Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 240

Show 240 – June 04, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Just a short one to cover off the news in preparation for our Special WWDC18 show tomorrow night

Story 1

Woman found guilty of distracted driving despite claiming she was checking the time on her Apple Watch

A driver is being hit with districted driving charges in Canada due to her use of Apple Watch while behind the wheel. While the driver claims she was just checking the time, a judge ruled that using Apple Watch while driving is no different than using a smartphone.

The driver was stopped at a red light when a police officer noticed “the glow of an electronic device” in her car. The stoplight then turned green, and the two cars in front of her moved forward, but she remained stationary until the cop shone a light in her car. The cop then proceeded to pull her over and give her a ticket.

Despite the broad claims made about the Apple Watch and the “cellphone taped to a wrist” comment, the deciding factor in this case is seemingly Amrbose’s delayed response to the light change and the cop’s testimony that she was repeatedly looking down at the device


Story 2

macOS 10.13.5 now available for Mac, includes Messages in iCloud 

The macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 update improves the stability, performance, and security of your Mac and is recommended for all users.

This update adds support for Messages in iCloud, which lets you store messages with their attachments in iCloud and free up space on your Mac. To enable Messages in iCloud, go to Preferences in Messages, click Accounts, then select “Enable Messages in iCloud”.

Messages in iCloud can be turned on from the preferences section of the Messages app: Preferences → Accounts → Enable Messages in iCloud.

Once enabled, Messages in iCloud has a few benefits. If you delete a message from your Mac, it will disappear from all Macs, iPhones, and iPads running the latest software update. The other benefit is all message history will appear when setting up a new Mac from scratch. This previously required restoring your Mac from a backup.


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Story 3

Philips Hue Sync now available for Mac, app syncs lighting to games, videos, and music

First announced back at CES in January, Philips is releasing its new Philips Hue Sync app for both Mac and PC today. The new macOS utility lets you sync Hue smart light colors and effects to games, video, and music playing from Mac.


Story 4

Apple Releases iOS 11.4 with AirPlay 2, Messages in iCloud, and More

Today Apple released iOS 11.4, likely the final major release for the operating system before its successor, iOS 12, reaches the public in September. The update includes two major features that were originally revealed last June as iOS 11 features, but were later delayed: AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud.

All the Rest

Resuming Playback in Podcasts. Imitating the recent Smart Resume feature in Marco Arment’s Overcast, the way Apple Podcasts handles resumed playback has been tweaked in iOS 11.4. Now, when a podcast is resumed after being paused, rather than starting immediately where you left off, it will begin a few seconds before that to help refresh users on the context of what they last heard.

PRODUCT(RED) Wallpaper. Last month Apple released a special (PRODUCT)RED version of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which came with an exclusive wallpaper option. In iOS 11.4, users who have any color 8 or 8 Plus now have access to that wallpaper for the first time.

Today Widget Tweaks. One minor change that may go otherwise unnoticed is that now when you open the Today view on your device – by swiping right either on your Home screen or Lock screen – rather than landing at the top of your widgets like before, iOS will instead take you to the last place you left off inside the Today view. Interestingly though, where you access the Today view from matters: a separate saved view is preserved for access that happens from both the Home screen and Lock screen, so if from the Home screen you last viewed the middle area of your widgets, that’s where you’ll be taken next time, but if you access the Today view from your Lock screen instead, you’ll be taken to the last widget area you viewed from the Lock screen. 


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