Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 199

Show 199 – July 17, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Nick

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Apple’s Mac Sales Stagnant in Q2 2017 Amid Continuing Worldwide PC Market Decline

Apple’s Mac sales remained stagnant in the second quarter of 2017 compared to the year-ago quarter, according to new PC shipping estimates shared today by Gartner.

During the quarter, Apple shipped an estimated 4.24 million Macs worldwide, down from 4.26 million in the second quarter of 2016, for an estimated decline in growth of -0.4 percent. While sales were down slightly, market share was up. Apple held 6.9 percent of the market during the quarter, up from 6.7 percent a year ago. Apple is estimated to be the number four PC vendor in the world, edging out Asus, the company that held that position this time last year.

HP and Dell, the number one and number three worldwide PC vendors, respectively, saw shipment growth during the quarter. HP shipped an estimated 12.7 million PCs for 10.8 percent of the market (3.3 percent growth) while Dell shipped an estimated 9.6 million PCs for 15.6 percent of the market (1.4 percent growth). Lenovo, once the number one worldwide PC vendor, is now in second place after sales dropped from 13.3 million in Q2 2016 to 12.2 million in Q2 2017. Lenovo now holds 19.9 percent of the market and saw a -8.4 percent dip in growth.

full story link on MacRumors


Story 2

USB-C power etc

Why USB-C hubs are awkward


Device Choice



Story 3

‘Baby Driver’ cut in real time with Avid on Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro

Hit film Baby Driver was cut essentially in real time on set on a MacBook Pro, cutting way back on the need for expensive post-primary photography re-shoots.

In an account published by The Beat film editor Paul Machliss called heist film Baby Driver the “most difficult edit” and “the hardest job” that he’d ever worked on. Machliss set up a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro from before the 2016 relaunch to do the job actively on the set, to help assist with the tight choreography needed to sync the action with the heavily music-oriented action-filled script.



full story link on appleinsider


Story 4

Proposed Australian law forces tech companies to decrypt customer messages

The Australian government on Friday proposed a set of new cybersecurity measures that would compel technology companies like Apple to provide law enforcement agencies access to encrypted customer messages.

Currently, Australian law requires telephone companies aid in law enforcement operations by providing access to communications when obliged to do so via court order. According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the new law places the same requirements on tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google, which market messaging services with end-to-end encryption.

New UK law, dubbed the “Snooper’s Charter,” the act furnishes government agencies wide latitude with which to eavesdrop on suspected criminals. Provisions of the act allow UK agencies to carry out targeted and bulk data collection operations, equipment hacking, data and communications interception, decryption and more.

Unlike the Australian law, however, the UK Investigatory Powers Act does not require foreign companies to decrypt communications or participate in data collection procedures.

Australia’s Attorney-General George Brandis said he believes the new law can be implemented without building backdoors into encrypted platforms, a technique widely panned by service providers who the technique inherently weakens security. Apple, for instance, has long declined to build in backdoors to iMessage, iCloud and its other network offerings, citing consumer privacy concerns.

full story link on appleinsider



Aussie Tech Radio @

Aussie Tech Security Podcast


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

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New Reviews this week


Story 5

Amazon working on mobile messaging service to rival Apple Messages

Amazon last week began querying customers over potential features they would like to see included in a new mobile messaging platform called “Anytime,” which according to reports boasts text and video chat, voice calling, group tasks and social networking functionality.

full story link on appleinsider


Story 6

Reminder we heading to our 200th episode so start sending in your email questions.

There will be iTunes vouchers and some secret prizes to given away.

Even if you live overseas!!


Story 7

iOS 11 Will Expand Your iPhone’s NFC Capabilities Beyond Apple Pay in Several Ways

Apple at WWDC 2017 last month introduced Core NFC, a new iOS 11 framework that enables apps to detect Near Field Communication tags.

Similar to Apple Pay, iPhone users are prompted with a “Ready to Scan” dialog box. After holding the iPhone near an item with an NFC tag, a checkmark displays on screen if a product is detected. An app with Core NFC could then provide users with information about that product contained within the tag.

A customer shopping at a grocery store could hold an iPhone near a box of crackers, for example, and receive

detailed information about their nutritional values, price history, recipe ideas, and so forth. Or, at a museum, a visitor could hold an iPhone near an exhibit to receive detailed information about it.

Core NFC will expand the iPhone’s NFC chip capabilities beyond simply Apple Pay in several other ways.

Cybersecurity company WISeKey, for example, today announced that its CapSeal smart tag will now support iPhone thanks to Core NFC. CapSeal smart tags are primarily used for authentication, tracking, and anti-counterfeiting on products like wine bottles. Many other companies offer similar solutions.

full story on MacRumors


How to 1

Change Credit Card Issue

Customer was trying to change their Debit Card at Apple.

The could not remove the old card because their was a $3.00 outstanding purchase.

They could not add a new one because their was only $2 on it which was not enough to cover the outstanding either.


How To 2 – this weeks email



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