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Story 1

Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Update Block For Apple Mac Users

Forbes reported this week ~ Microsoft has confirmed by way of a Windows Support advisory that Apple Mac users have been blocked from updating to Windows 10 version 1903.

According to the Windows Latest site the support page in question has been made difficult to find, courtesy of Microsoft blocking web crawlers from indexing the document. Whether this was deliberate or an error is currently unclear. What is clear though, is that users of older Mac devices will likely find that the Windows 10 May 2019 update will fail to install.

Older, in this instance, is being defined as Mac devices prior to 2012. However, Microsoft also admits that users of newer Mac devices could also find themselves facing the same Windows 10 update block if they are using outdated Boot Camp software.

Here’s what Microsoft has to say on the matter: “If you are trying to update to the May 2019 Feature Update for Windows 10 (Windows 10, version 1903), you may experience an update compatibility hold and receive the message, “Mac HAL Driver – machaldriver.sys: Your PC has a driver or service that isn’t ready for this version of Windows 10.”

Apparently the error is being caused by a “compatibility hold” that has been put in place for devices with a “MacHALDriver.sys dated September 24, 2011 01:57:09 or older in Windows\system32\drivers.”

Microsoft offers a workaround, of sorts, to the block. “Updating your Apple Boot Camp Windows Support Software drivers may allow you to update to Windows 10, version 1903,” it states, adding, “you may be able to check for updated Windows support software, in macOS, choose Apple menu > App Store, then install all available updates.”

The article offers other workarounds of the try at your own risk variety.


Story 2


I got a heap of emails telling me to log on to my Apple account – posted a copy on Apple News


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Story 3

Ikea ad teases Apple for Mac Pro cheese grater design

Cult of Mac reported ~ The cheese grater jokes will eventually die down, so Ikea’s Bulgaria stores this week quickly joined the fun of teasing Apple for its new Mac Pro.

The Ikea ads feature, of course, a four-sided metal grater against a white backdrop under the headline, “Designed for apples.” But the joke doesn’t stop there.


Story 4

Our Gaming Section

The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo is returning to Pokemon Go soon, and this time it’ll have a different look. To coincide with the Japanese release of Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, a CG remake of the first Pokemon movie, Armoured Mewtwo is making its debut in Raid Battles next week, but it’ll only be available for a limited time.

Armoured Mewtwo will begin appearing in five-star Raids at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST on July 10 (the same day the current Legendary, Groudon, is scheduled to leave the game), and it’ll be available until July 31. It’s unclear whether or not this version of Mewtwo will boast different stats, but this will mark the first time it has appeared in this armoured form in any Pokemon game.

So we don’t have much this week but I’ve been seeing rumours on certain gaming pages about the release of Apple arcade and pricing we still haven’t heard from apple about this so anything you read at the moment isn’t true.

On a none gaming note

I found out I could have more than one bank card in my apple wallet and it can also be a family members card which I thought was really cool and at the time was very helpful.

Story 5

Another Scam

Free Netflix


Story 6

Xiaomi Uses Official Apple Memoji Ads to Promote its ‘Mimoji’ Clone, Allegedly by Accident

MacRumors reports ~ Earlier this week, Xiaomi revealed a new digital avatar feature called “Mimoji,” and the parallels to Apple’s own Memoji feature were abundantly evident. Although Xiaomi sent out a press release refuting claims that it copied Apple, the company is in hot water again today for going so far as to use Apple’s own ads on its website to promote Mimoji.

Discovered by a Weibo user earlier today, Xiaomi’s product page for its upcoming Mi CC9 smartphone showcased the Apple Music Memoji ad that had Khalid’s dancing avatar singing “Talk.” These ads were found on e-commerce sites including and Suning, alongside Xiaomi’s official Mimoji graphics.

According to Xiaomi’s public relations general manager, Xu Jieyun, this was all an accident. Xiaomi staff “uploaded the wrong content” to the sites, Xu Jieyun said on Weibo.


Story 7

Apple Reimbursed Samsung $683 Million After Missing OLED Display Targets

MacRumors again ~ Apple reimbursed Samsung 800 billion won ($683 million) to cover the cost of OLED panels after Apple missed a sales target both companies had agreed upon.

