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Show 289 – June 10, 2019

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Story 1

Do you know who your iPhone talks to when you’re sleeping?

By Geoffrey A. Fowler c/ – The Age ~ We ran a privacy experiment to see how many hidden trackers are running from the apps on our iPhone. The tally is astounding.

It’s 3am. Do you know what your iPhone is doing?

Mine has been alarmingly busy. Even though the screen is off and I’m snoring, apps are beaming out lots of information about me to companies I’ve never heard of. Your iPhone probably is doing the same; and Apple could be doing more to stop it.

On a recent Monday night, a dozen marketing companies, research firms and other personal data guzzlers got reports from my iPhone. At 11.43pm, a company called Amplitude learned my phone number, email and exact location. At 3.58am, another called Appboy got a digital fingerprint of my phone. At 6.25am, a tracker called Demdex received a way to identify my phone and sent back a list of other trackers to pair up with.


Story 2

Just Following Up

Both teens who were found to have hacked in to Apple’s System last year have been granted probation by an Australian Court.

The first teen was 16 years old at the time the attacks began, while the second was even younger, at just 13.


The two high school students managed to obtain employee-level access to servers, and were able over an extended period to download around a terabyte of what were described as ‘secure files’ (the original report said it was 90GB, but much more was discovered later).

Apple eventually detected the access. The two teens used VPNs and other tools to hide their locations and IP addresses, but Apple’s systems also logged the serial numbers of the MacBooks used to carry out the attacks. These serial numbers were linked to purchase records to enable the hackers to be identified, who were from Australia.

Apple reported the attacks to the FBI, which carried out a joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police.


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Story 3

Would you like Spies with that? Police can snoop on McDonald’s and Westfield wifi customers

An Exclusive story for The Guardian Australian Edition reports ~  Documents reveal rushed encryption legislation allows police to compel wifi providers to turn over information about users.

People accessing the internet at McDonald’s and Westfield in Australia could be targeted for surveillance by police under new encryption legislation, according to the home affairs department.

A briefing by the department, obtained under freedom of information, reveals that police can use new powers to compel a broad range of companies including social media giants, device manufacturers, telcos, retailers and providers of free wifi to provide information on users.

The Telecommunications Access and Assistance Act, which passed parliament in December, prompted warnings of legislative overreach, particularly due to the large number of offences with a prison sentence of three years, which bring suspects within reach of the new powers.

Despite warnings from the tech sector it would harm Australian companies and a promise from Labor to amend the law, the re-election of the Morrison government means it will continue in its current form – at least for this term of parliament.

The departmental briefing gives examples of potential targets for technical assistance and technical capability notices, which give law enforcement agencies the power to compel cooperation from “designated communications providers”.

Social media companies including Facebook, search engine Google, equipment providers including the Apple store, cloud computing providers, providers of free wifi including McDonald’s and Westfield, and “any Australian retailer who offers a mobile phone application for online shopping or offers an application for mobile viewing” are named as potential targets.


Story 4

Our Gaming Section

Cult of Mac reports ~ How to use a PS4 or Xbox One controller with iOS 13 and iPadOS

iOS 13, iPadOS, and tvOS 13 will finally allow you to play games with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller.

That means there’s no need to purchase a pricey MFi controller that is restricted by Apple’s outdated gamepad guidelines. Simply connect one of the controllers you already own and you’re good to go.

Here’s how to get set up.

Using a PS4 or Xbox One controller with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV is simple. There’s no need for third-party jailbreak tweaks anymore. You don’t even need to download another app.

Just follow the steps below to connect your controller to your device.

How to pair a PS4 controller

        1. Hold down the PS and Share buttons on your controller until the light on the top starts flashing.
        2. Go into the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and find your controller. It should be named DualShock 4.
        3. Tap to pair.

How to pair an Xbox One controller

        1. Power on your controller by pressing the Xbox button.
        2. Hold down the Connect button on the top of your controller for three seconds.
        3. Go into the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and find your controller. It should be named Xbox Wireless Controller.
        4. Tap to pair.

Once your controller is connected, simply fire up a game with controller support and you’re good to go. You should find that any game that previously worked with MFi controllers should be compatible already.


Story 5

Madonna’s new Today at Apple Music Lab teaches the art of the remix

9TO5Mac reminds us ~ Apple frequently partners with prolific voices in the creative community to support its retail education initiatives. A new collaboration coming this summer will be Today at Apple’s highest-profile yet. Apple announced that it has teamed up with Madonna to create a brand new Music Lab that takes musicians behind the scenes of creating a song.

On June 14th, Madonna will release her latest album titled Madame X. The iconic musician will also soon introduce Today at Apple session attendees in Apple retail stores across the world to the art of remixing tracks in GarageBand for iOS. Like all co-created sessions, a prerecorded video by the artist sets the tone for the lab before Apple’s Creative Pros take over to dive in to a project. Participants will use Madonna’s song “Crave” from the new album as the foundation for their own remixes after learning about what inspired the music.


Story 6

iOS 13 keyboard news

The Emoji and Globe keyboards are now separate, so just tap whichever one you need.

Also the new slide keyboard has not received a bagging from anybody I’ve heard, so must working OK.


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Story 7

Had a little issue with my Series 0 watch this week

It wouldn’t Raise to Wake.  Turned out I or my grandkids had turned on Theatre Mode in Watch Control Centre. Just turned it off and all good again.

A reminder of couple of Safari tricks

        • Open Recently Closed Tabs – Accidentally closed a tab you didn’t want to close? In the tab view, long press on the “+” button (on the right side) and it will bring up a list of tabs that you’ve closed recently so you can open it right back up.
        • Find Text on Page – You know how you can use the Command + F feature on a Mac to find something specific on a page? There’s a find feature in iOS too. With a website open, type in a search phrase in the search bar at the top and then scroll down to “On This Page” to search for that term on the website. Alternatively, you can open up the Share Sheet and locate the “Find on Page” button.


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