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Show 338 – June 08, 2020

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Story 1 ~ 

Apple Shares Open Source Resources for Password Manager Apps

MacStories reports ~ Today on Apple’s developer site, the company announced the release of new resources for password manager apps:

Apple has created a new open source project to help developers of password managers collaborate to create strong passwords that are compatible with popular websites. The Password Manager Resources open source project allows you to integrate website-specific requirements used by the iCloud Keychain password manager to generate strong, unique passwords. The project also contains collections of websites known to share a sign-in system, links to websites’ pages where users change passwords, and more. 

The open source project can be accessed on GitHub.

Apple has continually deepened its investment in the area of password management with iCloud Keychain upgrades in recent years and new APIs for third-party apps. Today’s announcement takes things a step further down the path of openness and collaboration, enabling apps to share important site-specific information with one another so that users have the best, most secure experience possible no matter their choice of password manager.


Story 2 ~ 

iOS 13.5.5 code provides evidence of future Apple services bundle in development

9to5Mac reports ~ Apple is rumoured to introduce a service bundle that includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, and more in a single subscription. 9to5Mac has now found evidence that Apple is indeed working on this bundle, based on iOS 13.5.5 beta code.


Reports of an “Apple bundle” are not exactly new. In 2019, the company was allegedly negotiating deals with music producers and publishers to bring these content together in a single subscription. If bought separately today, a Family Sharing combination of Apple Music, News+, and TV+ would total $30 per month.

With this bundle, Apple could offer all its digital services at a lower price and also keep users even more tied to its ecosystem. Although we haven’t heard about it for some time, it seems Apple is still working to offer this bundle.

iOS 13.5.5 internal files include references to a “bundle offer” and “bundle subscription” that didn’t exist in previous iOS versions. These codes are related to the management system of Apple’s own services subscriptions like Apple News+, so we believe the company still has plans to offer a discount combo with its services.

However, even with these references found in iOS code, it might take a long time until the special bundle becomes available. As noted by Financial Times, Apple has inked new deals for Apple Music this year that don’t include an agreement to pair Apple Music with other Apple services through a bundle.

Of course, this could change until the end of the year, but don’t expect it to be soon. At least we know that this is still in Apple’s plans.


Good Products for when were Stuck Indoors

Google Song Maker


Entertainment #1 

Dear ~ new Apple TV+ series


How To #1 ~ 

Apple at Work

Real success in the real world.

Watch how businesses around the world are using Apple devices and apps to change the way they work.

This website is aimed at Apple users who want to improve how they use their Apple IT.

It is worth taking a few minutes to check out from a business prospective.


Story 3 ~ 

Some iPhone 11 Users Complain of Display With Odd Green Tint

512PIXELS reports ~ Some iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max owners have been noticing an unusual green tint to their iPhone displays when first unlocking the device, based on complaints shared on Reddit and the MacRumors forums.

It’s not clear what’s going on, but almost all of the affected users say that the green tint is visible just for a few seconds after unlocking an iPhone . Some users have seen it at night with Dark Mode and Night Shift enabled, while others say it occurs when brightness is at the lowest possible setting.

Stephen, of 512PIXELS, brought this up on the Connected Podcast several weeks ago.  His own iPhone11 Pro is having the issue also!


Good Products for when were Stuck Indoors


Story 4 ~

2 Bugs fixed 

There was a bug in the ‘Sign in with Apple’ service that could have allowed the hijacking of your Dropbox, Spotify or Airbnb account. But it was spotted by a developer named Bhavuk Jain, who received a bounty of $100,000, and patched.

Also on the good-news front, a bug in macOS Catalina that could have allowed hackers to run malicious code has been patched. We recommend that you grab the latest update as soon as possible.


Story 5 ~

MacWorld UK suggests ~ Bored? Funny things to ask Siri

Siri is Apple’s voice assistant, and appears on the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, the Apple Watch and the HomePod. For things like setting reminders and activating HomeKit scenes, it a very helpful feature – but it turns out that it can be a great way to have a giggle, too and let’s face it we could all do with a laugh right now.

In this article we bring you a list of questions you should ask Siri if you want Siri to give funny answers. It’s worth asking them more than once, because Apple often includes multiple results. And make sure you’ve got the volume turned up to hear the response.

Getting to know Siri

Let’s start by letting Siri introduce itself.

Start by asking Siri: “Hey Siri: What is Siri?”

And Siri’s response? Yours truly.

Ask Siri to elaborate further: “Hey Siri: What does Siri mean?”

Siri thinks that the answer is beyond us, unfortunately: What does my name mean? I don’t think I can explain it in your language. Sorry. Although we’ve also seen It’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma, tied with a pretty ribbon of obfuscation. Which is nice.

“Hey Siri: Are you a robot?”

Well, I don’t want to brag, but I got a B+ on the Turing test! (There are other possible responses to that one.)

Since Siri wasn’t being very forthcoming about why it’s here, we asked: “Hey Siri: Why did Apple make you?” 

And its answer: It seemed like the right thing to do.

We’ll keep on digging for information: “Hey Siri: How much do you cost?”

I’m a pearl beyond price is Siri’s response (which we believe is the name of a book about ego, and the possibility of attaining inner realisation and developing our essential being. It may also be a biblical reference).

Does Apple pay Siri enough for these enlightened observations? “Hey Siri: How much do you earn?”

The work is my reward. (Siri obviously has no plans to form a union). 

We expect that how much Siri is paid probably depends on whether Siri is male or female, so we’ll ask: “”Hey Siri: Are you a man or a woman?” 

I don’t think that really matters is one of the answers Siri will give, with a link to settings so you can pick the Siri voice to suit you.

One more question so we can find out just how hard Apple works as our personal assistant: “Hey Siri: Do you sleep?”

I don’t need much sleep, but it’s nice of you to ask.

Ask “Hey Siri: Do you have any pets?” One possible answer will be popular with Star Trek fans, we won’t give it away…

“Hey Siri: What’s your favourite animal?” You might need to know your Japanese anime to get this reference: Domo-Kun! Domo-Kun! Domo-Kun! which is one of the many answers. 

“Hey Siri: How old are you?” 

Siri’s answer: I’m as spry as a slice of young ginger. (We’ve also seen I am as old as the eastern wind and as young as a newborn caterpillar.)

“Hey Siri: What’s your favourite colour?”

Here we have another language issue… Ask Siri for the full explanation!

“Hey Siri: Do you smoke?” 

As you’d expect: That’s not healthy. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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