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Show 408 – Mar 22, 2022

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Apple TV+ global market share grows and gets closer to HBO Max

9TO5Mac ~ It has been more than two years since Apple launched its own streaming platform with exclusive movies and TV shows.

Although Apple TV+ has been growing slowly, the global market share has increased in the last five months, putting Apple’s subscription service closer to HBO Max.


According to a new report from JustWatch, Apple TV+ lost some users after Apple reduced the free trial period for new customers in July 2021. 

Between July and September 2021, Apple TV+’s market share declined below 5%, but the platform regained subscribers in October 2021, surpassing the 5% mark.

The influx of new users to Apple TV+ in that period might be explained by the highly anticipated new shows and seasons that were released in September and October, such as Foundation, Invasion, and the second season of The Morning Show

In February 2022, the global market share of Apple TV+ was 5.6% – which is still far behind major competitors like Disney+ and Netflix, but it’s getting close to HBO Max.

The streaming platform owned by WarnerMedia lost subscribers last month despite its expansion to more European countries.

JustWatch estimates that HBO Max accounts for 7% of the global streaming market share.

While highly anticipated releases certainly help in bringing new users to streaming platforms, recent research shows that they’re not enough to keep those users subscribed for long periods of time.

Apple reportedly wants to release at least one new piece of content per week on Apple TV+, so perhaps this will put Apple’s streaming service on a par with other platforms.



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Apple employees evacuate Cupertino campus following potential hazmat situation

First responders found an unidentified substance at Apple Park.

engadget reports ~ Apple ordered the evacuation of a “portion” of its Apple Park headquarters on Tuesday after first responders from the Santa Clara County Fire Department found an envelope containing an unidentified powdery white substance, according to NBC Bay Area.

The situation was later resolved and affected employees were told they could return to the building.

Officials have yet to say what the substance was that they discovered. 

Today ~ still waiting on what it was



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Google could ask for your licence or passport on YouTube and Google Play in Australia

In the next month, users will have to provide proof-of-age if they want to access or download mature content from YouTube and Google Play.

ZDNet reports ~ Google has announced it will be expanding age verification checks to users in Australia who want to access age-restricted content on YouTube and Google Play.

In the coming month, the search giant will introduce age verification checks where users are asked to provide additional proof-of-age when attempting to watch mature content on YouTube or downloading content on Google Play.

The move is to provide users with “age appropriate experiences,” Google government affairs and public policy senior manager Samantha Yorke explained in a blog post. 

“As part of this process some Australian users may be asked to provide additional proof of age when attempting to watch mature content on YouTube or downloading content on Google Play.

“If our systems are unable to establish that a viewer is above the age of 18, we will request that they provide a valid ID or credit card to verify their age.”

Google considers a valid ID as one issued by government, such as a driver’s licence or passport.

The company assured if a user uploads a copy of their ID, it would be “securely stored, won’t be made public, and would be deleted” once a person’s date of birth is verified.

It noted, however, that it will not only use a person’s ID to confirm their age but also to “improve our verification services for Google products and protect against fraud and abuse”.



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You can now authorise a purchase on Apple TV with your Apple Watch

Making purchases on the Apple TV just got even easier.

iMore reports ~ 

What you need to know

      • Apple Watches can now authorise purchases on the Apple TV.
      • Users previously had to resort to using their iPhone to authorise purchases.
      • The feature is incredibly convenient as opposed to typing out a password on the Apple TV.

The Apple Watch and Apple TV are playing together nicely with purchases now.

If you’ve had to make a purchase on your Apple TV or Apple TV 4K lately, you’ve probably gotten used to using your iPhone to do so. 

While you used to have manually type out or use Siri to enter your password when renting a movie or buying an app, Apple released an update a while ago to tvOS and iOS that allowed you to authorise a purchase using your iPhone – removing the need to handle it directly on the Apple TV.

It was an incredibly useful feature but the only problem was that, in order to use this convenient feature, you needed to reach for your iPhone.

