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Story 1

Apple Carnegie Library: An inside look at Apple’s most ambitious store yet

Science. Poetry. History. These three words set the tone as you pass through the doors of Apple Carnegie Library, the latest in a careful collection of global flagship stores. It’s been over 116 years since each art was carved into marble and hung above the library’s entrance, but the studies remain as relevant to Apple today as they were when the building was built. Apple Carnegie Library is far more than a store — it’s the clearest public expression of Apple’s values.

With the opening on the weekend there was certainly cause for celebration. According to Tim Cook, the completed library is Apple’s “most historic, ambitious restoration by far, in the world.”

Located at the nexus of Mount Vernon Square and surrounded on all sides by freshly landscaped parkland, D.C.’s Beaux-Arts Carnegie Library is a gleaming historic structure set amid modern commercial developments. But it wasn’t always that way. Just two years ago, the library was tired and under-utilised, dulled by time and a succession of promising reuse projects that struggled to get off the ground. The last time the building served as a proper public library was 1972. It was a far cry from the vision Andrew Carnegie outlined when he funded the building’s construction.

MS ~ The pictures in the story are stunning from the grandeur of the building itself to the entrance hall to staircase.  Please go and have a look at the pictures in the story.

MS ~ on the subject ~ sorry to get political for a minute

‘A throwaway city of junk buildings’: Leading architect slams NSW government over heritage.

SMH reports ~ Sydney is in danger of becoming “a throwaway city of junk buildings” built on the cheap to be knocked down every 30 years,  a leading architect and City of Sydney councillor has warned.

Philip Thalis also criticised the NSW government’s sell-off of public buildings, which he said constituted “a theft of public assets”, and the destruction of heritage buildings and streetscapes caused by projects such as the Sydney Metro, Westconnex and roadworks.

“Public Sydney risks becoming privatised Sydney,” said Cr Thalis, speaking at the National Trust Heritage Awards 2019 on Friday.

“We know that regardless of political persuasion, privatisation is deeply unpopular with the majority of citizens, and constitutes a theft of public assets that would otherwise have been available to future generations.”


Story 2

Mac’s new Music app won’t be ported from iOS

Cult of Mac reports ~

The Mac’s next-generation Music app will be based on iTunes, not ported over from iOS.

Some sources previously stated that the app would be made using Marzipan, which lets developers easily port iPad apps to the desktop. But new information reveals that won’t be the case.

Apple fans have been waiting for the day Apple splits up iTunes. The current version of the app is bloated and slow, and no one really wants all their media in one place anymore. But Apple’s plans for standalone apps aren’t quite what many were expecting.

The new Music app, expected to debut in this fall’s macOS 10.15 update, won’t be ported from the iPad.

“The new standalone Music app on macOS will actually be an AppKit application, based off of iTunes,” it reports, citing sources familiar with the development of the next Mac update.

The app is expected to include a number of features iTunes users are familiar with, such as smart playlists, advanced library management, and support for syncing with iPods and iOS devices. It may even retain the ability to read and burn CDs and DVDs.

The new app is expected to be renamed Music, and it’s thought there will still be standalone apps for Podcasts, video, and more. “It’s possible that an older version of iTunes will be kept available for users who need extra features,” the sources add.

Given that many users require iTunes to do more than just play Music, it is perhaps not too surprising that its replacement will be more than just a Music port from iPad. We just hope it’ll be smoother and snappier than its predecessor.


Story 3

Apple Releases Its Second iOS Game Ever, And It’s A Tribute To Getting Filthy Rich

If you haven’t already heard the news, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway investment firm recently pumped a bunch of money into ‘cash-strapped’ Apple. To say thanks for helping to keep the company afloat, Apple released its first iOS game since 2008: a Paperboy rip-off called Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard that’s supposed to pay tribute to Buffet’s humble beginnings.

The game, which is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store, appears to have been delivered as part of a humorous video Apple created for the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting held in Omaha, Nebraska, this past weekend.

According to CNN, in the video Buffet and Tim Cook are trying to come up with an idea for a new app, and the results are a game that plays somewhere between the Atari classic Paperboy, and iOS’s own Angry Birds — minus the replay value of both.

Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard is actually only the second iOS game Apple has ever released, and although the company owns the copyright, it was apparently developed by another company called Wildlife Designs, which has no other releases on the iTunes App Store. It’s a game that was seemingly developed as a punch line for an event attended by wealthy investors, and it feels the part. But the timing is unfortunate because Apple has been a company that’s traditionally shunned gaming in the past, but also a company that has a gaming subscription service en route with over 100 exclusives.

And I have a prize for the first to email us with the answer, and the first to tell us in the Facebook Group the answer ~ What was the first Apple iOS game?

eMail me the answer at with the subject ~ Prize


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Story 4 ~ staying on subject

Good News for Apple Arcade- People Love Their Smartphone Gaming

iPad Insight reports ~ Anyone who follows Apple already knows that games always dominate the top of the App Store charts. However, a new study from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shows that smartphone gaming is no longer just for kids. It turns out that the average gamer is older than you might expect and isn’t always playing on a console.