Apple originally said it would buy a certain number of the display panels from the South Korean company, but disappointing iPhone sales meant it was unable to live up to the agreement. The payment was made in the second quarter of this year.

The figure, quoted by Reuters, came as Samsung on Friday forecast a plunge in its second-quarter operating profits, but one-off gains like the payment from Apple helped it beat analyst expectations.

Samsung’s April-June operating profit likely fell 56 percent to 6.5 trillion won ($5.6 billion), the company revealed in a regulatory filing ahead of the release of its detailed earnings figures in late July. Revenue probably fell 4.2 percent from a year earlier to 56 trillion won ($48 billion).

Samsung is on track to post year-on-year profit declines for a third consecutive quarter, mainly due to a combination of falling chip prices because of a supply glut and U.S. sanctions on Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei, which has become a key Samsung client.


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Story 8

Alphabet’s Wing launches OpenSky, a safety app for Australian drone operators

Tech Crunch reports ~ Drone delivery service Project Wing (or just Wing as it’s now called) graduated from Google X last year to become an independent Alphabet business, and recently won governmental approval to operate in the suburbs outside the Australian capital, Canberra. There, its service delivers food, coffee, pet supplies and more to area residents. Related to these efforts, Wing this week launched a new app for drone flyers, OpenSky, to help them find safe places and times to fly their drones or drone fleets.

The app quietly launched on the iOS App Store and Google Play on Tuesday, and is targeted at both recreational drone owners as well as commercial drone operators.

As the Wing website explains, OpenSky wants to make it easier to find out when and where you can fly, whether you’re a “hobbyist who loves to fly” or a business that “uses unmanned aircraft to survey land or deliver goods.”

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) says it’s retiring its own “Can I fly there?” app in favour of a remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) digital platform to which app developers can connect their own drone safety apps. OpenSky is the first third-party app to be approved that uses this new system.

In addition to its launch on the app stores, OpenSky is also available on the web.

The new app itself is straightforward to use. From a menu, you select what type of drone operator you are — either recreational, commercial (flying drones commercially less than 2kg) or ReOC (flying drones commercially with an operator certificate issued by CASA).


Story 9

NZ finally updates its cybersecurity strategy, so where’s Australia’s?

ZDNet reports ~ New Zealand’s generic new cybersecurity strategy may be long on motherhood statements, short on detail, and late, but it sure beats Australia’s two years of cyber policy stagnation.

The New Zealand government has made good on its 2018 promise to refresh its national cybersecurity strategy and action plan, at least in part.

The Cyber Security Strategy 2019 was published on Tuesday, but it’s a brief document.

Five of its 17 pages are the covers, copyright notices, glossary, and a generic internet-good cybers-bad foreword by the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media, Kris Faafoi. Another page is lost to a generic “Cyber threats by the numbers” infographic, and the rest is pretty generic too.

“This strategy has a vision that New Zealand is confident and secure in the digital world — it is about enabling New Zealand to thrive online,” begins a section titled “Our vision”.

“We want New Zealanders to make the most of the opportunities provided by an increasingly connected world, without suffering harm or loss.”

Lovely words, but what do they mean?

The “guiding principles” include such no-brainers as working in a way that “balances risk with being agile and adaptive”, and “uses our collective strengths to deliver better results and outcomes”.

One of “[New Zealand’s] values” is that “partnerships are crucial”. Another is that “National security is protected”.


By comparison, Australia’s initial burst of cyber action under its most-recently-knifed prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, seems to have bogged down.

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy was launched in April 2016, and the First Annual Update appeared in April 2017. But as Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) described it, the strategy was swamped by reality.

“The first annual update only seems to have assessed actions, not outcomes, and in doing so an opportunity has been missed to explain what has changed because of strategy implementation efforts,” the highly critical ASPI report said.

There has also been success under Australia’s hawkish diplomatic cyber strategy, a game Australia will continue to play, and with the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, AustCyber.

But since cybersecurity policy was moved to the Department of Home Affairs, the published strategy has remain untouched.

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