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Show 265 – Dec 03, 2018

Run Sheet ~ David, Zarn & Michael welcome back


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Special Guest David an Optometrist  from South Australia! 

Story 1

Study shows Apple Watch health insurance deals yield substantial increase in exercise

9TO5Mac informs us ~Over the last year, they have  seen an uptick in the number of health insurance providers offering Apple Watch-based incentives to clients. One of those providers is Vitality Insurance, which recently conducted a study on how much offering tangible rewards can motivate people to increase their level of exercise.

As reported by the Financial Times, Vitality drew its insights from data gathered through 400,000 people. Adrian Gore, Vitality Insurance founder, explained that devices such as the Apple Watch have a “remarkable opportunity to make society healthier.”

For the study, participants paid an upfront cost of £99 for the Apple Watch Series 4 or £9 for an Apple Watch 3. From there, they were burdened with a monthly charge of £12.50 – but that charge varied depending on how much exercise they performed. Those recording the most exercise through their Apple Watch did not have to pay any monthly fee.

Gore explained that this model creates “loss aversion,” meaning that participants were motivated to stay active, otherwise they could lose their free access to Apple Watch.

Regarding the study, Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams remarked that the results are “an exciting indicator of how much more we can achieve.”


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Story 2

Class action suit alleges iMac & MacBook lack dust filters, causing display & performance problems

Also from 9TO5Mac ~ Apple is facing a new class action lawsuit claiming that it sells select iMac and MacBook models without needed dust filters. In turn, this causes issues such as display imprecations, slowing performance, and more, the lawsuit alleges. The class action suit comes from a notable foe of Apple’s.

The iMac and MacBook lawsuit is being brought forward by law firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, which is a class action litigation firm that has gone after Apple before. Most notably, the firm won the infamous $450 million ebooks pricing case against Apple. Since then, Hagens Berman has levied other suits at Apple, including one regarding the performance throttling of iPhones.

Hagens Berman’s latest lawsuit alleges that MacBook and iMac models sold since 2013 lack necessary dust filters. Essentially, while the machines intake air to cool components, the lack of a filter means dust gets trapped inside. This ultimately leads to black spots on the display and performance problems when the dust gets stuck inside:

iMac and MacBook owners have reported dark smudges and spots on the interior of the screens of their desktop computers as well as excessive slowness and break downs of their computers related to the lack of filter on Apple computers. The computer intakes air to cool its components, but with no filter, dust gets trapped inside. This affects the screen and logic board of the computer, leading to dust stuck behind the screen and gummed up motherboards, causing the computer to run slow and/or overheat.

MS I can’t think of any computers in the modern age that have filters, Mac or PC.

Having a filter would make the fans run louder and the filters would get clogged quick.

The only time I have had a dirty screen issue was smoke from an ash tray placed under the vent of an iMac.  I took the glass off and cleaned it.  I’m unaware of any dirt being able to get into the screen of the thin iMacs as the screens are sealed!


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Disney going off Netflix in Feb 2019

Story 3

Hackers are opening SMB ports on routers so they can infect PCs with NSA malware.

ZDNet reports ~ Akamai has detected an ingenious malware campaign that alters configurations on home and small office routers to open connections toward internal networks so crooks can infect previously isolated computers.

The way hackers achieve this, Akamai said, is via a technique known as UPnProxy, which the company first detailed in April this year.

The technique relies on exploiting vulnerabilities in the UPnP services installed on some routers to alter the device’s NAT (Network Address Translation) tables.

NAT tables are a set of rules that control how IPs and ports from the router’s internal network are mapped onto a superior network segment –usually the Internet.

In April, hackers were using this technique to convert routers into proxies for regular web traffic, but in a report published today, Akamai says it’s seen a new variation of UPnProxy where some clever hackers are leveraging UPnP services to insert special rules into routers NAT tables.

These rules still work as a (proxy) redirections, but instead of relaying web traffic at the hacker’s behest, they allow an external hacker to connect to the SMB ports (139, 445) of devices and computers located behind the router, on the internal network.

…… Akamai refers to this particular router hacking campaign as EternalSilence, a name derived from the use of the EternalBlue exploits and Silent Cookie, the name of the malicious NAT table entries. The company has also published instructions at the bottom of its report on how to remove the malicious NAT table entries from affected routers.


Story 4

Apple says the iPhone XR has been its top-selling iPhone since launch


cnet is reporting ~ Apple’s iPhone XR has been outselling the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max every day since the cheaper, colourful phone hit the market last month.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, told CNET in an interview Wednesday that the device has “been our most popular iPhone each and every day since the day it became available.” 

Apple showed off its three new iPhones in mid-September and started selling the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on Sept. 21. It didn’t start selling the iPhone XR until a month later, on Oct. 26.

The news comes amid worries about iPhone demand. Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter results at the beginning of November showed that the company may be grappling with a case of iPhone fatigue — but it’s still getting people to shell out more money for the phones they do buy. Apple said it didn’t sell as many iPhones as analysts expected in the quarter that ended Sept. 29, and it projected lackluster revenue results for the December quarter. Apple also said it would no longer detail unit sales of its iPhone and other major devices, a reversal from its strategy since first introducing the products.


Story 5

Microsoft Is Worth as Much as Apple. How Did That Happen?

New York Times has a story ~ Just a few years ago, Microsoft was seen as a lumbering has-been of the technology world.

It was big and still quite profitable, but the company had lost its luster, failing or trailing in the markets of the future like mobile, search, online advertising and cloud computing. Its stock price languished, inching up 3 percent in the decade through the end of 2012.

It’s a very different story today. Microsoft is running neck and neck with Apple for the title of the world’s most valuable company, both worth about $850 billion, thanks to a stock price that has climbed 30 percent over the last 12 months. At the end of trading Friday, Microsoft was just ahead of its longtime rival.

So what happened?

There is a short-term explanation for Microsoft’s market rise, and there is a longer-term one.

The near-term, stock-trading answer is that Microsoft has held up better than others during the recent sell-off of tech company shares. Apple investors are worried about a slowdown in iPhone sales. Facebook and Google face persistent attacks on their role in distributing false news and conspiracy theories, and investor concerns that their privacy policies could scare off users and advertisers.


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Story 6

Auto correction upgrade 

I have just noticed that when I’m messaging someone my address which I do a lot it now adds the Suburb in the autocorrect field and leaves it there when I add a coma after the street. Why the coma? So Maps will work correctly!

Story 7


Tip 1

I had an issue with my series 1 watch the other day.  The crown button was only working sometimes and felt funny!

Had a close look and found a bit of crud around it.  So I got some floss and moved it around between the crown and the case.  Back to normal – easy as.

Tip 2

I had a iPhone come in this week that when you selected the Maps app it would bring up the whole screen, with a grid, but no actual map of streets. We then removed the Maps app and re-downloaded the Maps app and All Good, fixed!

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