Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 288

WWDC 2019


Here we go

Programmers on Video – light hearted start

TC takes to the stage

More first timers than ever

Apple makes the best products in the world!


 News,  Arcade,  Card,  TV+

Ron Moore, For All Mankind Preview

Starting with tvOS

New home screen

Multi User Support!!

New Control centre – switch between users

Lyrics for your favourite song in-sync on the TV

Xbox 1s, Playstation Dualshock 4 Controller Support

Undersea screen savers from the BBC

More personal and more entertaining than ever!

Watch OS

Another leap forward

Intros Kevin Lynch

New Watch Faces

Taptic Chime – on the hour


New AudioBooks App

Voice Memos

Calculator – Tips & bill splitting

No iPhone needed for

Streaming apps

New API’s

App Store for Watch

Intro Dr Sumbul Gasiat

Watch OS6

Activity Trends – compare 90 days / 360 days

Noise Levels App

Cycle Tracking for the ladies – also in Health app in iOS

Back to Kevin

New summary view for Health data

WatchOS Program lead Kaley Allen

Showing off new faces

Showing off new apps

Showing off new App Store

Back to Kevin

New Watch Bands

Back to TC


97% Satisfaction

Adoption Rate higher than any other

Android 10% adoption rate

Hands over to Craig F

We made unlocking with Face ID 30% faster

New apps will be 50% smaller, updates 60% smaller

Apps will launch 2X faster


iOS now lives in the Dark – showing off Dark Mode to iOS

Shows off Apple apps in Dark Mode

NEW Swipe Keyboard!!!!

Time Synced Lyrics on the Phone Music app also


Safari per website settings


Shared Folders


Associate To-dos with top level

Plain English entry

Maps – big detail change ~ US this year, others next year

intros Meg Frost

Shows off new features

New 3D view

Long press to move down street

Back to CF

Pushing Privacy – engineered into everything

Building location tracking to ask each time

WiFi & Bluetooth scanning tracking OFF

Social account login

Sign in with Apple – its a simple API

Creates Random address that forwards to your real address if you share 

Each app will have different random address

Across all platforms and on the web


Security Cameras – Homekit Secure Video – 

10 Days of Clips stored for free

Homekit enabled Router – Linksys, Aero, Spectrum


Share name, photo, emoji when message

New meemoji tools makeup, piercings, Tech, Earrings, Hair, hats, glasses, AirPods

New Memoji stickers available for A9 chip or later


Portrait Lighting


Photo editing

New Effects

ALSO to Video

Rotate a video



A new way to Browse – remove duplicates

Diary of your Life

intros Justin Tiki 

New Days tab

New Months Tab

Years Tab – context aware

Back to CF

intros Stacey Lysik


AirPods app delivers message or 3rd party messaging app – Siri Kit

Audio sharing – 


Handoff – put iPhone close to speaker and it will handoff

Also when leaving

Live Radio 100,00 stations from around the world

Personalised Responses


75% globally

New dashboard

Siri works with 3rd party apps


App built in now built in

Suggested Automations

Entire software generated voice – Neural TTS (TextToSpeech)

So much more

Unknown callers direct to voice mail

iOS 13 story continues with




Pin widgets on home screen

Slideover, drag from bottom of slipover to see other apps

Splitview, multi window views, demos 2 notes

App expose

Colum view

iCloud Drive folder sharing

SMB file sharing

PLUG in a thumb Drive

Import direct fro camera to Lightroom

Big year for Files app and Safari

Mobile web – 

iPad is now Desktop class browsing

Download manager

30 new keyboard shortcuts

New way to use Custom Fonts from App Store

Mutlitouch text editing

More cursor easier than ever

3 finger copy and paste

3 finger swipe to undo



Now 9ms latency

New Pencil Kit API


intros Toby Patterson

New combat layout keyboard

New quick path 


Drag pencil will get you into MarkUp


Back to CF

Back to TC


We love the MAC!!

#1 in customer satisfaction


Taking Mac further than it has ever been before.


A NEW cheese grater


intro John Ternus

Stainless steel frame

Stainless steel handles


   Intel Xeon unto 28Cores

   300Watts of power

Big heatsink

Uptown 1,25 TB of system memory




8 slots

4 double wide

3 single

1 I/O board

2 x 10GB network

2 x thunderbolt3 on top

MPX expansion module

2 x Pro Vega II cards can be used at the same time

Infinity Fabric Link

Afterburner Card – hardware Accelerator card 6 billion pixels / sec

3 streams of 8K 

12 streams of 4K

1.4Kw power supply

300 cubic feet a minute cooling fans system

3 fans and a blower

Optional wheels to move around the studio


Intro David Earle to demo Logic and finalcut

1000 audio tracks now, 4 times more than current

3x 8K ProRes RAW at the same time


Back to John


Colleen Novieli Ellie to talk new Display


20 million 

6K display

40% larger than 27”

