Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 213

Show 213 – October 30, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

So many good stories this week. Starting with

Story 1

Yes Yes Yes, I expect my iPhone X


I posted my story on our Aussie Mac Zone web and Facebook pages

At 6.05pm AEDT I got an email form Vodaphone re pre-ordering


Story 2

A doctor was asked to test an iPhone gadget and ended up diagnosing his own cancer

The Next Web reports, Earlier this year a vascular surgeon diagnosed his own cancer while testing out a new ultrasound gadget for his smartphone.

Dr. John Martin, who is not an oncologist, was tapped to test out the Butterfly iQ, a tiny ultrasound device designed to replace several bulkier, more expensive machines. When he noticed some discomfort in his throat, he decided to give himself a scan with it.

The resulting image, fed from the scanner to his iPhone, gave Martin the worst possible news in a clear and easy-to-read way: he had a mass and it looked cancerous.

Thanks to the Butterfly iQ and his iPhone, he’s since received treatment.

If it were just a “portable ultrasound” for iPhone that’d be mildly interesting, but this device doesn’t just miniaturise some tech to try and make a buck. It’s disruptive: it does things better than more expensive devices do.

link to the video and a good read


Story 3

US Insurer offers latest Apple Watch for US$25 – if you exercise

Signing up for life insurance might just be one of the cheapest ways to get a new Apple Watch Series 3 now.

John Hancock revealed today that it is offering all of its new and existing life insurance customers the opportunity to earn an Apple Watch Series 3 for $25. All you have to do is put in the exercise to work for it.

Instead of paying the full $359 price tag for the Apple Watch Series 3, John Hancock will give you one for an initial fee of $25. Then if you hit the monthly exercise goals your monthly installment plan fee is waived.


Story 4

A great story last week about Angela Ahrendts

It’s 11:30 p.m. on a Thursday, and Silicon Valley has gone quiet for the night. The streets are largely empty, the corporate campuses dark. But in a sea of vacant office parks, the lights are on in a squat and entirely un-noteworthy building in Sunnyvale, California — and the parking lot is packed full.

Inside, scores of Apple engineers are huddled around, chattering about server loads. A collection of monitors is mounted on the wall, flashing charts, numbers, and graphs. Preorders for Apple’s newly announced iPhone 8 are about to begin, and this is the company’s “war room” — mission control for a massive one-night retail operation that sees a deluge of sales. Everyone is dressed comfortably for an all-nighter, yellow security bands on their wrists — everyone, that is, except Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail. She’s running the show.

At midnight, the war room’s server activity chart ticks abruptly from green to red under a flood of incoming iPhone orders. On the wall, blinking red lights begin flashing across a digital world map with a concentrated flurry of activity in China and South Asia. Then a cheer erupts. Someone from the merchandising team made the winning bet on transactions per second. Apple won’t disclose how many orders came through that night (the company hasn’t published actual preorder numbers for the past two years). But it’s a lot.

Ahrendts remains in the trenches until 3 a.m., floating between the groups, making sure everyone is fired up, like a politician on election night. She smiles and shakes hands the whole time.


Story 5

Apple email – it’s Melbourne International Games Week! To celebrate, here’s some great games developed in Australia and New Zealand.

The week’s best stories – was the title of the email sent to me


Story 6

More good news relating to Australia

Australian company Cochlear has teamed up with Apple to release the world’s first cochlear implant sound processor made for iPhone.

The Nucleus 7 sound processor will allow users to stream sounds directly to their Cochlear implant from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

So I have to advise that

  1. We have friends that work at Cochlear and
  2. A family member just got one of the implants because his hearing aid on that side never worked for him


Story 7

More good news relating to our region – Apple buys New Zealand-based wireless charging company PowerbyProxi

The Verge reports, Apple has acquired a little-known wireless charging company called PowerbyProxi for an undisclosed sum, according to a report from New Zealand-based news site The company, founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Fady Mishriki as a spin-out venture from the University of Auckland, specializes in small, Qi standard-compliant modules that allow wireless power transfer to larger devices like robots, drones, and medical equipment.

