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Show 268 – Jan 14, 2019
Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1
Some light stories to get us started

Did we all notice the Fireworks on phone and watch. Even when you took the watch off before 12:00 midnight and put it on the next day

Play on Vegas line ~ “What you do on your iPhone stays on your iPhone” massive sign greets CES visitors this year. It was on a Marriott Hotel, who had a major data leak just last year

LG and Samsung TVs get AirPlay
and Samsung TVs getting iTunes as well
Anybody want to be on the show as a guest please contact

Story 2
9TO5Mac reminds us ~
Apple begins ‘Back to Uni’ promo in Australia & New Zealand, offers free Beats w/ Mac & iPad purchases

In Australia, Apple’s Back to Uni promotion is: Mac buyers can get up to A$290 off a purchase and receive 20 percent off AppleCare+ and a free pair of Beats Solo3.

Meanwhile, for the iPad Pro in both Australia and New Zealand, Apple offers a free pair of Powerbeats3 headphones, as well as its normal education pricing on all iPad models and 20 percent off AppleCare+. Buyers can also get discounts on accessories – including the latest Apple Pencil.

Notably in Australia, Apple is also promoting trade-in offers for both iPad and Mac purchases.

Apple begins ‘Back to Uni’ promo in Australia & New Zealand, offers free Beats w/ Mac & iPad purchases

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Story 3
Cult of Mac reports ~
Apple Watch is now a bigger business for Apple than iPod ever was

Horace Dediu, an analyst, believes we have just seen a monster holiday quarter for Apple Wearables, buoyed by the smash hit Apple Watch Series 4. That device, complete with ECG feature, looks set to be Apple’s biggest Apple Watch seller by a wide margin.

It also handily beats the iPod’s 2010 holiday season, which represented the high point of that particular product line. At the time, the iPod world was celebrating multi-touch coming to the sixth-gen iPod nano, the fourth-gen iPod touch had debuted, and President Obama was discussing his iPod playlist with Rolling Stone magazine.

Story 4
Now I had a customer call me this week who had an issue with her iMac.

On the screen was a popup saying there is an issue with your iMac! Please call Apple on whatever the number was.

She did this they logged on to her
computer and said there some issues and it would be $90 to fix!

She said sorry I can’t afford it and hang up.

Then rang me!

It took about 30 minutes for me to get all the malicious / adware software off her Mac.

The biggest issue being I was UNABLE to change the browser search engine back to Google

It said google – lower case g

Story 5
Apple GarageBand has just turned 15 years old

Initially released as part of an iWorks update it has grown to be one of the leading music apps in the world.

And I can not believe it was WAY BACK in 2005 that Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails released a GarageBand version of “The Hand That Feeds”.

That track and others are still available at


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Story 6
The biggest news was that the internet was broken by someone called Ralph

Sorry, Apple announced an earnings downgrade. The announcement, which is Apple’s first pre-earnings release since 2002, stunned the market and triggered a 7.5 per cent decline in the share price in after-hours trading.

Apple outlined many reasons for the change in its guidance, which is now at $84 billion and down from the $89 to $93 billion November estimate, but manufacturing problems in China were not among those reasons.

Instead, Apple said that the issue was caused by Chinese consumers not purchasing iPhones, which is unrelated to where iOS devices are assembled.

Apple also pointed towards iPhone launch timing, a strong U.S. dollar, supply constraints, trade tensions, and weak iPhone upgrade numbers due to fewer carrier subsidies and the low-priced battery replacements that were available throughout 2018.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, rising trade tensions between the U.S. and China caused by Trump’s trade war have had an impact on Apple’s bottom line. Back in November, Trump suggested that a 10 percent tariff could be implemented on iPhones and laptops imported from China, but thus far, additional tariffs have not been imposed. And to end on a lighter note have a watch of a youtube site
bad lip reading

Michael ~ Forgotten Australia podcast, as I mentioned previously is a good listen

And to end on a lighter note have a watch of a youtube site
bad lip reading of an Apple Product Launch

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