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Show 250 – Aug 13, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Zarn & Michael & Glenn & Jayson

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Referencing last weeks 1 Trillion Dollar Question ?

In British English, a trillion used to mean a million million million (i.e. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000).(Thats 18 Zeros) Nowadays, it’s generally held to be equivalent to a million million (1,000,000,000,000), (Thats 12 Zeros) as it is in American English. The same evolution can be seen with quadrillion and quintillion.

How many is a billion? Answer Oxford Dictionaries


Story 2

Apple leads and others follow

Top technology companies erased most of the posts and videos on their services from Alex Jones, the internet’s notorious conspiracy theorist, thrusting themselves into a fraught debate over their role in regulating what can be said online.

Apple, Google, Facebook and Spotify severely restricted the reach of Mr. Jones and Infowars, his right-wing site that has been a leading peddler of false information online. Mr. Jones and Infowars have used social media for years to spread dark and bizarre theories, such as that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax and that Democrats run a global child-sex ring. Apple made its move on Sunday and the others followed on Monday.

The actions, one of the tech companies’ most aggressive efforts against misinformation, highlighted a difficult dilemma for their businesses. They have long desired to combat misinformation online, but they have also been reluctant to be arbiters of truth.

But since a rise of misinformation online around elections, such as the 2016 presidential vote, the tech companies have faced increasing calls from lawmakers and the news media to address their role in that spread of false information and a related increase in partisan divisions. The tech companies have recently stepped up enforcement — but that has led to accusations of political bias, largely from conservatives.

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Question from Persia ~ Can I lock folders or apps on my iPhone?

Story 3

State-run Chinese news site warns that Apple could be used as a trade war bargaining chip

9to5Mac reports ~ A state-run Chinese news site has suggested that Apple could find itself being used as a bargaining chip in the trade war started by the Trump administration.

It follows similar concerns expressed by the U.S. Treasury’s former top official in Beijing, who cautioned that the iPhone could take a double hit if President Trump proceeded with his most recent proposed escalation of the trade war …

The People piece is headlined ‘Strong sales of US brands including Apple give China bargaining chips in trade row.’ It goes on to say that Apple’s success, while some Chinese firms struggle, could provoke popular anger.

However, the eye-catching success achieved in the Chinese market may provoke nationalist sentiment if US President Donald Trump’s recently adopted protectionist measures hit Chinese companies hard.

China is by far the most important overseas market for the US-based Apple, leaving it exposed if Chinese people make it a target of anger and nationalist sentiment. China doesn’t want to close its doors to Apple despite the trade conflict, but if the US company wants to earn good money in China, its needs to share its development dividends with the Chinese people.

The piece claims that Chinese companies receive only 1.8% of the iPhone’s profits, despite the devices being assembled there from largely Chinese components. It gives no basis for this calculation, nor does it suggest how the country might receive a greater share.  


Story 4

Consumers are far more excited about new iPhones than Samsung’s latest flagship, survey shows

Earlier this week, Samsung officially unveiled its new Galaxy Note 9 flagship, but now a survey from PC Mag indicates that consumers are far more excited about what Apple has in store for the iPhone this year!

According to the survey, which asked 1,555 consumers what smartphone release they are most looking forward to, the “iPhone 9/iPhone 11/iPhone XI/iPhone SE 2” came in at the top. 42 percent of respondents indicated that they are most looking forward to the iPhone refresh next month, while 24 percent indicated they are looking forward to the Galaxy Note 9.

From there, it’s a distant competition for third place. 7 percent of respondents indicated they are most excited for the Google Pixel 3, followed by 4 percent for the LG V40, 2 percent for the OnePlus 6T, 6 percent for “other,” and 11 percent for “none.”


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Suggestion from David ~ How to clog up your friends Android phones with videos!


