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone
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New Reviews this week


How To 1

Save your life

Here’s how.

* Open the Health app, on your iPhone
* Select Medical ID
* Fill out your details and contacts
* Select Show When Locked
* Tap Done

First responders, and anyone, can now get access to your Emergency information from the Lock Screen of your iPhone

How To 2

Save your life 2.

A week ago last Saturday 3 Florida fisherman were 4 miles out to see when there boat sank.

Although the iPhone user could not use the phone because his fingers were cold and wet, he got Siri to call 911

So remember “Hey Siri” is not just for getting the weather or setting a timer

How To 3 – this weeks email

4K monitors?

We are looking to setup a workstation system with dual monitors on a PC and a Mac both running on Mac Mini’s. We have purchased the two monitors (Dell P2715Q), The 2 Port Dual DisplayPort USB KVM Switch( SV231DPDDUA by Startech), and necessary cables, all we need is a recommendation on the computer.

We discovered to our horror that while the mini display port talks to the monitor from the mini the HDMI port using a HDMI to display port cable does not ….. Help
Currently we can only use one screen of the dual system, if we connect the HDMI directly from the mini to the monitor we get a different resolution from one screen to the other and cannot use the switcher.

iMac and Mac mini
Apple has official support for 4K displays in the 27-inch late 2013 model, and the late 2014 Mac mini. Try as we might, there are no reliable ways to get 4K on older models of either.

The best way to connect is through a Mini DisplayPort connection, or Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, allowing for 4K video at 60Hz. Depending on the monitor, enabling MST may still be necessary.

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