Apple confirmed the acquisition to in a rare move for the iPhone maker, which typically issues a recycled statement that neither confirms nor denies an acquisition has taken place. Apple, in a statement from the company’s senior vice president of hardware engineering Dan Riccio, says the “team will be a great addition as Apple works to create a wireless future.”



Aussie Tech Radio @

Aussie Tech Security Podcast


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

(remind ~ how to Favourite)

New stories added this week

Also we are now on Spotify – just search Aussie Mac Zone


Story 8

Woolworths Rewards offering Google Home Mini or points

Spend $230 / week for 2 weeks

Like a Google Home Mini OR 10,000 bonus points – that was my choice on the email


Story 9

AND NOW 2 sobering news stories to be aware of

1/  Our once thought to be safe wireless encryption wpa2 has been cracked so your data is reachable by someone who can see your wireless network. So NOT by someone on the other side of the world. See if your router manufacture has updated Firmware to install.  I’m trying to write a how-to article about the issue and resolve it BUT the story keeps changing.

2/  The Daily Mail Australia reports, Cyber criminals can use iPhone apps to secretly turn on your front or back camera at any time, a security expert has warned.

Google engineer Felix Krause was able to build an app that silently takes a picture of its user every second and then uploads them to the internet.

He said the issues is a ‘privacy loophole that can be abused by iOS apps’.

The only safe way to protect yourself from the hack is using camera covers, which can be bought online, though a simple sticky note will suffice.

You can also revoke camera access for all apps and always use the built-in camera app to avoid being caught out.

Once granted, this permission can only be revoked via the settings menu.

link to story & video

Read more: 


How To 1

So on that note 

on your iOS devices

  1. Settings
  2. Privacy
  3. Camera
  4. UN-check the apps that you have given permission to access camera – In my case StockCheck – for reading Barcodes or Translate – for taking pictures of signs / menu when traveling AND 19 others


How To 2

How to use external storage with Files app on iPad or iPhone

Cult of Mac asks us, Did you ever hold your iPhone in one hand, and a USB hard drive in the other, and look back and forth between them, muttering “Why, oh why?” Well, today we have good news for you. You still can’t hook them together with a wire, but with one app you can browse all kinds of external storage devices right from iOS 11’s new Files app.

Hard drive hooked up to your Time Capsule? Check. USB storage connected to your fancy router? Check. Home network storage devices that work great but have really hideous iOS apps to access them? Check. With this tip, you can put any of these in your Files app’s sidebar using the excellent FileBrowser app.

FileBrowser is a neat app that’s been around forever, but has suddenly become a whole lot more useful in iOS 11. It connects to pretty much any kind of network storage, including but not limited to the following:

Network-attached storage.

Wireless SD cards.

Your computer.

Any drive attached to your computer.

WebDAV, FTP and other remote storage.

If you’re wondering whether you can connect to something with FileBrowser, the answer is “Probably.” You can also stream movies directly from these external sources, view photos, and copy files in and out of other apps. FileBrowser has done all that for a while.

But in iOS 11, it puts all of this into the Files app’s sidebar. By adding itself as a source, in the same way that Dropbox or Google Drive add themselves, FileBrowser puts any and all of your external storage devices right there on your iPad. You can drag-and-drop files, open files in other apps, and treat these external drives just like they were on your iPad or iPhone.

It cost AU$9.99

full read

Disclaimer – this is not a paid advert just someone using a good app

3 other stories we will link to in the show notes as we are running out of time – but quick comments

Thank to our listeners, sponsors & supporters

iPad Pro from a college student’s perspective

Apple has Netflix and Amazon in sights as it hires British TV executive

Walmart working w/ Apple to broaden its Mac rollout, citing lower support costs than PCs

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