Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 241

Show 241 – June 11, 2018
Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1
Well what a week last week was.  The WWDC18 appears to have been a success.

Lets start with the Apple Design Award Winners

Agenda – A new take on notes
iTranslate Converse
Triton Sponge
Mountains (Melbourne, Australia)
Playdead’s INSIDE
Alto’s Odyssey

Story 2
The AR Gaming Lounge

This year, entering through the front doors dropped you not only into the main lobby but right in from of the new AR Game Lounge.

Apple didn’t just introduce ARKit 2.0 with shared experiences at WWDC 2018, the company built a sample Swiftshot slingshot game and set up three tables for developers to try it out.

More and more challenging layouts were added to the game over the course of the week as well, and the lines of developers waiting to try it out were often long.

Each player got an iPad to “see” into the AR game world and an Apple staff member had a third game pad to broadcast the world onto a TV so everyone could enjoy the action.

It made the sample code into a sample experience and one that sold the potential of AR gaming in a way not simple presentation ever could.

Winners of the slingshot game got an ARKit pin for their collections. The winner of the final tournament on the final day got the whole collection.

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Story 3

During WWDC18 one developer wrote an iPhone app that lets you control your iPhone with your eyes  – Look at a button to select it and Blink to press it


Story 4
Multiple faces for Face ID, and Face ID for iPad

A few quick tidbits about Face ID have come out over the past day: First up, a report from 9to5Mac that says Face ID in the iOS 12 beta includes an option to “Set Up An Alternative Appearance.”

While the phrasing of that feature is a little bit odd, the supposition is that it will allow two separate people to access a single device via Face ID. That would fix one of the most annoying issues with Face ID, which is that if you want somebody else to have access to your phone (a partner, for example, or a child) you need to tell them your passcode.
This leads directly into another tidbit: developer Guilherme Rambo uncovered the UI for Face ID in the iPad build of iOS 12, lending credence that a tablet with the feature might appear later this year.

And, to bring it all together, people are far more likely to share an iPad than an iPhone, so allowing multiple people to use Face ID on the tablet would be a must.
Story 5

macOS Mojave ~ The Final Version to Support 32-Bit Apps.

During the State of the Union presentation, Apple confirmed that Mojave will be the last version of macOS to support 32-bit apps. When a user tries to open a 32-bit app, Mojave currently displays a one-time warning that the app will not work in future versions of macOS.


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Story 6

watchOS5 Highlights

Device compatibility. Sorry, Series 0 Apple Watch owners: no watchOS 5 for you—you’ll need at least a Series 1 or better.

These are scammers trying to get your details

After iOS 11 introduced a fully customisable Control Centre, Apple Watch owners immediately put that feature on their watchOS wishlists, and fortunately we didn’t have to wait long. While Control Centre in watchOS 5 isn’t quite as customisable as its iOS counterpart – you can’t disable any of its options – it does allow you to rearrange all its toggles to your heart’s content thanks to a new Edit button.

Several years into its life, the Apple Watch is still the most painful Apple device to download updates for. One new feature in watchOS 5 that will hopefully help alleviate the pain is overnight updates. Little is known about this feature because it doesn’t appear to be present in the current beta?
Story 7

macOS Mojave

Mail improvements. Mail now has better support for entering emoji, including an emoji button. And Mail also suggests what folder you might want to file a selected message in.

Custom save location for screenshots. Screenshots is one of those features that’s gotten almost no attention in the history of macOS/OS X/Mac OS X, so it’s nice to see it get some love here. Among the other improvements to Apple’s screenshots is the ability to set a custom save location.

This week in Apple History
Switcher Campaign Starts ~ In 2002 Apple’s somewhat famous Switcher campaign was launched. The Switcher campaign featured interviews of people who had Switched to the Mac, and why they had Switched. Whether or not the campaign was an actual success (see below), this campaign got lots of people talking about the Mac, and caused Microsoft to post its own, falsified Switcher stories. That’s funny stuff.   re the switcher story

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