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iPhone 18 – Sept 13, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Garth, Zarn & Michael

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Mission Impossible theme clipped – to deliver the ~ STOP NO SPOILERS

Tim Cook welcomes all

Talks about Apple founded to make the computer more personal

Apple stores have more than 500M visitors a year

Customer a centre of everything we do

About to ship 2B, yes with a B, iOS device

Today is about 2 of our Most Personal products



#1 watch – period in the world

TC hands over to Geoff to  explain how Apple are taking it to the next level

Communication, Fitness, Health

Intro Apple Watch series 4

Totally re- engineered

Screens 30% larger

40mm & 44mm screens

up to 8 complications

loved ones, time zones, health

QANTAS gets a mention

breathe app as a watch face 3 x

flame face, water face, vapour face

digital crown – haptic feed back

speaker 50% louder

mic on other side

back ceramic and sapphire – allows better radio reception

S4 – 64 bit dual core, up to 2 x faster

S4 – better gyroscope – allows AW S4 can identify a fall Safety First

if immobile, after fall, for 1 minute will auto do SOS

Heart sensor

3 new features – too low heart rate, heart rhythm – AFib, optical sensor ~ new electrical sensor for ECG

30 sec test – Dr Benjamin, American Heart Assoc ~ game changing – also FDA approval

heart features later this year in US

Privacy also key on watch

Battery life 18 hour – all day life ~ 6 hours on excercises

Enviro friendly

S4 video ~ Jonny Ive explains all features

Allumium silver gold space grey

stainless polished space black

gold stainless

Bands still work

new Nike face and reflective yarn in nylon band

new Hermes bands and faces

S3 38mm from A$399 or A$549 with Cellular Aluminium

S3 42mm from A$449 or A$599 with Cellular Aluminium

S4 40mm from A$599 or A$749 with Cellular Aluminium

S4 44mm from A$649 or A$799 with Cellular Aluminium

S4 40mm from A$1049 with Cellular Stainless Steel

S4 44mm from A$1129 with Cellular Stainless Steel

order from Friday, del following Friday

another watch video – hokey pokey


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X defined future of iPhone

x has changed the industry

#1 smart phone in the world

98% customer satisfaction

taking iPhone X to next level – by far the most advanced ever created

the iPhone X s

Introduces Phil Schiller

new gold finish

new formulation of glass – most durable

gold silver space grey

IP 68 – 2m 30 minutes

Super Retina 

5.8 on the diagonal

458 ppi

6.5” and 5.8

3.3 million pixels

same size phone 1” bigger

X s Max

stereo sound – wider



most secure ever in a smart phone

A series chip A12 Bionic this year first 7 nm chip

6.9 b transistors

5 trillion / sec

upto 512Gb RAM

new experiences

Kianne – female

A12 Bionic for iPhone only – why better

apps launch 30% faster

real time machine learning

core ML 9 x faster ~ 1/10th the energy

AR quick look

3 dev to demo

1 game 

  Elders Scrolls

not just immersive – it transfers you

2 basketball training video

  6 real time activities – amazing ~ no sensors

3 game AR Cabinet

 3 x players same time 

back to PS

A12 new experiences


new dual 12MP wide larger sensor

1 trillion ops on any photo

Smart HDR – zero shutter lag, 11 photos to merge to get best

Adjust depth of field – after taking photo

New era of photography

New era of videopgrahy

X s 1.5 longer battery

Dual Sim DSDS


1 x sim & 1 x eSim ~ China 2 x physical sim

Lisa – talks enviroment

100% renewable

want to NOT mine from earth

products to last for as long as possible

new materials

re-cycled means  NOT tin 10,000 tone of ore

35% plastics

32% bio based plastic


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More iPhone

PS back

ONE MORE iPhone video


white black black blue coral yellow Product RED

Most advanced LCD ever in a phone

6.1” Liquid Retina

Haptic Touch

Single Wide angle Camera

portrait mode photos – from single camera

Battery Life – 8plus X R 1.5 more than

IP67 liquid and dust

64 128 256 A$1299 – order Oct 19 ship 26

64 256 512 from A$1629 – order Sept 14 ship 21

64 256 512 A$1799

7 & 8 Xr and Xs and Xs Max

Tim Cook back to mention

Homepod – search using song lyrics, make calls, Siri shortcuts

Apple TV – Aussie again – 100 video partners

both from Sept 18

macOS mojave from Sept 24


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