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Show 247 – July 23, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Garth (sick), Zarn & Michael

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Story 1

China looks to increase advanced manufacturing by supplying OLED displays to Apple

9to5Mac reports ~ Apple currently relies exclusively on Samsung for its supply of OLED displays for the iPhone X. According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, however, China is pushing to become a supplier of OLED displays to Apple as part of its efforts to increase advanced manufacturing…

The report says that BOE Technology Group is seeking to supply Apple with OLED displays for future iPhone models. Currently, BOE supplies displays for the iPad and MacBook and is the number one supplier of large LCD screens.

BOE is currently the only Chinese display company that supplies Apple and is controlled by the Beijing city government. For Apple, this means choosing BOE as a supplier would help it stay on good terms with the Chinese government. The move would also help China as it competes with Japan and South Korea in advanced manufacturing.

If it succeeds, BOE will not only prove its manufacturing prowess with a technically challenging product, but also will score a big win for China in its race to catch up to South Korea and Japan in advanced display-screen manufacturing.

Buying display screens from BOE, which is controlled by the Beijing city government and whose biggest shareholders are state-linked companies, could help Apple stay in China’s good graces—as long as BOE can meet Apple’s high bar for quality.


Story 2

Apple loses Siri’s last co-founder

Fifty-nine-year-old Tom Gruber, the last of three Siri co-founders at Apple, reportedly retired from his role as head of Siri’s Advanced Development group. Google’s former head of AI and search, John Giannandrea, was hired last week to adopt and improve the voice assistant. Hopefully, this new parent can develop Siri into a more expansive and accurate voice assistant (kind of like what Giannandrea did with Google Assistant).


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Story 3

New Aussie emoji coming

Apple has announced that 70 new emoji are coming!

Some with distinct Aussie feel


  Lyre Bird – Michael was wrong

  Mango ~ Fruit lovers from Queensland will also be thrilled with news a mango has been added to the food section. Its addition follows a social media campaign #mangoemojiplease that was funded by Aussie growers during the 2016/17 season.



Story 4

Apple reveals new design for Melbourne concept store at Federation Square after public backlash


ABC Australia reports ~ Controversial plans to build a flagship Apple store at Melbourne’s Federation Square have been redesigned following criticism that the original draft was ugly and created without public consultation.

In December the Victorian Government revealed the three-story Yarra Building at Federation Square would be demolished to make way for the tech giant’s two-storey concept store.

There was a strong public backlash to the original plans, which featured a copper-coloured pagoda-style facade that some dubbed a ‘Pizza Hut pagoda’.

A new design has now been unveiled, transforming the building into a rectangle with a glass facade on the ground floor and a coloured mesh facade on the second floor.

It would include a publicly accessible balcony that overlooks the Yarra River, and an amphitheatre for public performances.

The chief executive of Federation Square, Jonathan Tribe, said the new design was “more sympathetic” to the style of the existing space.

“The original design was very much a concept plan and was always subject to refinement,” Mr Tribe said.

But the new design is already copping criticism.

The National Trust said while it was encouraging that Apple was open to redesigning the building “it did not respond to the fundamental concerns that were proposed about the demolition of a significant building”.

“The updated design has also been prepared without community consultation with its most important stakeholders — the people of Victoria,” chief executive of the National Trust Simon Ambrose said.

Community groups echoed that sentiment.

“We think Apple doesn’t fit in Federation Square,” Tania Davidge from Citizens for Melbourne said.

“Federation Square should be primarily based around people, not Apple products.”


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How To 2 

Here’s how you can download all the 5K wallpaper loaded on the demo iPad Pro models

9to5Mac reports ~ When Apple started using new photos on the boxes of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, we managed to source the four images before they were included on the units when they were shipped.

A Redditor AirDropped them to himself at the Apple Store and posted them online.

He initially used Imgur, but it was quickly pointed out that the site reduces the resolution of images, so they have now been re-uploaded to WeTransfer in full 5K.

The Imgur link is still useful, as that’s the best way to quickly see what’s available, and then you can download from WeTransfer if you want them.

Technically, they are demo photos rather than wallpaper, but Apple has clearly selected them because they also make great background images.

There’s one missing from the WeTransfer set: the spectacular aerial shot of Buenos Aires seen above, which is available separately here. You can also download the new iPhone and iPad wallpaper found in iOS 12.

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