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Story 1 ~  

MS Google goes Apple way – Tells developers to reveal info on data collection

techradar reports ~ Apple has insisted that app developers on its App Store disclose the details that they gather and how they use them. Now Google is following suit with a similar guidelines on its Play Store.

Google has said that it would have a new safety section in its mobile-app store that will let Android smartphone users see what data developers collect about them and share, plus give access to additional privacy and security information.

All apps on Google Play — together with Google’s personal apps — will be required to share this info and supply a ‘privateness’ coverage.

Developers will have to 2022

The Google Play safety section will tell users if an app encrypts data, if it follows Google’s policies for families and children, whether users have a choice in sharing information, and whether users can request data deletion if they uninstall an app. 


Google will soon make two-factor authentication mandatory



Story 2 ~

ZK Two and a half year old iPhone XR beats iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 in benchmark tests

ZDNet reports ~ The iPhone XR, a ‘budget’ iPhone released in September 2018, has been shown to outperform both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 (released September 2019 and October 2020, respectively) in benchmark tests.

The range of tests, carried out by Nick Ackerman, included boot time tests, app load times, video saving speeds and more.

The aging iPhone XR was seen to hold its own against the newer hardware.

But the synthetic benchmark tests are where the throttling shows up the most. For example, the iPhone XR had a better multi-core Geekbench score than both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. This is not what we’d expect, with the average scores from Geekbench suggesting that iOS 14.5.1 is throttling performance on the newer devices.

The same was seen in 3DMark, with the iPhone XR getting a better score than the iPhone 12, and getting a much better score than the iPhone 11, which seems to be the worst hit by this throttling.

So, what’s behind the throttling?

It could be one of several things.

First, it’s a performance bug in iOS 14.5.1. This seems likely since it affects multiple apps.

Secondly, it could be some deliberate throttling for power management, although that level of performance hit looks pretty drastic.

Finally, it could be an app optimization issue, which seems unlikely given the severity of this issue.

I’m betting on this being a bug, and that means that an iOS 14.5.2 could be out soon.



Story 3 ~

MS 5 Reasons Why Apple App Tracking Transparency, ATT Is Actually Good for Businesses on Facebook

Facebook is claiming small businesses will suffer, but it’s not telling us the full story. reports Facebook has been kicking and screaming since Apple officially announced its privacy feature, App Tracking Transparency (ATT). The feature that empowers iOS users–who account for nearly 50 percent of the U.S., smartphone market–to opt-out of data collection holds the power to devour much of Facebook’s $86 billion annual revenue, of which nearly 98 percent is acquired through its advertisers. 

Facebook has been trying to convince the world that it’s not just bad news for Facebook, but also bad news for businesses. But actually, Apple ATT might prove great not only for Apple users but also for those using Facebook and Instagram for business. 

Here are the five things Facebook doesn’t want you to know about why Apple ATT is good for business: 

1. Less Noise 

Facebook is noisy. In fact, the number of businesses advertising on Facebook more than doubled from 2018 to 2020. Meanwhile, the number of Facebook users has steadily dropped in the same period by over 20 percent. As competition increased for ad space, Facebook created more ad placements, leaving its users getting hit with ads from every angle, from in-feed and stories to banners and messages directly to their inboxes.

The Apple ATT feature will help reduce noise, giving businesses on Facebook a better chance at grabbing and holding the attention of users. Fewer ads mean people won’t be distracted by your competition when they’re visiting your business page or involved in a Facebook group.

Additionally, ads have managed to become so advanced, they’ve become borderline creepy. Instead of looking at an ad and thinking how it’s exactly what you need, you’re left cringing at how odd it is that it’s showing you this. And if your business is one that’s raising the red flag in the minds of your audience, then your ads aren’t helping your business–they’re damaging it. 

2. Decreased Costs 

In an ad auction platform, pricing is based on the amount of competition around a keyword, or in the case of Facebook Ads, a target audience. So, if the Apple ATT feature leads to fewer users seeing ads, what that means is that audiences will be smaller. A smaller target audience should mean lower costs–especially for advertisers using the cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). 

It’s not just good news for advertisers that use the CPM bidding model. As the Apple ATT leads to a decrease in audience size, the number of advertisers will likely decrease as well. And so with fewer advertisers, there’s less competition. If Facebook Ads is a true ad auction platform, this would also mean lower costs for those on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. And the lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality. 

