Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 196

Show 196 – June 26, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Nick

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

‘It makes me sick to my stomach’: Apple really really hates when product secrets get out Apple is famous for the intense secrecy it enforces around the development of new products.

It prides itself on groundbreaking product unveils and to do that, it needs the element of surprise.

So it guards its secrets very closely indeed.

But ironically, a leak from inside the company shows just how far Apple goes to protect its secrets and prevent information getting out.

A detailed account published by The Outline this week has revealed how the tech giant keeps things under wraps. The publication obtained a recording from an internal briefing at the company earlier this month titled “Stopping Leakers — Keeping Confidential at Apple”.

The employee briefing included videos that sound more like something you’d expect from an induction course at the Secret Service.

“When I see a leak in the press, for me, it’s gut-wrenching,” an Apple employee reportedly says in one video. “It really makes me sick to my stomach.”

A second Apple employee also talks about how much he hates loose lips.

“When you leak this information, you’re letting all of us down. It’s our company, the reputation of the company, the hard work of the different teams that work on this stuff.”

Full story


Story 2

Google will stop scanning your Gmails for ad personalisation 

Google is going to stop scanning your Gmail messages for ad personlisation, it has confirmed today.

You will still see ads when you use Gmail on your phone or in a web browser, but they will no longer be based on information Google has pulled from your emails.

Yes, that’s right: Google has been scanning your Gmail messages to deliver tailored ads. You may not have known about it, but it has been common practice for a long time — unless you use the paid G Suite service instead.

The good news is that it’s going to stop. Google is bringing free Gmail — which now boasts over 1.2 billion users worldwide — inline with G Suite later this year.

On the down side I’m now going to see ads things that do not even interest me, I suppose.

The Cult of Mac link is in the show notes


Story 3

After dispute with Apple, chip maker Imagination Technologies puts itself up for sale reports The Verge

Imagination Technologies, former chip designer for Apple, has announced today that it’s selling the entire company, initiating a formal sale process.

Its stock price is climbing rapidly following the news — the first positive growth it’s seen since Imagination’s fall out with Apple in April. The British-based company said in a press release that several parties had expressed interest in buying them over the past few weeks but “there can be no certainty that any offer will be made for Imagination.”

Despite the sale, Imagination says it remains in dispute with Apple.



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Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

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New Reviews this week


Story 4

Roof of Chicago’s North Michigan Ave. Apple Store resembles MacBook Air lid



Story 5

Reminder we heading to our 200th episode so start sending in your email questions.

There will be iTunes vouchers and some secret prizes to given away.

Even if you live overseas!!

A reminder June 29, 2007 was the release date of the first iPhone


Story 6

And speaking of celebrations June 29, 2007 was the release date of the first iPhone

It has almost doubled in price, almost doubled in screen size, has sold more than one billion times over, and has been crowned Australia’s most popular smartphone.

The Apple iPhone will turn 10 years old next week, and in that time it has revolutionised the telecommunications industry, the way we bank, navigate, shop, and send messages, and introduced the world to apps.

But, after a decade on the market, are we due for a major change?

And why is the price of smartphones rising while other gadgets get cheaper?

And more from the story, some other tidbits

2007 vs. now

    • 1.4 million iPhones sold vs. 211 million iPhones sold (2016)
    • $US649 for top model iPhone vs. $US969 for top model iPhone
    • 8GB top storage vs. 256GB top storage
    • 3.5-inch, 165 pixel-per-inch touchscreen vs. 5.5-inch, 401 ppi touchscreen
    • 2-megapixel camera with no video vs. 12-megapixel, dual-lens camera


    • Koi Pond: a $1.19 virtual fish app with interactive water animation
    • iBeer: this hugely popular app did nothing but simulate drinking a beer
    • Tap Tap Revenge: the free game had users tapping moving balls to music
    • Super Monkey Ball: Sega’s platform game featured 3D graphics
    • Remember the Milk: this to-do app was a hit but only available on a website


    • Blackbox: this innovative puzzle game won an Apple Design Award
    • Sweat: top workout and recipe app from Aussie Kayla Itsines
    • Apple Pay: Apple’s wireless wallet technology comes with the phone
    • Prisma: a powerful photo filter app that uses deep neural networks
    • Facetune: airbrushing, teeth-whitening. skin-smoothing controls for selfies

Full Story


USB keyboard, with number pad no longer available, superseded by the $180 magic

Public betas coming soon BUT be aware they are BETAs

How to 1

Copy and Paste between devices

We love this feature that arrived in macOS Sierra.

Universal Clipboard is an extension to the Continuity features introduced in Mac OS X El Capitan. With Universal Clipboard you can cut and copy items on your macOS and iOS devices, and paste them on to other devices.

This means you can copy and paste text, images, photos and even video between devices without having to resort to AirDropping or mailing them to yourself.

It’s a seamless process – if it doesn’t

work, check you have Bluetooth turned on on both your Mac and iPhone.

You just press (typo in original piece, said Control-C) Command-C on your Mac and then hold down and select Paste on your iPhone (or vice versa). So long as you’re logged in using the same Apple ID on both devices, it’ll work automatically.

While it’s not the most complex feature, we think that Universal Clipboard could be one of the most practical, and useful, new features introduced in macOS Sierra.

It doesn’t transfer the file across the internet. Instead it uses peer-to-peer sharing via Bluetooth (we suspect it’s similar to AirDrop).

thanks to macworld UK

How To 2 – this weeks email

Can I stop crap SMS Ads?

Block Spam SMS / Text Messages

Open Messages app

Open the conversation

Tap info  ~ the i in the circle

Tap the name or phone number

Scroll to the bottom of the Info screen, then tap Block this Caller.

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