It seems that Apple thought this could be even easier because it has brought the same capability to the Apple Watch.



Blue Ocean  ~ Video



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Populus Run

This was a funny little game trying to keep your little people alive while dodging giant food and jumping large breaks in the what seems to be a bridge I was running on. 

Overall it was amusing game I wouldn’t play it all the time but I would give it a go once in while . 

Graphics where a little lacking and the sound was very much predictable. 

2.8 apples out of 5.



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‘Suspicion’ another winner from Apple TV+

Times Standard reports ~ Sometimes, nothing hits the spot quite like a well-paced TV thriller.

That is exactly what we appear to be getting from the smart, skillfully crafted eight-episode drama series “Suspicion” — based on a viewing of the first two episodes, which debut this week on Apple TV+.

Co-written by showrunner Rob Williams (“Man in the High Castle”), co-directed by Chris Long (“The Americans”) and based on the award-winning Israeli series “False Flag,” “Suspicion” hooks you from its opening sequence.

We see a young man we will come to learn is 21-year-old Leon Newman (Gerran Howell) being abducted from the hallway of a New York City hotel by five individuals wearing masks of members of the British royal family. Soon, the security footage of the masked folks stuffing Leon into a suitcase is uploaded to the Internet, setting it on a course to becoming viral.

What follows in the impressively efficient first episode, “Persons of Interest,” is the arrest of three of five people suspected of being involved with the crime.

Initially, at least, Brits Aadesh Chopra (Kunal Nayyar), Natalie Thompson (Georgina Campbell) and Tara McAllister (Elizabeth Henstridge) would appear to have nothing to do with Leon’s snatching.

However, they all were at that New York hotel on that day, coincidentally or otherwise.

We believe it’s not so coincidental that a fourth suspect was there, as almost from the moment we are introduced to Sean Tilson (Elyes Gabel) aboard a plane, he is engaging in some type of criminal activity.

This is a man with the expertise and resources to avoid the authorities, as we see during “Persons of Interest.”

A fifth suspect identified in the show’s production notes, Tom Rhys Harries’ Eddie Walker, is not introduced in the first two instalments of “Suspicion.”

MS I have been enjoying this show.  I prefer UK based shows and crime shows are no exception.



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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

The wife and I have been enjoying also ~ “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” staring Samuel L. Jackson as Ptolemy Grey, an ailing man forgotten by his family, by his friends, and by even himself. 

Suddenly left without his trusted carer and on the brink of sinking even deeper into a lonely dementia, Ptolemy is assigned to the care of orphaned teenager Robyn, played by Dominique Fishback.

When they learn about a treatment that can restore Ptolemy’s dementia-addled memories, it begins a journey toward shocking truths about the past, present and future.

The six-episode limited series debuted globally Friday, 11 March on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes, followed by one new episode weekly, every Friday.



Friend of the Show


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Universal Control and Spatial Audio Launches on Mac with MacOS 12.3

Apple users can now work seamlessly between Mac and iPad.

CNet again ~ After a stint in beta, the Universal Control and Spatial Audio features are now available to all Mac users via the new MacOS 12.3 update.

The Universal Control feature is still marked under beta, however, meaning users might run into issues when trying to seamlessly move windows between iPad OS and MacOS. 

Universal Control, first announced at WWDC in June 2021, makes dual-screen applications run seamlessly between devices.

This means that a user can move an illustration from iPad to a Mac laptop or desktop with a single drag of the mouse.

While exciting, the feature was quietly delayed late last year.

In terms of compatibility, it’s available on any Mac from 2016 onward and any sixth-generation iPad or newer.

The feature doesn’t work between two iPads. A Mac must be included in the chain. 



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Turn a Slow, Old Laptop Into a Speedier Chromebook for Free

CNet helps us ~ Do a web search for “how to install Chrome OS on a laptop” or anything like that and you likely discovered that it can’t be done… at least, not the same way that you’re able to install the latest Windows OS or a version of Linux.