According to the ESA, that average age would be 34, which is definitely higher than I would have guessed. It’s even more surprising to me that 70% of gamers are over 18.

The numbers speak for themselves. Kids keep on playing games as they grow older, and even more importantly, they are spending real money on them. $43 billion was spent on gaming last year and most of it was for content rather than hardware.

Here’s the kicker: 60% of gamers are playing their games on smartphones. You can bet that figure doesn’t excite Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. The numbers and the money are moving toward the smaller screen experience.

So what does this mean for Apple? While I was excited to hear about Apple’s new Arcade service for gaming when it was announced, I wondered if it would make an impact on users. It sounds like something I would be interested in, but in a world cluttered with ad-supported free games and in-app purchases, I wondered if enough gamers would care to keep Apple interested in this endeavour.

I have been very critical of them in the past because, while they paid plenty of lip-service to gaming, they didn’t really care very much about it. Apple’s execs sat by and watched as the market for paid games was choked out. Let’s face it. Arcade was created to resolve a problem that Apple allowed to occur because they were too busy raking in money to notice. Unfortunately, many developers did and took their paid wares elsewhere.

The numbers in ESA’s report give me a little more reason to believe that Apple may be on to something with Arcade. With this much money focused on smartphone gaming, maybe its not too late to revive premium gaming on iOS. It will depend on execution, but if Apple can deliver the goods in terms of quality content from a combination of established developers and interesting indies, then there may be a bigger than expected market available to support it.


Story 5

Our Gaming Section

Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard

Zarn, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I loved Paper Boy, on NES and Atari, when I was a kid but I love this game.

It is a simple re-make of the classic and is only has 2 levels but it is a game to play anywhere anytime. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, simply as! Simple Fun!!

Harry Potters: Wizards Unite

What a shame, I had high hopes for this game.  I love Pokémon and when it first came out I had a blast with it.  But this just seems like Niantic aren’t even trying. This is honestly just Pokémon with a simple character swaps.  I can not express how disappointed I am!!  Two Thumbs Down


Story 6

Apple Shares New ‘Inside Joke’ Privacy-Focused Video Highlighting iMessage Encryption

MacRumors reports ~ Apple today shared a humorous new privacy-focused video on its YouTube channel, which is designed to highlight the end-to-end encryption feature in the Messages app.

In the minute-long video, a woman is at a nail salon getting a pedicure, and she’s receiving iMessages and cracking up at them over and over again. The viewer is never given a look at what she’s seeing that’s so funny, which emphasises the fact that messages are private.

The end of the video features the tagline “iMessage encrypts your conversations because not everyone needs to be in on the joke.”

Apple has shared several other privacy-focused videos in recent months, including a “Privacy Matters” spot and a video that highlights limited ad tracking in Safari.

the ad

the story


Story 7

New drone footage of Apple Park released

9TO5Mac shows us ~ Throughout the construction of Apple Park, drone update videos became monthly occurrences. They offered beautiful overhead updates on Apple Park’s construction progress, but as construction wrapped up, Apple started to crack down on drone videos. Today, however, Duncan Sinfield is back with his first Apple Park drone update in six months.

The latest Apple Park drone video offers a beautiful look at Apple Park, in its fully completed glory. The video also showcases the nearby Steve Jobs Theatre and Apple Park’s elaborate parking structure.

One interesting thing to note is that in today’s drone video, there is some sort of mystery stage in the centre of the Apple Park spaceship ring. It’s unclear what exactly the rainbow-coloured stage is there for, but it’s certainly set up like a concert stage.

It could be that Apple is preparing to hold one of its “Bash” events at Apple Park sometime this summer – or, judging by the condition of the grass around the stage, the event could have already been held.

Just a reminder ’the ring’ occupies 12,000 employees.  Apple has 25,000 staff just in the Bay Area.

the drone footage

the story


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Story 8

‘A significant day for aviation’: Qantas launches zero garbage flight

Sydney Morning Herald c/- Apple News reports Qantas has trialled the world’s first flight ever to produce no landfill waste as the airline embarks on a mission to cut out the use of 100 million plastic items from its planes by next year.

Andrew David, CEO of Qantas’ domestic arm, said the flight from Sydney to Adelaide on Wednesday represented a “significant day” for aviation. The airline currently produces the equivalent of “80 fully-laden Boeing 747 jumbos” per year in waste across its Qantas and Jetstar operations.

“Our cabin crews see this waste every day and they want it eliminated and increasingly our shareholders are demanding we do more to address our environmental footprint,” Mr David said.

On Wednesday’s flight to Adelaide, customers found meal containers made out of biodegradable packaging made from sugar cane, cutlery made from crop starch and paper cups.

“These products will be turned into compost and used in gardens and farms across the country. Any plastic items such as bottles or any paper items will be collected and recycled,” Mr David said.

A flight on this route normally produces around 34 kilograms of waste, contributing to 150 tonnes of waste annually.

I know that wasn’t a tech story BUT it is important we acknowledge when companies do things to help the planet! So a big thanks to QANTAS!!


Story 9

Lastly next Saturday night is very important!

The 3rd Australian Podcast Awards are happening.  So to all those in the running for an award congratulations and good luck.

And you thought I was going to talk about the Federal election.


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