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Story 1

I caught some of Landline yesterday and there was an awesome segment on Virtual Reality

It showed how a farther and son are traveling around the outback, in a bus, to schools to demonstrate Virtual Reality.

Not for gaming but for teaching people, including students, about Farm to Plate production.

One example was cattle at a slaughterhouse (not the killing bit).  Something most people, even farmers never get to see.

VR was also being used to teach tractor drivers how to control new models of harvesters correctly.

Or safety lessons, ie so “what’s wrong with this scenario”?

It was awesome and congratulations to them for their great Australian business!


We are thinking about having a live call in period in the show.

We will give you a number to call and that will put you in a room where you can still hear the show and then we get you to ask your question, make comments etc.  We just have to work out the delay button!

Story 2

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft Just Docked With The International Space Station

Forbes is reporting ~ SpaceX has successfully docked its Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS), the first commercial crew vehicle to ever reach the station and the start of an exciting new era of human spaceflight.

Crew Dragon docked to the station at 5.51am Eastern time (10.51am UTC) today, Sunday March 3, having launched in a historic flight from Florida yesterday on its Demo mission 1 (DM-1). Both Crew Dragon and the ISS are now currently orbiting Earth at an altitude of about 410 kilometers above the surface.

Crew Dragon, although no humans aboard this time, had a crash test dummy so all the sensors could be recorded.

The docking procedure was managed by NASA, while the spacecraft itself flew autonomously towards the space station. Glorious images showed its approach with its nose cone open.

About two hours after Crew Dragon reached the station, the astronauts on the ISS entered the vehicle for the first time, which has carried about 180 kilograms of cargo to the station. They did so wearing oxygen masks, in case any gases had leaked inside.

The vehicle will remain attached to the space station until Friday March 8, when it will return to Earth along with about 150 kilograms of cargo. It will splash down in the Atlantic Ocean at about 8.45am Eastern time, having left the station six hours before.

Well done Elon Musk and Team.


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Story 3

Apple ‘rolling the dice’ on its upcoming products

Cult of Mac explains ~ Apple CEO Tim Cook is very upbeat about where his company is going. He told investors Friday that upcoming products will “blow you away.”

Cook also indicated that these aren’t going to be just more of the same. Apple is branching out.

The executive didn’t use his speech during the annual Apple shareholders meeting to making any specific revelations. Instead, he talked about “planting seeds.”

And he’s feeling very positive about the fruit these will eventually bear. Cook said he’d “never been more optimistic” about Apple’s future.

Some short-term plans

Cook was a little more open about what to expect in the near future. In talking about the Apple Watch, Cook said they’re “pulling the string between wellness and health.” He mentioned the ECG in the latest version, but also the exercise tools built into this wearable. More health-related features are likely going forward.

In a bit of good news for laptop fans,  Apple’s CEO says they’ve made lowering the cost of the latest MacBook Air a goal. It currently starts at US$1,199, after replacing an earlier model that started at US$999.

After one investor complained that he couldn’t transfer movies off his iPad Pro via the USB-C port, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi stepped in to say that new functionality is coming, but he wouldn’t get any more specific. This could be a hint that this fall’s iOS 13 will include more robust file management capabilities. something users have been asking for.


Story 4

Good news for Apple customers

The iPhone battery diagnostics have been updated to help provide more information about the customer’s battery health. This new information in combination with device coverage guidelines will help you provide the appropriate battery service pricing.

For batteries that are consumed, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the new battery, unless the iPhone is covered under AppleCare+. A consumed battery means that the customer has received the expected performance out of the battery in their iPhone. Since the battery has been consumed by the customer’s use, the customer would be responsible for the cost to replace it. 

iPhones with missing or damaged battery tabs no longer eligible for battery repair pricing.

In addition to the diagnostic updates, customers with a third party iPhone battery are now eligible for repair.


Story 5

Apple reveals how to be an expert photographer through these neat tricks

Forbes is reporting ~ Apple has already updated its iPhones twice in 2019. The first was planned, the second launched in outrage. But now the company is zeroing in on Huawei and Samsung’s radical folding smartphones, as its most ambitious iPhone to date is taking shape…

Following a flurry of folding iPhone patents, Apple is back again showing how its acclaimed attention to detail gives the company the platform to make the most impressive folding smartphone entry so far.

Picked up by fan site AppleInsider, a newly public Apple patent has revealed the company is working on a folding display which automatically warms at the fold point. Why? Apple explains that folding displays can be damaged when used in cold temperatures, so options such as a heating element or even lighting the pixels on the fold would mitigate the problem.

Interestingly, neither Huawei nor Samsung have touched on this weakness despite stating their respective folding smartphones (the Galaxy Fold and Mate X) will launch commercially this year.

Interestingly 9TO5Mac also had a story on Apple’s Foldable iPads

Which I have included a link to also in the show notes.


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Story 6

Again thanks to Forbes

Turns out that a lot of people learning to play guitar are biasing towards The Rolling Stones. Fender Play is a smartphone-based learning app for budding guitarists and bassists (with a dash of ukulele as well) from the iconic manufacturer. As a number of new songs are rolled out into the app, I had a chance to ask the team about the song choices by the users. 

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones is the most popular song to learn on Fender Play, and  The Rolling Stones are the most-popular band among our users.

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