Google’s Chrome OS isn’t available for consumers to install, but you can get the next best thing: Neverware’s CloudReady Chromium OS. 

CloudReady looks and feels nearly identical to Chrome OS, but it can be installed on nearly any laptop or desktop, whether Windows or Mac.

And although Neverware has paid versions for enterprise and education users, its Home Edition is free for personal use.

You don’t get tech support, and it can’t be managed with the Google Admin console, but again: free.

Google acquired Neverware in December 2020, and in February 2022 it announced the first public fruits of that acquisition: Chrome OS Flex, a more robust version of CloudReady that’s still free for home use.

A stable release of Chrome OS Flex is expected to roll out in the second quarter of 2022. At that time, computers already running CloudReady will automatically update to Chrome OS Flex.

Until then, you can download and use an early version, though the company cautioned that you should expect bugs while it’s improving the system.

However, the current version of CloudReady Home Edition is still available. It was incredibly helpful to me during the pandemic’s early days, converting an old HP netbook that could barely function under the weight of Windows 10 into a Chromebook capable enough for schoolwork online through Google Classroom and other services.

To be clear, you do not need a Chromebook or Chrome OS to access Google Classroom; any web browser will work.

However, it’s easiest to use Google’s free Chrome browser, where your child just needs to sign in to their Classroom account (aka G Suite for Education).

If you do this in Chrome, though, you can install the Classroom web app to simplify things for the next time they sign in. 

Switching to a Chromebook or Neverware’s CloudReady will give your child a more secure controlled environment than working in a browser on a Windows PC or MacBook.

They’re not going to inadvertently install malware or a virus, or access things your school district has blocked. Plus, since everything stays synced with their account, it’s easier for multiple kids to use one device. 



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Have Telstra turned on 5G for all customers

Driving along on Sunday I noticed that the signal adviser on my iPhone 12 mini showed 5G.

It was changing between 5G & 3G while I was driving in the country – outer metro areas, but steady 5G at home in Penrith.

I tested when I got home and got 308.5Mbps download speed, that’s better than my 80+Mbps on my 100Mbps NBN Fibre network.

I have not signed up for faster speeds and when I got my iPhone and went to eSim, Telstra wanted more per month for the 5G privileges so I declined as there was not much 5G around anyway.




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Apple Watch firmware can now be restored from an iPhone running iOS 15.4

9TO5Mac again ~ Apple Watch doesn’t have any data ports accessible to users, which means that only Apple is able to repair your watch if there’s a firmware failure.

Luckily, iOS 15.4 and watchOS 8.5 introduce a new tool to let users wirelessly restore the Apple Watch firmware using their iPhone.

Shortly after releasing iOS 15.4 and watchOS 8.5 to the public on Monday, Apple updated its support article with information on what users need to do if the Apple Watch stops working.

Interestingly, while the old version of the article instructed users to contact Apple Support to set up a mail-in repair, the article now reveals that users may be able to restore the Apple Watch firmware themselves.

If for some reason your Apple Watch stops working (such as when it crashes during the update process), an alert will appear on your iPhone asking you to restore the Apple Watch.

Your Apple Watch might show an animation asking you to bring it close to an iPhone if your watch experiences a problem that requires it to be updated or restored.

You might also see a red exclamation point on your watch. If your Apple Watch with watchOS 8.5 or later displays an animation showing a watch and iPhone being brought close together, follow these steps.

According to Apple, both the iPhone and Apple Watch need to be running the latest version of iOS and watchOS, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth need to be turned on on your iPhone.

The Apple Watch needs to be put on the charger during the process, and the user will have to press the side button twice to start the restore process.

The company acknowledges that even the new tool may not be able to recover your Apple Watch.

In this case, the watch will show a red exclamation mark icon, so you’ll have to take your Apple Watch to an Apple Store or authorised repair shop.




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