Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 231

Show 231 – April 2, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Zarn, Garth & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Rambling

Story 1

The Apple Education Event 

We all got a new iPad, with pencil support, and an iWork update out of the event.

And more time to speculate about whats coming, when!

I think also watching the event there is a true commitment to the education sector!


Story 2

Apple launches iOS 11.3 with raft of privacy features

Sensing opportunity – and good PR – the Silicon Valley company launches major data protection push across devices.

Apple is launching a major privacy push, with software updates across all its devices to introduce new data privacy information immediately, with an updated website offering new privacy management tools to follow in May.

Last Thursday’s updates (macOS 10.13.4, iOS11.3 and tvOS 11.3) are prompted by the enormous new European data protection regulation GDPR, and have been in the works since at least January. But they come at a good time for the company, whose head Tim Cook has been merrily capitalising on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, publicly rebuking Mark Zuckerberg over the social network’s business model.

For users of the company’s devices, the biggest change will be the introduction of a unified data privacy iconography, which now shows up alongside detailed information about how Apple uses personal data for its various first-party services. “Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right,” the company will tell every user the first time they turn on their devices after the update, “so every Apple product is designed to minimise the collection and use of your data, use on-device processing whenever possible, and provide transparency and control over your information”.

Although the new features are prompted by GDPR, they are rolling out to users worldwide, and the company proudly notes that it has not had to change any of its software to comply with the new regulations. Unlike competitors such as Google, who operate on the principle that large scale data collection bestows an advantage in areas such as machine learning and transport planning, Apple has repeatedly argued that it has a responsibility to minimise data collection.

Speaking on Wednesday, Cook said “We could make a ton of money if we monetised our customers, if our customers were our product … We’ve elected not to do that. We’re not going to traffic in your personal life. Privacy to us is a human right, a civil liberty.”

In May, shortly before GDPR takes effect, Apple will also update its website to make it easier for users to exercise four key rights granted by the regulation: getting a copy of their data; requesting a correction to their data; deactivating their accounts; and deleting their accounts.

The company sees an opportunity to distinguish from competitors there too: deactivation, in particular, is a much stronger implementation than in other platforms. It removes the user’s information from all aggregated data stores, isolating their accounts but stopping short of deleting them.

Reminder also in iOS 11.3 you can turn off Battery Throttling


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Story 3

Apple’s plan to put health records on your phone has huge implications for medicine, in the US.

Apple announced on Thursday that it has expanded its health records product to 40 health systems and 300 hospitals, and it’s opening it up to all iOS users.

That’s rapid growth, but what matters the most is the mission underlying the software.

And that’s the revolutionary notion of empowering patients with their own health information.

Apple wants to bring consumers’ medical information, like lab tests and immunizations, to its iPhone, and now 40 health systems have agreed to step up and help.

The willingness of health care institutions to work with Apple is a big deal, given the slow pace of change in medicine relative to other sectors. But what’s more important about Apple’s moves into the space is the mission behind it.

“Doctors put patients in charge,” Apple’s news release reads.

“We view the future as consumers owning their own health data,” Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, said in a recent interview with CNBC.

It might not seem like it, but that’s a truly revolutionary idea.

That’s because for years, patients have been putting doctors in charge — and not the other way around. And the system has encouraged it.

MS ~ I would think this is ready to rollout in Australia now, especially based on our Federal Governments push to centralise Australians health records.


Story 4

Victim’s Apple Watch data leads to arrest in Australian murder case

While we’ve heard some neat stories about how Apple Watch has saved lives, the wearable is also making a difference in solving crimes. Apple Watch data has become key evidence in an Australian murder investigation and has resulted in an arrest.

Reported by Daily Mail via Venture Beat, Myrna Nilsson was murdered in her home back in September of 2016. Originally, Mynra’s daughter-in-law, Caroline Nilsson told police that Myrna “was attacked by a group of men who had forced their way into the property after a road rage incident.”

However, Myrna was wearing an Apple Watch at the time of the incident and the data has become key evidence in the case. Carmen Matteo, the prosecutor in the case, told the court that the daughter-in-law’s story was “demonstrably false and the home invasion crime scene had been fabricated.”

Ms Matteo said a forensic expert had analysed the dead woman’s Apple smartwatch and had narrowed the time from when she was attacked to when she died to a seven-minute window.

Another piece of Caroline’s story that the data conflicted with was an alleged argument Myrna had with the attackers.

