Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 267

Show 267 – Dec 17, 2018
Run Sheet ~ Garth, Zarn & Michael


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1
Public Service Announcement

Got an email the other day from
Australian Government Department of Human Services

it read
We are writing to bring to your attention your qualification for subsidy benefit.

In order to affirm your eligibility, simply reply to this secure mage result for security lock images message with the appropriate details as listed below & you will be notified shortly.

Given name (first only): 
Family name/Surname: 
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 
Tax File Number: 
Complete Address (Street number & name/Suburb/State/Postcode): 

Enter at least 2 of the information listed below correctly

  1. Dividends statement (one from the last 2 years) Enter the investment reference number from
    your dividend statement (no spaces or ‘/’ symbols, e.g. X0011223344) :
  2. Notice of assessment (one from the last 5 years) Enter the date of issue from your notice of assessment (DD/MM/YYYY):
    & Enter the sequence or our reference number from your notice of assessment (no spaces) :
  3. PAYG summary (one from the last 2 years) Enter the gross amount (no spaces or “$” “.” symbols, e.g. $48,000.00 enter 48000):
  4. Centrelink payment summary (one from the last 2 years) Enter the taxable income amount from your Centrelink payment summary (no spaces or “$” “.” symbols, e.g. $48,000.00 enter 48000):
  5. Enter either a bank account your income tax refund was paid into for the last financial year, or an interest bearing investment account from the last 2 years.
    Enter BSB:
    & Enter Account Number:

©2018 Commonwealth of Australia | Department of Human Services ABN 90 794 605 008

This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain privileged
information or confidential information or both. If you are not the intended
recipient please delete it and notify the sender.

It is up to us, the techies, to keep our family AND friends aware of these scammers and to stop them making ANY contact!!

Story 2
Apple Announces New Austin Campus and Broad Expansion Across the US

Apple has announced a significant expansion across the US, including an expanded presence in Austin, a city where it currently employs over 6,000 people. Over the next three years, Apple also plans to grow to more than 1,000 employees in Seattle, San Diego, Culver City and add hundreds of jobs in New York, Pittsburgh, Boulder, Boston, and Portland. The company is also expanding its data centers in places like North Carolina, Nevada, Iowa, and Arizona.

At the centre of the announcement though is a new facility that will be located in North Austin not far from Apple’s current Austin campus. The new office will cost over $1 billion to build and sit on a 133-acre site, 50 acres of which will be set aside for open space. Initially, the Austin campus will house 5,000 employees, with the ability to expand to as many as 15,000. The new complex will run on 100% renewable energy too.

Overall, Apple added 6,000 jobs in the US during 2018 to bring its total US employee count to 90,000.

Anybody want to be on the show as a guest like David was 2 weeks ago please contact

Story 3
Had an issue with Safari on 10.10.5 today

A customer rang to say their Safari had stopped working and it said it needed to be re-installed. There were no software updates except for another iTunes 10.12.8?? upgrade. Then I rebooted the iMac I was at which was also a 10.10.5 machine and got the same error when I opened Safari.

I then ran the iTunes update from Software Updates and this resolved the issue??

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Story 4
email from YouTube Premium

Three months.
On us.

Limited-time offer for new users.

Sign up by 1 January 2019, to enjoy our music streaming service, YouTube Music, and YouTube – ad-free, offline and in the background. Plus get access to YouTube Originals. After the free trial, the service will be $14.99/mo. Limited eligibility. Restrictions and terms apply.*

So sign up and enjoy binging of the break and then un-subscribe if you feel!

Story 5
Apple Maps gets Westfield Sydney

Just going live ~ Just in time for the holidays
cnr Elizabeth St & Market St, Sydney

Story 6
50th Anniversary of the mouse
50th anniversary of the “Mother of All Demos”

Merry Christmas to everybody


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Story 6
Apple’s $29 iPhone Battery Replacement Program Ends December 31

So get in and get it while you can!!!

Michael ~ Forgotten Australia podcast, I mentioned last week, is good

Garth – Outcast podcast app for Apple Watch

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