Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 226

Show 226 – February 26, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Rambling

Story 1

Reminder. It is important that if you buy a second had Mac or iDevice…..

that you enter your iCloud username and password ASAP, and preferably while your paying for the unit.

Because if that person chooses to they can lock or remote wipe your new unit.

A Google employee realised that this week because he had not taken the iMac, he had sold 3 years ago, off his ‘My Devices’ list in iCloud and the new owner had not registered it as theirs in iCloud.


Story 2

Goldman Sachs: Apple is primed for a much bigger acquisition than $3 billion Beats

Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall and his team initiated coverage of Apple with a February 6 note which argues the company is now primed for a larger Mergers & Acquisitions move than the company is used to.

When Apple acquires other companies, it tends to do small “tuck-in” or “acquihire” deals, in which it buys small teams or nascent technologies and apps. Apple tends not to do blockbuster buyouts of household-name companies valued in the multiple billions of dollars. Its largest-ever acquisition was Beats, the headphones company, at $3 billion.

But that might be about to change, due to the Trump corporate tax cut, according to Goldman’s Hall. The tax cut allows Apple to bring back to the US up to $252 billion in cash at a much lower tax rate than previously. After settling a $17 billion tax bill in Ireland, and paying the new, lower US tax bill, Apple will have an M&A war chest of about $200 billion available, the Goldman team says:

“We see capacity for several cash usage scenarios including an increased buyback (GSe $192bn over FY18-FY20), a higher dividend payout, and larger, more meaningful M&A, all of which could be positive events for the stock.”

“… Based on Apple’s anticipated $38bn repatriation tax payment, we expect the company to repatriate almost all of its $252bn in overseas cash. After also accounting for the company’s $17bn Irish tax settlement bill, Apple still has nearly $200bn of repatriated cash which provides significant capacity for buybacks, dividend increases and M&A. On M&A in particular, Apple’s ability to unlock it’s significant overseas cash balance likely provides potential for larger acquisitions than the company’s historical preference for tuck-in deals.”


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Story 3

Apple Files New Trademark Application for Classic ‘Rainbow’ Logo

Apple has applied for a new U.S. trademark for its famous multicolour logo for use on apparel, reports The Blast. The Apple filing was processed in December by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Reporting and Monitoring System (TRAM), and is now being considered for approval.

The description of the mark in the filing is of “an apple with a bite removed, with a detached leaf in green, and the apple divided into horizontal coloured segments of the following colours (from top to bottom): green, yellow, orange, red, violet and blue”.




Story 4

And still on the subject of Trademarks, Apple Files Major Apple TV Logo Trademark Update Focused on All-Things related to Gaming, Including a Video Game Console

Apple’s Trademark filing 87801324 filed last Friday and published today by USPTO was filed solely under international class 028 which specifically covers the following:

“video game consoles; controllers for game consoles; video output games, namely, video output game machines for use with televisions; apparatus for electronic games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor.”

This is a significant update that has to be taken seriously. Bringing a whole new level of gaming to Apple TV could be another twist coming to Apple TV in addition to a video content service driven by Apple Worldwide Video.

If such a twist ever surfaces it would differentiate Apple’s subscription service against Netflix and others. Apple Music + Apple Video + Apple Gaming could be a strong contender in a crowded field.


Story 5

Apple updates Human Interface Guidelines w/ new details & tips for ARKit

Apple today has updated its Human Interface Guidelines for augmented reality to reflect the new features introduced in ARKit 1.5, which comes as part of iOS 11.3. The new guidelines cover things such as support for vertical surfaces, objects that are placed offscreen, and more.

First off, Apple encourages developers to “guide people towards offscreen virtual objects.” The company explains that it can be difficult for users to locate an object that’s not position onscreen, and thus indicators could help users navigate to those objects easier:

Consider guiding people toward offscreen virtual objects. It can sometimes be hard to locate an object that’s positioned offscreen. If it seems like the user is having trouble finding an offscreen object, consider offering visual or audible cues. For example, if an object is offscreen to the left, you could show an indicator along the left edge of the screen so the user knows to aim the camera in that direction.

Apple’s updated Human Interface Guidelines include a host new details for “Reacting to Imagery in the User’s Environment.” This section helps developers enhance their augmented reality experiences by using “known imagery in the user’s environment to trigger the appearance of virtual content.”

For instance, Apple says an app could recognise posters for a sci-fi film and “then have virtual spaceships emerge from the posters and fly around the environment.” It’s certainly sounds like a pretty cool feature


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Story 6

Apple offers look at the development of Portrait Lighting camera feature in new video

Apple this week shared a new video offering a look into the development process that led to the creation of the Portrait Lighting feature on iPhone X. The video shows how Apple used the “art of portraiture” to come up with the technology…

Apple’s description for the video:

Take a look behind the iPhone X and discover the process we went through to create Portrait Lighting.

We studied the art of portraiture from paintings to photographs. We worked with global image makers and the world’s best photographers, combing timeless lighting principles with advanced machine learning, to create an iPhone that takes studio-quality portraits without the studio.

Also New iPhone selfies advert with help from Mohamed Ali


How To 1

If using a windows server 2003 you need Windows Remote Desktop v8 NOT 10 to connect from your Mac

How to 2

Hidden Wallpapers, Man!

Search “Default Collections” in Spotlight and you’ll find a folder chock-full of wallpapers that don’t show up in the wallpapers section of System Preferences

How to 3

Transform an older Mac

A couple of weeks ago I replaced a 500Gb Apple Hard Drive in a 2014 Mac mini with a SSD Drive.  The customer rang me today to say how much it has transformed the machine.

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