Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 212

Show 212 – October 23, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Open letter details ~ so far Aldi have replied to the email suggesting I ring a 1300 number. They could not answer the question and advised that I email feedback@aldi

Story 1

Apple Pay now works with Eftpos cards from ANZ in Australia

Apple Pay in Australia today has expanded to support Eftpos cards from ANZ Bank. The move was announced in a press release from Eftpos, while Apple has also updated the Australian version of its Apple Pay website to indicate the new support for Eftpos cards.

For retailers, this move means a much lower fee rate. In Australia, if a debit card is used via Apple Pay, there’s a roughly 0.55 percent fee to the merchant. Eftpos, however, drops this significantly to 0.15 percent. It essentially treats the Apple Pay transaction the same as if the customer paid normally using their Eftpos card.

Eftpos ANZ users can choose between either a Cheque or Savings account as well:

If you have both a Cheque and Savings account, with Apple Pay you can switch between them on your device with ease.

To change your account on iPhone, open the Wallet app, tap on your ANZ Access card, then choose the new account


Story 2


iPhone X goes on pre-order 6:01pm this Friday!

Choices are:-

Space Gray or Silver

64GB @ A$1579

256GB @ A$1829


Story 3

Using the Apple Store App

This might surprise you, but the Apple Store app is a surprisingly reliable way to make purchases and preorders through Apple. Buyers even report that the app is faster than Apple’s website for preordering during the heavy traffic.


    1. Open the app
    2. Tap Shop in the bottom menu
    3. Tap iPhone
    4. Tap iPhone X
    5. Tap iPhone X 5.8” display box middle of screen
    6. Slide to select colour
    7. Tap colour choice
    8. Tap 64Gb box or 256GB box
    9. Tap Add if you want AppleCare+ (A$299) [reminder glass Front AND Back]

You can Tap the heart – top right of screen in preparation

  • Tap Add to Bag
  • Keep trying – click Discover then Shop – back and forth
  • DON’T CLOSE the app as you will need to start again
  • Also if in front of your Mac go to – don’t forget the /au and do the process there as well
  • Remember keep refreshing till you get your order in.



Story 4

Vodaphone  ~  iPhone x ordering

From a Vodaphone rep

  1. expect delays
  2. start calling before 6.00pm on Friday – BUT you may get told to ring back
  3. be polite, all staff are expected on Friday night
  4. Vodaphone can pre-order for you on the call
  5. if on contract you can arrange for Vodaphone to call you
  6. if SIM only you need to do the call – make sure your payments are up to date


Story 5

Buying from Apple – interest free

When you go to the website – don’t forget the /au

way down the bottom of the page is a financing link

Here you can Apply now for personal finance or click a link for Business Finance

You can go through this process now so you have your Credit arranged before it is time to pre-order


Story 6

Tim Cook talks education, diversity, and more in interview with Chicago mayor

Apple this week opened its new flagship retail store in Chicago, and present at the opening were several Apple executives. Tim Cook, Angela Ahrendts, and Eddy Cue were all in attendance, giving interviews, taking selfies, and more. While there, Cook sat down with the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, for an in-depth interview on Emanuel’s podcast “Chicago Stories.”

The interview covers a wide-range of topics, including education, diversity and more. When talking about the new Chicago retail store, Cook explained that the city is a perfect match for the new flagship store due to its culture and artistic mindset:

“Chicago has an incredible, diverse community and there is a realization here that coding is important and we love that. We’re very much proponents of every child and every adult learning coding. There’s a great artists community, whether that’s visual or musicians or writing stoures.

We felt that over the time period and it felt like the natural place for us to go in and connect to the community and then with your personal leadership on the riverfront project. Finding this spots, I realise it didn’t look like this before and people were wondering ‘Oh, why are you going there?’ But we saw beauty there and we thought about what it could.

When you put all of those things together, it’s natural we should be here.”

Cook also touched on Apple’s work to make coding prevalent in colleges around the country, also noting of how Apple found that community colleges are more diverse than standard four-year institutions.

“What we found was that, as we started with community colleges, the community colleges are significantly more diverse than the four-year universities. It’s like night and day, honestly. And I mean gender diversity and ethnic diversity.”

The Apple CEO discussed Chicago’s small-town feeling, noting of how kind and inviting people are. Also that Tim Cook still gets his own coffee.

link to podcast



Aussie Tech Radio @

Aussie Tech Security Podcast


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

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New stories added this week


Story 7

Billboard shifting how it charts Apple Music and other streaming services next year

Billboard has announced that it will adjust how it weights and calculates streaming music starting in 2018. Changes will include more weight given for paid music services like Apple Music than ad-supported services.

In an article describing all of the changes to come, the company said “it is our goal at Billboard to accurately portray in an unbiased manner how music performs relative to other music.”

As we recently reported, music revenue is up 17% for the first half of the year thanks to streaming music, which made up over 60% of the revenue. With these trends, Billboard recognised the need to revisit how it weights the variety of digital music services.


Story 8

Tim Cook email claims Mac mini ‘important part’ of Apple’s product matrix

A MacRumors reader wrote to Cook, asking if there was “anything in the pipeline” regarding the Mac mini, that was last updated over three years ago.

Cook responded affirmatively, “while it is not time to share any details,” the product is still “an important part of the product line going forward.”


Michaels Thoughts

Monday night 23/10/17 there is a 

ABC Four Corners story on the woes of the NBN

There was an interview last week with the boss of the NBN re Speed Issues where he pointed out, if your streaming / downloads slow down say at the end of the school day it is because the ISP’s are not buying enough bandwidth for the various times of the day.

Remember the NBN supply the infrastructure NOT the end product. It is up to the ISP’s to buy / supply sufficient Bandwidth.

I confirmed this today with a phone call to NBNCO.


How To 2 – this weeks tech call out

Flickering mouse selection

Solved ~ it was the Down Arrow on the Keyboard sticking – sometimes

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