3. Increased Quality 

Facebook earns advertising revenue by quantity, but advertisers really depend on quality. With Apple ATT, advertisers on Facebook will see higher quality ad targeting as users who opt-in are more likely to make a purchase. In other words, not every user will want to opt-out of ads, and those who decide to continue to see ads are likely those with buying intent. 

So, what Facebook advertisers will get post-Apple ATT are the types of users who may enjoy the convenience of receiving ads that enables them to discover products or services they’re actually looking for from businesses they simply hadn’t known existed. 

4. Improved Organic Reach 

Facebook wants businesses to think that fewer users seeing your ads will mean fewer opportunities to connect with users of Facebook. However, there are still a number of ways to generate brand awareness from social media from Facebook groups and brand partnerships to good old word of mouth and influencer marketing. 

In other words, this might drive businesses to seek alternative social media and marketing channels, which may be lower cost and yield a higher return. While this might require a bit of upfront work, Apple ATT might be the push some advertisers need to invest in long-term organic growth strategies, rather than depending on short-term wins from paid social ads. 

Without ads, users who are interested in your brand may be more likely to follow your business on Facebook. This way, they can see your content directly (ahem, for free) rather than depending on your ads.  

5. Facebook Will Innovate  

With Apple’s new ATT feature, Facebook will be forced to do better, and this could lead to major improvements that could provide a better experience for its users while increasing its value for its advertisers. While this may be scary for Facebook as it is now, this could be great news for small businesses and users alike. 

As much as Facebook wants to get people on its side in its battle with Apple, the reality is that the Apple ATT feature gives users more control over the content they see. And if someone doesn’t want to see an ad, as a business, it’s better not to show ads to that person. So, while Facebook wants you to fear losing revenue generated through Facebook Ads, the reality is that increased privacy and data protection features will benefit advertisers too. 

Between its constant slew of court battles and its title as the least trusted social network, it’s clear Facebook has already lost face. And in the wake of Apple ATT, Facebook is not just losing revenue, but its mind. Facebook got comfortable, and in doing so, it made the grave mistake that commonly lands startups in the ground by focusing on profits instead of people. 

By thinking that all it needs to do to maintain its success is the same thing that made it successful in the first place, Facebook has been distracted by profits and has lost focus on serving its real audience.



G#1 ~ ZK


This is a choose your own adventure game by swiping left or right you get to choose how to run your kingdom but know this each choice has its own advantages and disadvantage. This mean death could be one wrong flick away. 

3.2 apples.


Story 4 ~

ZK Qualcomm Chip Flaw Could Leave 30 Percent of the World’s Phones Vulnerable to Hackers 

GIZMODO reports ~ A recently discovered vulnerability inside Qualcomm-produced phone chips could be exploited to gain access to data on affected devices, allowing an intruder to snoop on phone calls and text messages.

The bug, which was discovered and disclosed by security firm Check Point Research, may be exploitable on a whopping 30 percent of the world’s phones. Qualcomm contracts with major Android phone sellers like Samsung, Google, Xiamoi, LG, and others, providing chips for hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

While researchers say that the vulnerable chips are found in about 40 percent of the global phone population, only (“only”) about 30 percent of phones in the world come equipped with a particular proprietary interface, the Qualcomm MSM Interface (QMI), necessary for attacks to be conducted.

The affected hardware—the mobile station modem (MSM)—are systems-on-a-chips, responsible for providing capabilities to a majority of the important components within the phone. The attack theorised by Check Point would necessitate access to the operating system of a targeted device, though this access could be quite easily accomplished via a malicious trojanised app or some other method that allowed an attacker to gain surreptitious entry.



Story 5 ~ 

MS How an Apple Watch Helped Deliver a Premature Baby Mid-Flight

iDROPNEWS reports ~ You’ve probably heard a hundred times how the Apple Watch can help you live a healthier life. In fact, there have been numerous reports stating how the Apple Watch helped save lives by detecting heart conditions early, and there was even a time when the Apple Watch helped save a kidnapped woman.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, this time, Apple’s smartwatch helped Lavinia Mounga deliver her baby mid-flight just last week.

As KHON reported, during a Delta flight from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Honolulu, Hawaii, little Raymond Mounga was born 11 weeks early. What’s even more surprising is that the mother, Lavinia Mounga, didn’t know she was pregnant at the time.

