Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 216

Show 216 – November 20, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Open letter details ~ so far Aldi have replied to the email suggesting I ring a 1300 number. They could not answer the question and advised that I email feedback@aldi

Reminder, anyone wanting to co-host Aussie Mac Zone please email

Story 1

What the Hell, Apple delaying HomePod smart speaker launch until next year!

Apple’s statement reads, “We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers. We’ll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018.”

Does that mean that the iPhone X and 8s are such winners that Apples limited manufacturing is all tied up??


Story 2

iOS 11.2 released

Now iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Xphones will charge at 7.5 watts, up from 5, using Qi wireless charging. Of course the charger has to 7.5 watts capable, some are not, so be mindful when shopping!

Also 11.2 has fixed the iPhone not working due to severe cold temp drop.

Apparently it had to do with the algorithms for the display, ie your palm resting on the display, etc


Story 3

Apple Maps now advising me in words, use right turn lane

Not sure when this started


Story 4

November 16, This Week in Apple history: Steve Jobs secures Macintosh name

November 16, 1982: Intent on calling Apple’s upcoming personal computer the “Macintosh,” Steve Jobs pens an impassioned plea to audio company McIntosh Laboratory asking permission to use the name.

You probably know how the resulting discussions ultimately turned out!

The McIntosh?

Before the iPhone, the Macintosh was Apple’s most iconic product name. The only problem? Back in the early 1980s, Apple didn’t actually own the name: It belonged to high-end audio equipment maker McIntosh Laboratory.

Originally, Apple planned to spell the Macintosh as McIntosh, since the name was a reference to project creator Jef Raskin‘s favourite cultivar of apple. Raskin chose to name the project after a fruit because he thought giving computers female names was sexist.

However, knowledge of the possible trademark conflict with McIntosh caused him to change the spelling to “Macintosh.”

Raskin’s vision for the Mac differed greatly from Jobs’. Right from the start, Raskin wanted to build a computer that was affordable to everyone. Jobs wanted a computer that would be the best in its category, regardless of price.

The two opposing goals had been on a collision course since September 1979, but the one thing Jobs and Raskin could agree on — the name — looked like something neither man was capable of getting.

Procuring the McIntosh name wasn’t a case of Apple just throwing some money at a much smaller company to buy its intellectual property. At the time, Apple was a much smaller company than it is today. And McIntosh Labs was a known entity to many customers.

Steve Jobs strikes a deal with McIntosh Laboratory


Apple bought the name Macintosh from a maker of high-end audio equipment.

Photo: McIntosh

McIntosh Laboratory produced handcrafted audio gear from its office in New York. The company was best known for its hi-fi systems’ black glass front panels; a high-power, low-distortion amplifier; and an iconic logo.

In his letter, Jobs — himself a noted audiophile — wrote to McIntosh President Gordon Gow, saying: “We have become very attached to the name Macintosh. Much like one’s own child, our product has developed a very definite personality.”

Had Gow not gone for Jobs’ respectful overture, a backup plan by Apple may have seen the computer renamed the “MAC,” standing for “Mouse-Activated Computer.” (Some people joked it actually stood for “Meaningless Acronym Computer.”)

Fortunately, Gow proved willing to talk. McIntosh eventually granted Apple the rights to use the name “Macintosh” after a cash settlement. The price reportedly fell between $100,000 and “significantly higher.”

Apple eventually released the Macintosh computer in 1984. The branding continues today, albeit in the shortened “Mac” form for iMac, MacBook and macOS.


Story 5

November 18, This Week in Apple history: Apple introduces its biggest iMac G4 yet

The introduction makes an already superb Mac even better. Somehow, though, the additional screen real estate makes the new Mac weigh twice as much as the 17-inch model.

The iMac G4 first shipped in early 2002, making the 20-incher a relatively late addition to the product line. (Apple discontinued the G4 line the following August.) Because of this, the main difference with the 20-inch model was the screen size rather than fundamental hardware changes.

That massive LCD screen proved a joy to behold. It offered an impressive 1680-by-1050 resolution. Still, it’s amusing to reflect on a time when Apple’s biggest regular Mac display was smaller than either of today’s two iMac screen sizes.

Both the preceding stories thanks to Cult of Mac


Story 6

I am sorry this is a week late, Apple Expands ‘Everyone Can Code’ Initiative to Students Around the World

Apple today announced that its “Everyone Can Code” initiative is being expanded to more than 20 colleges and universities outside of the United States. RMIT in Australia, is one, of many schools that will teach Apple coding classes.

All participating schools will offer Apple’s App Development with Swift Curriculum, which is a full-year coding course designed by Apple engineers and educators. The course aims to teach students how to code and design apps for the App Store, and it is open to students of all levels and backgrounds.



Story 7

Former Apple photo guru releases powerful iPhone camera app

Again Cult of Mac reports, A “Gentleman Coder”, thats the business name by the way,  who is the former director of the Apple photo apps teams has launched an IOS app for the photographer who prefers to shoot RAW images.

RAW Power for iOS hit the App Store this week from software company Gentlemen Coders LLC, which was founded by Nik Bhatt. His 14-year stint in Cupertino included being Senior Director of Engineering for the Aperture and iPhoto teams and later the Chief Technical Officer of the Photo Apps group.

A RAW image is an unprocessed photograph containing raw data recorded by a digital camera’s sensor. A RAW image provides a photographer greater latitude in adjusting exposure, white balance, and colour. JPEGS are compressed files and any adjustments made can affect the quality of the image.

So this is out of my league, but the full story is in the link in our Show Notes at Aussie Mac Zone .com .au



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Story 8

Apple Watch helps save kitesurfer in shark infested waters

Cult of Mac reports, An Apple Watch user claims his Apple wearable device helped save his life after he was stranded a mile off the California cost in great white shark infested waters, while kitesurfing.

“I was really surprised that I had a strong signal, so I called my kids, and said ‘don’t worry, I crashed and I’m swimming to shore, and will be home late. I then called my son back, and asked him to send me the number of the Coast Guard, just in case.”

He then called the Coast Guard to rescue hime, and again to say “Hey I’m over here, when he could see they were looking for him”


One little weird thing with my iPhone X

My Photos have weird numbers. So you know how 2 photos taken seconds apart would be ####.jpg and ####(+1).jpg.  Now I’m getting ####.jpg and ####(+varies).jpg.  Have not seen this reported anywhere else!


How To 1

How to stop the little ones changing apps

In accessibility is Guided Access

1/ Enter Settings app

2/ Tap General

3/ Choose Accessibility

4/ Scroll to Guided Access and Slide On

5/ Tap Passcode, enter code

6/ exit Settings and Open the app, say YouTube Kids, you want to lock

7/ Triple-click the Home Button

8/ Circle any areas of the screen to make inaccessible

9/ Lastly, Tap Start at the top

This is also good for stopping others ACCIDENTALLY changing apps if you use an iPad as an ordering system at a Restaurant, etc


How To 2

2 Simple Time Savers

1/ The Compass app has a Spirit Level, just Swipe to the right.

Great for hanging pictures.

2/ Rarely, but sometimes, your iDevice will slow down, Try this.

Unlock your iDevice.

Hold the Power button (top or side, depends on model) till ‘slide to power off’ appears.

Now hold down the Home button for about 5 seconds, until the Home Screen re-appears.

Done – you should have a noticeably quicker iDevice

Thank to our listeners, sponsors & supporters

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