25% better contrast

Matt display option – etched glass

HDR never been seen before – 1000 nits of full brightness 1600 max

1M to 1 contrast ratio

Now EDR extreme dynamic range

MBP 2 display setup

New Mac Pro 6 displays


Pro Stand

Rotation for Portrait mode


The Worlds Best Pro Display


Back to John

US$5999 pic. Compare US$8599

Rack version available

US$4999 display

Stand $999


Back to TC


brings back CF

Catalina – waters off Cal coast

Begin with iTunes – rip mix burn, then  then podcast, then video, then syncing

Mail, Calendar, Dock in iTunes – joking

 Music, Podcast, tv


Music – sidebar has sync options

Podcast – machine learning of voice in episodes

tv – iTunes purchased 4K Her, Dolby Atmos


NEW Sidecar

Use iPad as 2nd display

Use your pencil as input

Wired & wireless

Voice Control – Mac and iOS 

FULL Control 


Find My, can find offline devices, using other peoples iDevices

Encrypted and anonymous

T2 units will have activation lock


Screentime across all devices

Project Catalyst – iOS apps on Macs

Available Today

Just check the Mac tick box in Xcode

Asphalt 9 legends – running on the first day

Twitter coming back to Mac

Atlassian announces Jira project was running in a few days – 1 code base 1 team

Developer Software

Reality Kit

Photo realistic rendering

Reality Composer

Builtin AR content Libray

Also iOS edit test and time on the device

People Position

Motion Capture

Intros ? & ? for Minecraft demo

In the real world

Minecraft Earth

On your tabletop

On the Stage

You can be in Minecraft, ONLY in iOS

Turn the real world into your world

Swift (5 years old)

450,000 built using swift

New Framework – Swift UI

intro Josh Schaffer

Demo Swift UI


Back to CF

Swift for ALL Platforms inc Watch

Back to TC

Today we moved all of our Software Platforms forward

Public Seeds available in July 

Have a look at the new Pro Gard across the street

Thats It

Intro and Outro music was Boom by X Ambassadors


iOS 13 supported devices

iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone SE
iPod Touch (seventh generation)


iPadOS 13 supported devices

12.9-inch iPad Pro
11-inch iPad Pro
10.5-inch iPad Pro
9.7-inch iPad Pro
iPad (6th generation)
iPad (5th generation)
iPad mini (5th generation)
iPad mini 4
iPad Air (3rd generation)
iPad Air 2


OS X Catalina supported Macs

Compatible Macs are listed below:
2015 MacBook and later
2012 iMac and later
2012 MacBook Air and later
2017 iMac Pro and later
2012 MacBook Pro and later
2013 Mac Pro and later
2012 Mac mini and later


Apple has announced the WWDC 2019 Apple Design Award Winners c/-
At WWDC each year, Apple recognizes apps created for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS that “reflect excellence in design and innovation.” Here are this year’s winners!MIKAH SARGENT
3 Jun 2019 0
Apple has just announced the WWDC 2019 Apple Design Award Winners. These apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS are the best of the best. They’re the most clever. They’re the ones that make the best use of what Apple has to offer. They’re the apps that stand out for their design and innovation.

How does Apple choose its winners?
Apple judges apps based on three criteria:

Design: Apps that feature a strong visual design, efficiency, ease of use, attention to detail, and internal coherence.
Technology: Apps that are fast and responsive, take full advantage of Apple’s latest devices, and use the latest Apple technologies to do new and interesting things.
Innovation: Apps that feature new ideas, uniqueness, platform differentiation, and things that weren’t possible in the past.
Ordia by Loju LTD (London): A one-finger action game that lets you jump, bounce, stick, and slide your way through a hazard-filled world.
Flow by Moleskine Srl (Singapore, Australia, Canada, USA): Create drawings, illustrations, notes, and more with this easy-to-use, customizable notebook app.
The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents (Australia): A storybook-style game with vibrant, unique puzzles and loads of accolades, including Mac Game of the Year in 2018.
Asphalt 9: Legends by Gameloft (France): A hyper-realistic, arcade-style racing game.
Pixelmator Photo by Pixelmator Team (Lithuania): A desktop-class photo editor with built-in machine learning tools to help you simply and easily edit your photos.
ELOH by Broken Rules (Austria, USA, Portugal): A rhythm-based, easygoing puzzle game with beautiful, vibrant graphics.
Butterfly iQ by Butterfly Network (USA): A companion app for Butterfly Network’s low-cost, accessible ultrasound probe.
Thumper by Drool LLC (Korea, USA): A unique, rhythm-based game with incredible graphics and an intense gaming experience including real-time orientation switching and haptic feedback.
HomeCourt by NEX Team Inc. (Hong Kong, USA): An AI-based basketball training companion. The app uses NEX Team Inc.’s proprietary AI technology to track your workouts and shots and provide feedback and analysis.
Winners of the Apple Design Awards receive:
A 512GB iPhone XS
A set of AirPods
A 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2
A 64GB Apple TV 4K
An Apple Watch Series 4
A top-of-the-line MacBook Pro
A fully-loaded iMac Pro
An Apple Design Award trophy*
Winning apps will be highlighted in the App Store
*This year’s trophy touts a new design, featuring 100% recycled aluminum and an Apple logo with a mirror finish.


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