Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 190

Show 190 – May 15, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Glenn & Michael & Nick

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings
Story 1

The world, well Windows PC’s, over run by Ransomware

Many people are asking how??
Microsoft blaming governments.

Just before we finish, a reminder. Please update your Windows software. Microsoft even released updates for unsupported older Windows versions on May 13. This includes those running Windows in Fusion or Parallels!

Story 2

Apple acquires Beddit

Apple has acquired Beddit a company that creates sleep monitors.

It is a small strip that goes under your sheet and has a cable that goes to a USB power / bluetooth sender that the app gets its data from.

Story 3

Apple’s first Advanced Manufacturing Fund investment is in iPhone glass supplier Corning

Apple has announced that glass manufacturer Corning will be the first beneficiary of the Advanced Manufacturing Fund announced earlier this month. The $1B fund was established to ‘foster innovation among American manufacturers.’

Corning makes the Gorilla Glass used on every iPhone and iPad since the original iPhone. Apple said that the investment will assist in three ways …

The investment will support Corning’s R&D, capital equipment needs and state-of-the-art glass processing. Corning’s 65-year-old Harrodsburg facility has been integral to the 10-year collaboration between these two innovative companies and will be the focus of Apple’s investment.

Story 4

IT expert who saved the world from ransomware virus is working with GCHQ to prevent repeat

The young cyber expert who saved the NHS from hackers is working with GCHQ to head off another attack, it has been claimed.

Marcus Hutchins has been credited with stopping the WannaCry ransomware attack from spreading across the globe by accidentally triggering a “kill switch”.

The self-taught 22-year-old took just a few hours to stop the breach, which had already spread to more than 200,000 victims across 150 countries.

From what I understand he registered a domain name that was showing up on the Ransomware page


Story 5

Watch Apple’s New Video Series On iPhone 7 Photography

I guess Apple got fed up with all the other guides on the internet explaining how one takes photos with the iPhone. Well, the iPhone 7 specifically. So, the company has gone to the trouble of putting together a series of tutorial videos to make sure people can take great mobile shots, while satisfying their inner hipster.
There are 16 videos all up, covering everything from selfies to… one-handed selfies. You can check them out either on Apple’s own site or its YouTube channel, however the latter only appears to have nine of the clips.
How useful are the tutorials? They’re all done in portrait format, which suggests Apple itself has no idea how to use its own gadget.
Joking aside, it’s fairly basic stuff so there’s not much here for the experienced hand. However, if you know someone who’s terrible at taking decent photos with their iPhone 7, this might be worth a less-than-subtle share on your social media channel of choice.

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Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone
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New Reviews this week


How To 1

Australian Cyber Security website

Essential Eight Explained ~
The Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents is a prioritised list of practical actions organisations can take to make their computers more secure. The advantage of this guidance is that it is customisable to each organisation based on their risk profile and the threats they are most concerned about.

* Application whitelisting
* Patch applications
* Disable untrusted Microsoft Office macros
* User application hardening
* Block web browser access to Adobe Flash Player (uninstall if possible), web ads and untrusted Java code on the Internet.
* Why? Flash, Java and web ads have long been popular ways to deliver malware to infect computers.
* Restrict administrative privileges
* Multi-factor authentication
* Patch operating systems
* Daily backup of important data

How To 2 – this weeks email

Do we need an Echo in the Apple eco system?

The echo is always on
The echo plays my music
The echo tells me the weather
The echo can now call my family
(if they have an echo)
and will do video calls soon
The echo tells me webpage info

Siri can be always on ~ activate “Hey Siri”
Settings, Siri, Allow “Hey Siri”
Siri plays my music
“Play music the Cat in the PT Cruiser”
Siri tells me the weather
“Whats the weather in Penrith tomorrow”
The weathers looking good tomorrow… up to 22°
Siri can call anybody in my contacts list, even FaceTime or Skype
“Call Karen mobile”
“Call Karen FaceTime”
Siri shows webpage info
“NHS Ransomware attack”
Now swipe down with 2 fingers from the address bar. Siri will read the page including ads to you. To get around the ad issue, tap the 4 lines which makes it Reader View

So don’t buy a echo at $300 plus, buy a Belkin Express Dock for $70 and do it all AND more or use your Apple TV 4

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