Fortunately for Lavinia, there was a physician and three neonatal nurses on board the same flight, and they helped her deliver the baby with anything they could find – including an Apple Watch.

“None of the equipment we have was suitable for a premature baby, and this baby was born at 29 weeks instead of the normal 40 weeks, right?” said Dr. Dale Glenn, a family physician at Straub Medical Centre. “So we made baby warmers out of bottles that were microwaved. We used an Apple Watch to measure the heart rate.”

The quick action taken by the nurses and the physician was enough to deliver the baby and keep Lavinia and her newborn safe until the plane landed.

Afterward, both were taken to the Kapiolani Medical Centre in Hawaii.

This clearly isn’t the only time an Apple Watch has helped save the day. Just earlier this year, William Rogers, a skater who got stuck on ice used his Apple Watch to call 911.



Story 6 ~

MS There’s A MyGov Email Scam Doing The Rounds

There’s a new email scam doing the rounds on the Australian internet. It’s impersonating MyGov and this is what you need to know.

Scams aren’t anything new but they have certainly been increasingly exponentially over the past couple of years. Including during the 2019 – 2020 bush fires.

Text and email scams have been particularly prevalent during COVID-19. And they have even hit newer platforms such as encrypted messaging service, Signal.

MyGov scam: what you need to know

The latest scam comes in the form of a MyGov impersonation email.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Services Australia made a joint announcement about it on Friday.

They warn that this is a phishing scam designed to collect personal identifying information as well as bank details.

The fake emails use screenshots from the myGovID app. This service allows customers to access of online government services (such as the ATO and myGov) without a password.

Fortunately, there are ways to tell that this is a scam. It asks users to click a link to confirm their details, and the email also contains spelling errors.

“The ATO and myGov does send emails and SMS messages, however will never send you an email or SMS with a hyperlink directing you to a login page for our online services,” ATO Assistant Commissioner, Ben Foster, said in an email.

“In the lead up to tax time, we expect to see more of these malicious attempts to harvest identity details. So we encourage everyone to be on alert and take the time to remind family and friends to be on the lookout and stay safe online.”

As always, you should never click on any suspicious you links you receive in an email or text message, even if it seems to be from a a legitimate source. You should also never provide personal or banking details in response to these emails or texts.

What to do if you’ve been targeted

If you have been the victim of a scam, head over to Scamwatch for advice and resources. You can also report scams there as well. Always remember to never click on links in suspicious text messages or emails from people you don’t know.

If you have been a victim of this particular myGov sca you should change your myGov password immediately and contact your bank if you provided any bank details.

You can also call the Services Australia’s Scams and Identity Theft Helpdesk on 1800 941 126.




How To ~ 


Jazz up your iPhone videos with these creative ideas from Apple

digitaltrends helps us ~ If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to shoot more engaging videos on your iPhone — or any smartphone for that matter — then check out a new video released by Apple with exactly that aim in mind.

Made in collaboration with creatives Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite, the video, titled Everyday Experiments: Full Bloom, offers up lots of flower-focused ideas to take your videography skills to the next level.

Apple’s video starts off with the pair making a stop-motion movie, where you take a sequence of photos while making small adjustments to the subject in the frame. This way, you can come up with some really creative clips, with Jun and Thornton using the technique to seemingly transform fruits and veggies into flowers. And whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, the availability of stop-motion video apps like Stop Motion Studio (App Store; Google Play) means that anyone can have a go.

Moving on, the two creatives then play about with the iPhone’s slow-motion mode, experimenting with various techniques to see which produce the best results. Check out what they come up with using flowers, highlighter ink, and UV light.

More than anything, the video is a reminder to dig into your smartphone’s camera functions rather than just using the shutter button to snap a straightforward picture every time. Do you ever use the time-lapse feature, for example? Jun and Thornton achieved some pretty impressive results by simply setting up the feature for an overnight shoot and then checking back in the morning.

This isn’t the first time Apple has worked with the two photography enthusiasts. Soon after the iPhone 12 launched last year, for example, Jun and Thornton produced their first Everyday Experiments video offering suggestions on how to make your iPhone videos more eye-catching. Like the pair’s most recent effort, the video also made use of the iPhone’s slow-motion mode, while also highlighting its Night Mode and macro capabilities.


Oh, and be sure to check out this Apple video, too, featuring some inspiring ideas on how to make your video clips look more like something out of a Hollywood movie.



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