The prosecutor said if those timings were accepted then it contradicted statements from the accused that her mother-in-law had been involved in an argument with her attackers for about 20 minutes.

The Apple Watch data was able to confirm an ‘ambush-type’ attack and Caroline Nilsson has now been charged with killing her mother-in-law. While Caroline had previously been named as a suspect, the Apple Watch data is what moved the court to charge her with murder.

For the defence attorney’s part, he said that Caroline would be denying the charge. She will return to court in June.


Story 5

Apple releases iTunes 12.7.4 with new ‘Music Videos’ section for Apple Music users

Early today, Apple started rolling out a new Music Videos section to the Music app on iOS. The feature acts as a home for music videos for Apple Music subscribers, aggregating the best and most recent video content. Now, the new Music Video section is coming to desktop with iTunes 12.7.4

Apple this evening has released iTunes 12.7.4 to users, bringing the new Music Video section to the desktop. Apple touts that this makes for a “new music video experience for Apple Music.

You can access the new Music Videos interface by heading to the Browse tab and choosing the “Music Videos” banner along the top. Here, you’ll find content that is exclusive to Apple Music, such as new videos from Beck and A Tribe Called Quest, as well as playlists, genres, and other new content.

Apple describes it:

“iTunes now includes a new music video experience for Apple Music. Find what’s new and popular in Music Videos within Browse, and play videos back-to-back with exclusive music video playlists.”

Just while we are on Music

The first HomePod software update is now available, AirPlay 2 is not available with this release and we haven’t noticed any changes yet.

The new software update comes alongside iOS 11.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. HomePod can be updated automatically or prompted through the Home app after updating to iOS 11.3.


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How To 1

Safari OS X Shortcuts ~ expanding on Garths List

OPTION + Arrow: Scroll page by a screenful, minus a small overlap.

COMMAND + Up Arrow: Scroll to top left corner of a web page.

COMMAND + Down Arrow: Scroll to bottom left corner of a web page.

Page Up: Scroll page up by a screenful, minus a small overlap.

Page Down: Scroll page down by a screenful, minus a small overlap.

HOME: Scroll to top left corner of a web page.

COMMAND + HOME: Go to your Homepage.

COMMAND + SHIFT + H: Go to your Homepage.

END: Scroll to bottom left corner of a web page.

SPACEBAR: Scroll page down by a screenful, minus a small overlap.

DELETE: Go back.

SHIFT + DELETE: Go forward.

COMMAND + Link on a web page: Opens the selected link in a new window.

COMMAND + SHIFT + Link on a web page: Opens the selected link in a new window, behind the current window.

OPTION + Link on a web page: Download a file.

COMMAND + A: Select all.

COMMAND + B: Show/Hide Favorites.

COMMAND + C: Copy.

COMMAND + D: Add a Bookmark.

COMMAND + E: Use current selection for Find.

COMMAND + F: Find.

COMMAND + G: Find next.

COMMAND + H: Hide Safari.

COMMAND + J: Advance to selection.

COMMAND + L: Open location.

COMMAND + M: Minimize.

COMMAND + N: Open new window.

COMMAND + O: Open file.

COMMAND + P: Print.

COMMAND + Q: Quit Safari.

COMMAND + R: Reload page.

COMMAND + S: Save As.

COMMAND + T: Show/Hide address toolbar.

COMMAND + V: Paste.

COMMAND + W: Close.

COMMAND + Z: Undo.

COMMAND + SHIFT + D: Add Bookmark to menu.

COMMAND + SHIFT + G: Find previous.

COMMAND + SHIFT + P: Page setup.


COMMAND + OPTION + A: Activity.

COMMAND + OPTION + B: Show all Bookmarks.

COMMAND + OPTION + D: Show/Hide Apple Dock.

COMMAND + OPTION + E: Empty Cache.

COMMAND + OPTION + F: Google Search.

COMMAND + OPTION + L: Downloads.

COMMAND + OPTION + M: Mark page for SnapBack.

COMMAND + OPTION + P: SnapBack to Page.

COMMAND + OPTION + S: SnapBack to Search.

COMMAND + OPTION + V: View Source in TextEdit.

COMMAND + 1: Load first bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 2: Load second bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 3: Load third bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 4: Load fourth bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 5: Load fifth bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 6: Load sixth bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 7: Load seventh bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 8: Load eighth bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + 9: Load ninth bookmark in Bookmarks Toolbar.

COMMAND + ?: Load Safari Help.

COMMAND + ,: Load Preferences.

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