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Show 280 – Apr 08, 2019

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Story 1

New Apple TV ad, Pushing security

As an ad on YouTube for Apple Australia it has already had 837K views as at 12:30 Monday


We are thinking about having a live call in period in the show.

We will give you a number to call and that will put you in a room where you can still hear the show and then we get you to ask your question, make comments etc.  We just have to work out the delay button!


Story 2

Apple scraps plans for controversial flagship store in Melbourne

From Apple News courtesy CultofMac Apple has scrapped a controversial plan to build a flagship Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia’s Federation Square.

Apple had been battling to build the store for much of last year. It even scrapped its original designs and came up with new ones, only to have those criticised as well. Government agent Heritage Victoria ruled that the Apple Store would be too “visually dominant.” It also said that demolishing the existing Yarra Building to construct Apple’s flagship store would “diminish” the public space.

The decision to deny Apple permission to build the Apple Store came on the back of vehement opposition to Apple’s plans. An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that Apple will no longer pursue the plans. It’s not clear if it will try and find another space nearby.


Story 3

College students allegedly scammed Apple out of nearly $1M in iPhone replacements

Two Chinese engineering students in Oregon allegedly scammed Apple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in iPhone replacements and are now facing criminal charges in federal court, as first reported by The Oregonian. Authorities allege the students pulled off a convoluted scheme in order to wring Apple of the cash by using counterfeit devices and exploiting Apple’s return policy.

Beginning in 2017, the two men allegedly smuggled thousands of counterfeit iPhones into the US from China and then sent them in for Apple to repair or replace, claiming the knockoffs wouldn’t power on. In many cases, Apple did replace the counterfeit goods with real iPhones, which cost the company an estimated $895,800.

Yangyang Zhou, who just completed his engineering degree at Oregon State University, was allegedly responsible for getting the counterfeit shipments into the US and for sending off the real iPhones back to China. His accomplice Quan Jiang, who studied engineering at Linn Benton Community College, shared an address with Zhou and would bring in the counterfeit phones to Apple either online or in person to request replacements. After the real iPhones were mailed to China to be sold for profit, an associate would wire money to Jiang’s mother, who then deposited the funds into an account Jiang used in the US, the complaint explains.

Jiang allegedly submitted 3,069 warranty claims and Apple granted 1,493 replacement iPhones as a result. At the estimated value of $600 per phone, Apple lost nearly $900,000 from this scheme. In June and July of 2017, Apple sent Jiang cease-and-desist orders to Zhou’s listed address, notifying Jiang that Apple knew he was importing fake iPhones. Jiang did not respond to the notices.

The duo are not alone in allegedly trying to profit off large tech companies. Last year, a Chinese national living in New Jersey on a student visa pled guilty to selling fake iPhones and iPads to customers, pocketing $1.1 million in sales revenue from the scheme.

MS Thats more than 3 a day for a year!


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Story 4

Apple News+ blows by Texture in just 48 hours

Apple News+, the subscription magazine and news service revealed last week, is already more popular than the service and app based it on, Texture.

Within the first 48 hours of being available, Apple News+ amassed more than 200,000 paid subscribers.

That’s more than Texture had at its peak. The New York Times revealed the figures in a recent report, though Apple hasn’t commented on if they’re legit.

The Times says Textures current subscriber numbers aren’t counted toward Apple’s subscriber numbers, even though Apple will shutdown Texture next month.

Apple News+ offers subscribers access to over 300 magazines a month as well as news articles from sites that have their content behind a paywall. The service has promoted some people to ask where it’s time to cancel subscriptions to their favourite magazines that are carried by Apple News+.

MS And it us only available in the US and Canada so far!


Story 5

Apple Gaming





Story 6

How to update the firmware on your AirPods

You can’t! You can, however, check which version they are running.

iMore tells us ~ Apple has released a new firmware version for the first-generation AirPods, updating them from version 3.7.2 to version 6.3.2. The company doesn’t currently offer a list of changes present in the firmware. It also doesn’t currently provide a way to manually update the firmware on AirPods, opting instead for an automatic update process.

But Apple won’t just install the firmware update willy-nilly (if your AirPods died mid-update it could cause all sorts of problems); you’ll need to make sure of the following:

        • Your AirPods must be in the charging case.
        • The charging case must be plugged in and charging.
        • An iOS device that’s been connected to your AirPods must be nearby.

Once all of those conditions are met, the firmware update should automatically begin at some point (yeah, it’s that vague).

Now, while you can’t trigger a firmware update with a button press or tap, you can check what firmware version your AirPods are running and view some other interesting information about the wireless earbuds. Here’s how!

How to check your AirPods’ firmware version

        1. Make sure your AirPods are connected to your iOS device (open the charging case or put your AirPods in your ears).
        2. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
        3. Tap General.
        4. Tap About.
        5. Scroll down and tap AirPods.
        6. Check the number next to Firmware Version to see what firmware version your AirPods are running.

If your firmware version says something other than 6.3.2, your AirPods need an update! Put ’em in their case, plug it in, place your phone nearby, and keep your fingers crossed for that automatic update!


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Story 7

Apple launches iOS 12.2 with fixes for over 50 major security issues

From Apple News courtesy Dailey Mail ~  iOS 12.2 fixes a critical bug that let bad apps use your microphone to eavesdrop

Among the other 50 bugs fixed include memory corruption issues in WebKit

The update also comes with new features like Apple News+ (in US and Canada) and new animojis

Story 8

Google AI expert jumps ship for Apple

One of Google’s top AI experts has left the company to join Apple’s special projects group.

Ian Goodfellow, who created an AI approach called general adversarial networks (GANs), was hired by Apple as a director of machine learning, adding another prominent Google AI expert to its growing team.

Apple has been doubling-down on its focus of AI recently as the it applies more of its major and minor products like Siri, Face ID and even self-driving cars. John Giannandrea, Google’s former head of AI, jumped ship to Apple last year to oversea the company’s AI efforts.

Before Google, Goodfellow worked at OpenAI, the AI firm funded by Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman and other top tech figures. Goodfellow’s GANs approach is widely cited in AI literature. It uses two networks (one generative network and one discriminative network) that are used to create audio, video and text with minimal input.


Story 9

Apple Shares New ‘The Underdogs’ Video Focusing on Apple Products at Work

Features shown off include Continuity Camera for scanning a document from an iPhone right to a Mac, Group FaceTime, Hey Siri, AirDrop, iPad multitasking, and more.

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