Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 266

Show 266 – Dec 10, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Garth, Zarn & Michael


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

iOS 12.1.1 update has caused some 4G issues

CHANNELNEWS reports ~  Apple who recently moved to beef up security on their iPhone and iPad devices are now facing a user backlash after their recent iOS 12.1.1 upgrade caused major problems for Apple product owners especially when they are on a 4G network.

Apple customers are now being warned not to update their Apple products.

Michael ~ I have not had an issue and have not heard anyone asking

Story 2

Apple hires CEO of prescription tracking startup Mango Health

Apple has hired the former CEO of medication tracking start-up Mango Health Jason Oberfest, with the employment of the executive potentially indicating Apple wants to move its health and fitness-related efforts into helping users manage their medication.


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Story 3

ECG feature in Apple Watch is already saving lives

Also from appleinsider ~ The electrocardiogram function of the Apple Watch Series 4 went live as part of the watchOS 5.1.2 update released on Thursday is already proving its usefulness.

A Reddit user identified as “edentel” wrote a post about their dealings with the Apple Watch Series 4 after running the update. Warned of an abnormal heart rate in notifications, the user tried out the ECG app and was provided the Afib result. 

Initially the user believed there was a glitch with the firmware, after repeated tests came up Afib, but trials with the user’s wife’s wrist came back with normal results. After trying the other wrist and the other side of the arm, the warnings continued to be provided when the user tried out the app in other ways.

The Redditor writes they went to Patient First, expecting to just go home after potentially wasting their doctor’s time. When asked what was wrong, “edentel” was embarrassed to say “Ok, so there’s a new watch feature…” before asking to check its results. 

The comment was a “quick queue pass” for Patient First, apparently, with the user hooked up for testing. The doctor looked at the readings from the medical equipment, and suggested “You should buy Apple stock. This probably saved you.” 

The doctor advised they had read about the ECG feature’s release the previous evening, and while they thought there would be an upswing of patients reacting to the messages, the doctor “didn’t expect it first thing this morning.” 

The Reddit user has reached out to AppleInsider since original publication, and has provided sufficient evidence to prove the story true. On a wider scale, it is highly likely the new ECG feature, as well as the Irregular Rhythm Notification feature available in earlier Apple Watch models, will prompt concerned users to check their health via their physician. 

AppleInsider has reached out to several cardiologists in the Washington D.C. Metro area to talk about the update and the ECG feature. All of the groups we spoke to have either confirmed a reading in the emergency room since release of the OS update as a result of the reading at home, or have seen patients in the office already as a result.


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Story 4

Apple Music is coming to the Amazon Echo ~ what?

As another indication of the warming relationship between Apple and Amazon your echo will soon play Apple Music


Story 5

Apples iPhone XR clear case finally launches


@ AU$65


Story 6

ACCC Cracks Down on Google & Facebook

Again form CHANNELNEWS  ~  Following reports this weekend that Facebook and Google are facing increased regulatory control regarding their marketing and advertising practices, the ACCC has released their preliminary report into the tech giants’ marketing and influencing power.

The ACCC has concluded that search engine behemoth Google, has substantial market power in online search, search advertising, and news referral; and Facebook, as the major social media platform, has substantial influence in social media and display advertising.

The market influence is “unavoidable” for businesses in Australia, and while they perform a critical role in furthering businesses successes and reach to consumers, the operation of the platforms’ algorithms “is not at all clear” according to the ACCC Chair Rod Sims.

Furthermore, the consumer watchdog is concerned with the amount of consumer data both platforms collect on their users — in particular the ambiguity and complex nature of the online terms of service and privacy policies including “click-wrap agreements with take-it-or-leave-it-terms.”

The ACCC’s preliminary view is that Google and Facebook have the potential to create echo chambers or filter bubbles where consumers only hear the news they prefer — even if it isn’t the most accurate or correct.


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Story 6

Apple’s $29 iPhone Battery Replacement Program Ends December 31

So get in and get it while you can!!!

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