Story 5

Apple’s iPhone X Beats Samsung’s Brand New Galaxy Note 9 in Early Benchmarks 

softpedia reports ~ If you decided to spend AU$1,500 dollars on a new smartphone, you should choose carefully because newly released models aren’t always the most powerful or fastest ones.

Samsung unveiled today what it would appear to be their fastest and most powerful smartphone to date, the Galaxy Note 9, which features a gorgeous and bright 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, an Adreno 630 GPU, and up to 8GB RAM.

Every time new flagship devices are unveiled, the first thing mobile customers want to know is how they stack up to other smartphones in the same category, and in this case, it’s Apple’s iPhone X because it features a big Super AMOLED display and also costs AU$1,500.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9

Tom’s Guide already did some early benchmarks of the brand new Galaxy Note 9 with 6GB of RAM vs the iPhone X, which features only half the RAM, and we bet you’re all dying to know how the two smartphones stack up to each other. The short answer is: Apple’s iPhone X beats Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 in most tests.

Despite the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip and 6GB of RAM, the Galaxy Note 9 isn’t as fast as the iPhone X, according to the benchmarks performed by Tom’s Guide. Galaxy Note 9 only managed to score 8,876 points Geekbench 4 compared to the 10,357 points scored by the iPhone X.

In fact, Samsung brand new Galaxy Note 9 proved to be slower even than the OnePlus 6, which scored 9,088 points. Also, its performance appears to be close to its little brother’s, the Galaxy S9+, which scored 8,295 points on the Geekbench 4 multicore benchmarks performed by Tom’s Guide.


Story 6

Whats on your Apple iPhone Home Screen

Zarn & I did this last week



Glenn ~ iPad


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Question from Judie ~ Why do you prefer Macs over Windows computers?


Story 7

Apple likely headed to court over potential iPhone ban in India

apple insider reports ~ The India government has refused Apple’s request to exempt the iPhone from anti-spam laws regarding a mandatory anti-spam app, with the fight possibly ending up in the iPhone getting cut off from the country’s cellular networks.

The new “Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference” regulation intends to cut down the number of nuisance or fraudulent calls in India, as well as unwanted marketing text messages and other spam. Part of the regulations overhaul is a requirement for carriers to allow customers to download a “Do Not Disturb” app to their devices to help combat spam, including reporting violations and setting subscription preferences for messages. 

“Every access provider shall ensure, within six months’ time, that all smart phone devices registered on its network support the permissions required for the functioning of such apps,” the regulation states. “Provided that where such devices do not permit functioning of such apps, Access Providers shall, on the order or direction of the Authority, de-recognise such devices from their telecom networks.” 

The regulation clearly mandates that Apple must provide access to the TRAI DND 2.0 app, or the regulator will order carriers in the country to remove iPhones from its network. As TRAI can directly regulate carriers but not device vendors, this is one of relatively few ways the regulator can try to penalise smartphone makers like Apple. 

As it stands, the TRAI Do Not Disturb app violates several rules in the App Store. In March, Apple advised the app “violates the privacy policy” of the App Store, but insisted it was working with government engineers and discussing ways the app could be designed to “keep user’s personal data safe.” 

Under the App Store rules, third-party apps are not allowed to see call logs or text messages, but are able to access saved contacts. Apple has previously advised it would not change policy in this case.

How to 1

What to do when your Lightning cable won’t charge your iPhone or iPad

Turn off the iDevice

Get a bright light and take a good look in the lightening port.

We are looking for pocket lint and debris thats been pushed in each time you connect the cable.

You should do this frequently, even if every thing is working fine!

Don’t just blow in the port and hope the acid in you saliva is not good.

Get something, NOT METAL, like a tooth pick to start to dislodge the debris and a can of compressed air  is good. BUT do not shake it hold it upside down as what comes out hen is VERY COLD and can damage your iDevice.

How To 2 

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A couple of others stories – briefly

2 x lives saved – The Apple Watch has saved two more lives, one Australian and one Mac tech journalist 


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