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Story 1

cnet reports ~ Apple’s clash with Facebook and Google: What you need to know

If you want a sense of how much power Apple holds over Silicon Valley, take a look at what the iPhone maker did to Google and Facebook this week.

On Wednesday, Apple yanked enterprise certificates — digital signatures that both the tech giants used to run software on iPhones and iPads. That shut down internal apps employees at Google and Facebook used to communicate with their co-workers, find shuttle buses and test new features that could eventually be released to the public.

It proved to be more a show of power than long-term punishment. Apple, which didn’t respond to a request for comment, had restored both companies’ certificates by Thursday. Google said its internal apps are back up and running. Facebook confirmed that Apple restored its certificates but said it didn’t have any new information to share. 

What’s going on?

The spat started after TechCrunch reported that Facebook had taken advantage of an Apple program that lets companies design apps for private corporate use, as well as test apps before they’re available to you. Using a certificate from Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program, Facebook distributed a market research app that offered people as much as $20 a month to give the social network access to their phone and web activity. The data Facebook could view included web searches, location data and even private messages.

The situation got worse when Google revealed that it also used an enterprise certificate for a market research app, called Screenwise Meter, that gave the company access to a person’s phone activity. The search giant offered gift cards to people to download the app.

Apple determined that both companies had violated the rules of its Developer Enterprise Program because they distributed the apps to consumers instead of just employees. Apple blocked the apps by revoking the companies’ enterprise certificates — a move that shut down apps that Google and Facebook employees rely on at their campuses.

So how did Facebook and Google misuse their certificates?

They used them to let people outside their companies install apps on their iPhones without going through Apple’s app store and its approval process. That’s a big no-no.

Apple lays down rules in no uncertain terms: “Enrol in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program only if you intend to distribute proprietary apps to employees within your organisation.”

Obviously, ordinary Facebook users don’t qualify as employees even if you’re paying them $20 a month to see how they use their phones.


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Story 2

Last Thursday, I again sent an open email to Telstra, Vodaphone and Optus

It reads,

“ Hi,

I do a podcast called Aussie Mac Zone.

Can you advise when customers will be able to use eSIM in Australian mobiles, in particular the iPhone?

Can you also advise why it is not available now in iPhones as it is in the Apple watch?

Would you expect eSIM to be also available for the new iPad when it is available for the iPhone? “

Telstra are the only one to reply

“ Thanks for reaching out. And love the Aussie Tech Heads podcast. 

Here is what we can say about your enquiry: Telstra were one of the first Australian telcos to introduce eSIM technology for connected smartwatches (e.g. Apple Watch / Galaxy Watch) and we will introduce eSIM support for smartphones in the future as customer demand builds. “

Will keep you all abreast of the answers!


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Story 3

Apple gets in hot water over BIG flaw in FaceTime Group calls

A teenager discovered a BIG security flaw in Group FaceTime calling.  You add yourself during the call and if the other party hangsup you can still hear and sometimes see whats happening!

And I believe a lawyer has already started a suit against Apple as a client / opposing council heard something the lawyer didn’t want them to hear.

I believe Group FaceTime is still down.

You can check here:


Story 4

This is an older story I missed but I think deserves a mention ~ New report explores Apple’s push to stop viral misinformation with Apple News

In November, a report explored Apple’s efforts to ensure Apple News doesn’t become a “crazy land.” Now, The Sydney Morning Herald is out with another look inside the Apple News team. This time, the report dives into the company’s Australian based team, as well as its broader goals.

The report explains that Apple has a small team of editors working for Apple News tasked with “sifting through story pitches from some of the country’s best known publications.” Apple News in Australia attracts some 5 million readers every month, according to Apple.

Apple’s vice-president of apps, Roger Rosner, offered some colour to The Sydney Morning Herald on why Apple feels the need for a separate news app on iOS:

“Basically saying the web apps, for reading news are crap, not being mobile optimised”

Meanwhile, Apple News editor-in-chief Lauren Kern added that Apple takes “pride” in ensuring misinformation cannot gain traction and go viral through Apple News:

Building on that, Kern said that Apple is focused “having publishers from different parts of the political spectrum” be available on Apple News. “In general, outrage clicks well. People like to read within their own filter bubble. That’s not something we want to encourage here,” Kern said.

Perhaps most interestingly, Rosner cites Tim Cook as one of the driving forces behind Apple News and its goal of “helping journalism thrive.” Cook has been critical of other platforms like Facebook, which has done a poor job of managing the spread of misinformation.


Story 5

German Court rejects four Qualcomm patent claims against Apple; will rule later on four more

A German court has rejected four Qualcomm patent claims against Apple. The court hasn’t yet reached a decision on a further four claims by the company.

The fight goes on.


Story 6

also from 9TO5Mac ~ How to add HomeKit support to your webOS TV with HomeBridge and iOS 12.2

With iOS 12.2, Apple is adding support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit for select smart TVs. Some users, myself included, are slightly irritated that LG is only supporting these features on its yet-to-be-released 2019 televisions. Fortunately, there’s a workaround that gets you most of the way there.

While this method is unconventional and not officially supported, it will allow users who recently bought a webOS TV to get support for HomeKit.

As outlined in this week’s HomeKit Weekly, this method allows you to control your TV’s power state, volume, and app/input switch with ease. What it won’t give you is AirPlay support, meaning you won’t be able to control what’s playing on the TV itself including play/pause, and forward/rewind controls.


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Story 7

2.2 billion unique accounts compromised after ‘Collections #2-5’ dumped on torrent sites, here’s how to check yours

Earlier this month we saw what was considered to be the largest ever dump of stolen internet accounts with 773 million email addresses and 21 million passwords. The dump of compromised accounts was called “Collection #1”. Now, Collections #2-5 have been dumped and the numbers are staggering: 845GB of stolen data that includes 25 billion total records and 2.2 billion unique usernames and passwords.

As reported by Wired, Collections #2-5 more than double the number of comprised accounts that have surfaced from Collection #1. Security researchers have concluded that 25 billion stolen records with 2.2 billion unique usernames and passwords are the numbers after accounting for duplicates found in Collections #2-5, creating a new record for the biggest data breach collection.

Unfortunately, this massive collection of data has been making the rounds on the black market and Rouland says that the collection has been downloaded over 1,000 times on torrent sites already.

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