Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 277

Show 277 – Mar 18, 2019

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Zarn & Michael


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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Spotify v Apple

Spotify on Wednesday announced it filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission over unfair App Store practices. Apple responded two days later, labeling the complaint as “misleading rhetoric” and arguing that “Spotify wants all the benefits of a free app without being free.” 

The war of words has since continued. In a statement issued to Variety, Spotify said “every monopolist will suggest they have done nothing wrong” and that, consequently, Apple’s response was “entirely in line” with its expectations.


Story 2

Over 2,000 Participants Received Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification in Apple Watch Study

Stanford Medicine researchers presented their findings of the Apple Heart Study at the American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session and Expo in New Orleans today, as noted by Apple in a press release. 

Apple and Stanford created the study to evaluate the Apple Watch’s irregular heart rhythm notification feature, which occasionally checks the wearer’s heart rhythm in the background and sends a notification if an irregular heart rhythm appears to be suggestive of atrial fibrillation. 

419,093 people across the United States participated in the study. As part of the study, if an irregular heart rhythm was identified, participants received a notification on their Apple Watch and iPhone, a phone consultation with a doctor, and an ECG patch for additional monitoring. 

Study results showed 0.5 percent of participants – approximately 2,095 people – received an irregular heart rhythm notification. Apple says “many participants sought medical advice following their irregular rhythm notification.”

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Story 3

Garths Story

Apple Store down – What will we get?

Answer ~ iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro: How to choose the best iPad for your needs and budget


Story 4

Apple offers peek behind the curtain of GarageBand development, loop creation

To celebrate 15 years of GarageBand, Apple has offered a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the music creation tool’s production, as well as providing access to the media to the Music Apps studio for the first time, revealing the amount of work that goes into producing all of its sounds and virtual instruments


Story 5

Mojave / Mac issues I had this week

First outlook calendar sharing

Second Zoom Video Conference app on a MBP with Touch Bar


Story 6

More Apple Legal

Apple violated three Qualcomm patents and should pay the chipmaker $31 million for infringing on its technology, a jury decided Friday, giving Qualcomm momentum as it heads into another legal skirmish with the iPhone maker next month.

Qualcomm, which filed the suit in July 2017, alleged that Apple had used its technology without permission in some versions of its popular iPhone. The jury awarded Qualcomm the full amount it had requested at the start of the two-week trial, which took place in San Diego.

One disputed Qualcomm patent covers technology that lets a smartphone quickly connect to the internet once the device is turned on. Another deals with graphics processing and battery life. The third addresses technology that shifts traffic between a phone’s apps processor and modem.

The $31 million in damages — or $1.41 per infringing iPhone — is a drop in the bucket for Apple, a company that briefly became a $1 trillion company last year. But it marks an important victory for Qualcomm, burnishing its reputation as a mobile components innovator. The win also lends credibility to the notion that much of the company’s innovation is reflected in iPhones.

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Story 7

Apple Announces ‘It’s Show Time’ Special Event

Apple’s next Special Event and their first keynote for 2019 is official. With Apple revealing the event will take place on March 25th (26th in Australia) at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California.

What will be announced remains a mystery, however, there are a number of suggestions. Firstly, Apple has teased the event with the tagline ‘It’s Show Time’, alluding to movies and TV. This makes sense when you factor in the already-confirmed multi-year partnership with Oprah Winfrey. Apple has also confirmed several original TV shows and Movies over the past year. All of this virtually confirms what has been long speculated in the media: An Apple Video Streaming Service.

The special event takes place on March 25th, in the US. However, due to time-zone differences, the event will occur in Australia on March 26th. The keynote will begin at 4 am AEDT in Sydney. Times for other Australian cities are as follows:

Sydney, New South Wales: 4 am AEDT

Also WWDC 2019 has been announced

It will be 3-7 June 2019

Tickets will cost US$1,599 and registration is open now until 20 March


Story 8

Zarn Story

Best games for Apple TV in 2019

Crossy Road

Rayman Adventures

Dungeon Hunter 5

AG Drive

Alto’s Adventure

SongPop Party

SketchParty TV



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